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Kelsey Owens just wants to settle in with her gorgeous husbands, surrounding herself with her reclaimed family. Preparations should be made for the arrival of their new son. The world has other plans. War is brewing, powerful forces are lining up against everyone she loves, and her latest prisoner also happens to be her best friend in the world. Being the sheriff of the supernatural world really sucks sometimes.Olivia Carey lost everything. Stripped of the magic that gave her life color and substance, she thought it couldn’t get worse. Then Kelsey was gone. She found a light in the darkness. A path back to her magic, but claiming it somehow put her on the opposite side of a war with everyone she knew and cared for. She knows that her cause was just, but lately things are confusing. Captured by the rebels she tormented and once called friends, she is forced to question everything she knows.When someone dear to them both is struck down, Kelsey and Liv must join forces again. Only Liv can work the spell to save them, but that spell requires a unique ingredient found only on the Hell plane. Stealing it will mean risking everything—including the growing bond between Liv and her old boyfriend, Casey Lane. Hell has some tricks up its sleeve for both Liv and Kelsey. And in the midst of battle, Liv will be forced to decide between saving their world and burning it all down.

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Chapter One


I hate being in this place, but when I close my eyes it’s where I come back to again and again.

I thought this space in my head—when my subconscious takes over—was my prison, a place to pay for my sins—and there are many. No matter what I do during the waking hours, no matter the power I find and make my own, when my eyes close I am here again.

Blood is everywhere, the coppery scent like a nauseating wave of perfume that rolls over me and won’t quite dissipate. It saturates the ground as they drag me toward the altar. There are three of them. Altars, that is. We came to Wyoming to find a possible rogue wolf, but evil found us instead. Three torture spaces. Trent lies on one. It’s his blood staining the hem of my pants. I don’t know how long he has to live. His body is so wrecked.

The boy Kelsey found is quiet on his table. It was this kid Fenrir we found when we went looking for the wolf. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones looking for him. The whole of Lupus Solum wants the abomination dead, and they don’t care that he’s nine and so sweet it hurts my heart to look at him.

He’s still asleep.

I wish I was asleep. I wish I didn’t know what was coming for me.

“Tie her down,” one of the witches says.

I fight, but in this dream, as it was in life, I do not win. They get me on the table, banging my body against the hard rock top so harshly I swear I can feel my bones moving. My head aches from where it slapped against the rock.

Beyond the pain, what I hate is how helpless I am.

I am a witch. I have power in my body. The innate knowledge of how to bend the universe to my will lies in my brain, but I am useless against this coven. They have forced me to do things I couldn’t conceive of doing. Mere hours before I’d pulled my best friend’s soul apart. I’d felt when her she-wolf had scampered up my arms, whispering through my brain. I’d told the wolf to hide in Trent, but now I worry when he dies, she will, too.

They’d held a stake to Casey’s heart. My beautiful vampire. I couldn’t let him suffer a final death. I couldn’t. I’ve loved that idiot almost since I met him. He’s invaded my heart, and I was so afraid of loving him.

It doesn’t matter now.

All is lost.

And then I realize how much more I have to lose as the witch holds up a ceremonial knife and in an instant, drives it through my chest. I feel skin split, bones crack, but beyond that I feel something slipping from inside me. Something essential is leaking out. A trickle at first, and then the chanting begins and the speed builds.

All of my light. All of my magic. I feel it leaving my body. That unique part of me is draining away, and I can do nothing to stop it.

The coven around me hold their hands to my body, groaning in pleasure as they take my power.

They are taking the best part of me and eating it up like it’s a fucking treat.

When they are through and I am nothing more than a hollow vessel, they toss me away like garbage. They don’t even bother to pull the knife out of my chest. They simply pick me up and toss me to the side. They don’t bother tying me up now because they know I have nothing left.