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Daddy and his four brothers have set up a secret poker night just for Elsa.

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“It’s poker night, Elsa,” Daddy tells me as he comes into my room.

“Does that mean all of my uncles are coming over?” I ask, and he nods.

“I think it’s time you sat in on a few hands.” He takes a seat on the edge of my bed next to where I’m stretched out. “Do you think you can do that for me?”

Daddy’s brothers come over once a month for a big poker night. There’s five of them total, and I’m the only niece. That means that I’m always getting spoiled because they love to treat me like a princess and buy me presents.

Everyone comes here to play because Daddy has such a nice setup in the basement. Sometimes I sneak down to watch, and I take turns sitting on their laps while they play late into the night. It’s one of my favorite nights of the month, but Daddy has never asked me to play with them before. Maybe it’s because I had my big girl birthday last week? I’m eighteen and finally out of high school. I thought about going to college, but Daddy needs me here with him. I don’t think he could sleep at night if I wasn’t in his bed.

“I’m not sure I know how to play.” I sit up, and Daddy places his hand on my thigh. I’m only in a shirt and panties, but he likes it when I’m in my sleep clothes.

“There are a few things I need to do first that will help you.” His hand moves higher until it’s at my waist. “You’ll need to let me teach you the basics.”

“Should I go get the cards?” He shakes his head as he pushes up my shirt.

“You know how we cuddle?” he asks, and then I feel him push my shirt higher.

“You mean at night when I’m only wearing panties?”

“That’s right. It feels good, doesn’t it?”

I nod quickly because it does. Sometimes I want more, but Daddy told me I had to wait until my special birthday. “Will I be cuddling tonight?” I’m confused as he smiles and shakes his head.

“Not exactly. Here, let’s take this off.” He pushes my shirt the rest of the way over my head so I’m only in my panties like when we go to bed. “Your uncles have been looking forward to spending more time with you on poker nights. But I’ve got to get you ready first.”

His hands go to the edge of my panties, and he slowly pulls them down. Once I’m completely naked, he puts his hands on the inside of my knees and spreads my legs open.

“Daddy, that tickles.” I giggle and try to close my legs, but he shakes his head.

“Keep them open, princess. I’m going to give you some kisses.”

“Down there?” I blink up at him, and he smirks like I should know better. Daddy kisses me all the time, but he only touches my privates when he’s giving me a bath.

I watch as his head bends down, and then I feel his tongue on my kitty. Without thinking, I reach out and grab his hair because it’s shocking at first. His dark gray locks are tight in my fingers, but he doesn’t stop.

“Daddy!” I shout when I feel pressure between my legs. I think it’s his fingers, but I can’t see. “Daddy, stop!”

His tongue flicks against my kitty fast, and I squeeze my eyes shut. Then I feel a pinch of pain as something pushes inside my body. I cry out, but then there’s a sucking sensation and then everything stops feeling weird and starts feeling good. Really good.

“Oh Daddy, that’s—” I can’t think of what it is, but my fingers in his hair loosen as I rock my hips. Whatever’s inside me starts to move with my hips, and a tingle begins to build.

“That’s it, wiggle your hips,” he tells me, and I do it.

Daddy is looking at me now, and when I glance down, I see he’s got two fingers pushing in me. His tongue licks lazily between my kitty lips, and when he sucks on me, my eyes roll to the back of my head.

He does it again, and this time, the tingle turns into something more, and it feels like my body is going to explode. I bear down on his fingers as he sucks, and then I can’t hold back anymore. Heat and relief flood my body, and it’s like I’ve fallen into paradise. My arms and legs feel like jelly, and I fall against the mattress like a noodle.

“You feel this?” Daddy takes my hand and puts it on his lap. He’s hard and poking against his pants. “That’s how you know you’re doing a good job and making me happy.”

“I love making you happy, Daddy.,” I say as I rub him over his bulge.