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She’s willing to play any games to pay for college. Daddy will play them too…

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“You look perfect,” Jared says as we pull up to the house.

“Thank you. I tried to find something nice to wear, but this is all I could manage.”

“Hey, don’t worry about that. The guys are going to love it,” he reassures me as he squeezes my hand and then exits the car. When he gets to my side, he opens the door and helps me out.

I smooth out my skirt and adjust my top so that it’s covering where it’s supposed to. It’s a little snug, but I’ve grown a good bit since graduating. Now all my tops are too tight, but I don’t exactly have the money for new stuff. That’s why I’m here today.

Jared is a friend from school—well, he wasn’t actually my friend; we just gamed together online. He has two other guy friends that game with us, but mostly it’s been the two of us the past couple of years. When we were in school together, he didn’t really acknowledge me, but I kind of got it because I was nerdy and he was super popular. On top of that, there’s the scandal with his dad and my mom.

I sort of pieced it together over the years, but people whispered that Jared’s dad and my mom hooked up and he got her pregnant with me. Although that’s the rumor, my mom said it never happened and denied it every time I asked. I’m not sure why she would lie since Jared’s dad Ox is loaded, and my mom is always scamming for a meal ticket.

Mostly because of that, Jared and I stayed in separate social circles although we gamed online. A few weeks ago, we were playing a new game, and I was talking about money for college. I got accepted to the school of my dreams, but I can’t afford the tuition. While I was talking about it Jared made an offer that I couldn’t turn down. Even still I thought it over for a few days before finally agreeing. Now that I’m here, I’m starting to rethink my choice.

“You okay?” he says like he’s reading my thoughts.

“Yeah, just nervous.” I shrug and try to smile. “I’m good.”

I don’t want him to think I’m not into this or a willing participant. With this much money on the line I don’t want to do anything to mess it up. This is my chance to go to college for real and get out of my shitty apartment with my alcoholic mom.

Sure, maybe I’m giving up my virginity to a couple of guys that I don’t really know, but with the money they’re paying me in return, I can have the future of my dreams. Jared comes from big money, so when he said what they’d be willing to pay, I knew he was good for it. He paid me half up front, and today they’re going to collect before I get the rest.

“Is anyone else home?” I ask him, and he shakes his head. We’ve never talked about his dad, but I know it’s only the two of them that live in this gigantic mansion.

“No, it’s just me and Dillon and Chris.” He takes my hand as he leads me inside, and I quickly glance around the space as he leads me to the back. “My dad is at work until later tonight, so we’re all alone.”

“Great.” I force cheer into my voice as my stomach clenches in knots.

Up ahead he opens a door and there’s a set of stairs that lead down. He goes first and I follow after as I try to slow my breathing. I need to chill out. This is only sex and Jared said that I can back out anytime and still keep the first half he gave me. It’s enough to get me through the first year or so, but after that I’d have to come up with a new plan. If I go through with this it’s enough that I don’t have to worry about working or anything and I can focus on school.

I can do this.

When I reach the bottom step, I see the basement is set up like the rest of the house. It’s fancy, and the gaming equipment is top of the line. There are screens all along one of the walls and several gaming chairs in front of them. The gamer in me is squealing with excitement, and if I wasn’t so nervous, I’d rush over and pick up a controller.

Dillon and Chris turn around in their chairs and look my body up and down. Their glances are appreciative so at least they like what they see. They did agree to pay for this, so I guess they already knew what they were getting.

“Hey, Ams,” Dillon says and raises his chin.

“What’s up, Amy?” Chris says as they both stand and come over to us.