When He’s Torn (The Olympus Pride #5) Read Online Suzanne Wright

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It has been said that Bailey Bryant lives with her middle finger up in the air. She can agree with that. But there’s one thing she fails to be breezy about: her unrelenting attraction to fellow enforcer Deke Hammond. Broad, inked, and ruggedly masculine, the grumpy cat shifter could attract a stone. He’s also currently riddled with touch-hunger and much crankier than usual. So she should probably stop poking at him for fun—he already despises her. Or so she thinks … until one of their regular disputes leads to an explosive kiss and an exchange of truths. That lip-lock creates a major issue—she now wants more. And there seems only one thing for it: She’ll have to kiss him again.
Deke is a man of logic. He doesn’t like what he doesn’t understand. And he cannot explain why Bailey compels him like no one else. Constantly teasing and provoking him, the snake shifter drives him nuts. Daily. On purpose. She takes nothing seriously—him included. Yet, he’s often come close to ravishing her mouth. When touch-hunger comes calling, he loses the strength and will to fight his attraction to her. The more time he spends with Bailey, the more he realizes he’s made many incorrect assumptions about her. There’s much he doesn’t know. Much to admire and respect. Much he truly likes. Likes a whole lot, in fact. And there seems only one thing for it: He’ll have to just keep her.

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“You need to get rid of them.”

Pausing with her spoon hovering above her cake, Bailey frowned at the brunette sitting opposite her. “What? Why?”

“They’re freaking out the rest of the pride.”

“How? It’s not like they’re bothering anybody.”

Havana shot her an impatient look. “Absolutely anyone would be bothered that snakes are nesting in their building.”

“They’re not nesting … as such,” fudged Bailey, holding her paper bowl closer to her chest. “They just want some company, so they come sleep at my apartment now and then.” She paused as a gaggle of squealing kids ran by, dragging party streamers through the air. “Is that so terrible?”

“Yes,” Havana insisted, plucking a spring roll from the paper plate on the table in front of her. “Because they go slithering through air vents and pay visits to the other residents.”

“They’re just being neighborly.”


Right then, the DJ on the stage spoke into the mic, and the song changed into something even more upbeat. Whistles of approval went up, and then more asses left seats as the number of dancers increased.

Pride events were often held here at the Tavern, their pride-owned local hangout. This evening, they were celebrating the sixtieth birthday of one of their submissives, Clarence. He seemed to be having an absolute blast—if he wasn’t dancing to the blaring music, he was singing on the karaoke. The songs were mostly hits from the 70s and 80s.

Slicing her plastic spoon into her cake, Bailey scooped up a chunk and shoveled it into her mouth. The tastes of frosting, jam, cream, and moist sponge burst on her tongue. Chewing, she glanced around to see that most of the partygoers who were not on the dancefloor had congregated into small groups that either sat at tables, stood around talking, or even played pool. Most of the kids had fled to the arcade area, but some were dashing around the place like their asses were on fire.

Bailey’s inner serpent wasn’t keen on all the noise. But though the venue was super loud, it was loud in a happy way. There was lots of laughter and singing and light-hearted chatter.

As always, the omegas had gone all out when it came to the decorations. Birthday banners were pinned above the bar and stage. String lights and lanterns hung on the brick walls, skirting the sports paraphernalia and widescreen TVs. A white and blue balloon arch was positioned near the buffet table. More white and blue balloons were tied to pretty weights and set on tables, along with confetti and LED candles.

One of the burgundy-cushioned booths was all but overflowing with various sized gifts covered in glossy wrapping paper. There was also a stack of envelopes and several gift bags.

“I’m serious, Bailey.” Havana bit into her spring roll. “I need you to get on top of the situation.”

“I can’t help it that full-blooded snakes are drawn to me. They’re drawn to all snake shifters.”

“I know that. But I also know that they’ll heed your mamba if she puts on a dominance display to scare them off. Have her get rid of them.”

“She doesn’t want to. They’re her friends.”

Havana fired an incredulous look Bailey’s way. “Her friends?”

“And they haven’t bitten anyone.” At least not yet.

“But they might, mightn’t they?”

Probably. “Of course not.”

Havana snorted, flicking her maple-brown hair over her shoulder. “Well, forgive me if I’m not confident of that. No, don’t argue, they need to go.”

“I can’t believe you want to isolate my snake from others.” Bailey sank her plastic spoon into her slice of cake extra hard. “Don’t you care that she gets lonely?”

Havana crossed her almond-shaped bluish-gray eyes and then bit into her spring roll again. “She does not get lonely. She prefers her own company. The only reason she likes being around others is that she finds humor in stirring the pot. As do you.”

So true.

“Your mamba urged them to take a hike last time. What’s the difference?”

“You were my roommate back then, and my snake is protective of you.” The devil shifter was not only Bailey’s Alpha female but her honorary sister. “I live alone now.”

“If you discount the numerous snakes nesting in your apartment, yes, you do.”

“I told you, they’re not nesting.” Per se.

Havana gave an impatient shake of the head. “Just get rid of them.”

“Fine. But my mamba is not happy about this.” Bailey scooped up more cake with her spoon and then shoved it into her mouth. “And I’m honestly pretty surprised that the pride went whining to you about it. The majority of them are pallas cats. Those things fear nothing.”

‘Undauntable’ was one of many descriptors that could be given to pallas cat shifters. They were as brash and bad-tempered as they were disturbingly vicious. The latter particularly applied to their inner animals.

The small, adorable fluffballs were pound for pound one of the strongest of the shifter breeds. More, they were so downright batshit they would attack with a feral, unchecked, demonic fury even if their enemies were stronger, bigger, and outnumbered them. Pallas cats either didn’t or couldn’t muster any fucks to give, which she could respect.