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Seduced (Whiskey Run #4)

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Hope Ford

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All that’s ever mattered to me is football. Until I meet the woman that makes me question everything.
She thinks I care that she’s older than me. She thinks I’ll just give up and forget the one night we had together.
But that’s not going to happen. We may have drunk too much.
We may have gotten married in a drive-thru wedding chapel,
But there’s no way I’m just going to let her run from me.
After months of trying to track her down, I finally find her. From that point on, I don’t give her an option.
She’s going to be by my side until, I know she’s going to stay there willingly.
She has a secret, But I have one too.
None of that matters because she’s mine now...
And I’m not letting her go.
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Whiskey Run Series by Hope Ford

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Hope Ford



I needed time away from the diner. Ever since I took it over three years ago when my parents retired to Florida, I have worked nonstop. My brother has his own mechanic shop and had no interest in the family business, so it was all me. I had to get away or I was going to go crazy. I’ve tried taking time off before, but I always end up at the restaurant. Someone calls in or something stops working—it never fails. This time, I went out of town, and all I can hope for is that the restaurant is still standing when I get back.

I'm in Jasper. It's only 45 minutes away from Whiskey Run, but it might as well be across the country it's so different. Where Whiskey Run is small and everyone knows everyone, Jasper is big and easy to get lost in.

I'm pumping gas in downtown waiting on my car to fill up when the black car pulls in. I'm not even gonna pretend to act like I know what kind of car it is, but it's obviously expensive with its sleek curves and black-tinted windows. Like everyone else, I watch as it pulls in next to the pumps. I may not know a lot about cars, but I know this one is impressive. I instantly start making up stories about the driver, wondering what kind of job or life they have. It’s just a thing I do, and even though I’m probably never close to reality, it’s still fun. My pump switches off, letting me know my tank is full. I remove the handle but keep glancing over at the car.

My mouth drops open when the man gets out. He’s on his phone, clueless to all the stares he’s getting, but my God he is something. He’s at least six foot four, and his shoulders are so big I wonder how he can get through doorways without turning sideways. He’s gruff looking with a pissed-off expression on his face but it doesn’t take away from his good lucks. I fan my face as I walk past his car and inside. The man is hot and way out of my league.

I go to the ladies’ room to take care of business, and when I go to the coolers to grab a bottle of water, Mr. Good-looking is still on the phone, staring at the refrigerated bottles, and I don’t pretend not to eavesdrop.

“I don’t care, Nick. This was the kid’s wish. He wanted to have dinner with me at my house.” He pauses for a minute. “Really? The kid just beat cancer and he wants to have dinner with me and you think I should just get him takeout?” After another pause, “I know he’s just a kid, but forget it, Nick. I got this.”

He hangs up the phone, and before I can get caught standing there, staring at him, I reach around him. “Excuse me.”

I grab a cold water, and the man behind me grunts. I do my best to ignore him, but I can’t resist looking up into his face. I knew he was tall, but the way I have to almost bend backwards to look up at him really makes it obvious how tall.

He’s glowering down at me, and I can’t tell if he’s mad that I reached around him, mad about his phone call, or what, but he has a heat in his eyes that is turning my insides to Jell-o. You’d think when you have someone as big as he is looking at me the way he is, I should be scared. But I’m not. Not in the least.

“Hi,” he grunts.

Heat fills my face, and I blink, because even the tone of his voice is gruff and sexy. “Hi,” I squeak and then tuck my head and walk to get in line at the cashier. I force myself not to look around, but as soon as I hear his voice behind me, a tingle goes down my spine, making me wish I could just record his voice and replay it when I’m alone in my bedroom. I can’t stop the tremble that shakes my body. “You from around here?”

When no one responds, I turn around and realize then he’s asking me the question. “Oh, uh no, I’m just here for a few days.”

He opens his mouth, but before he can say anything, his cell phone rings, and he looks down at it. It looks extremely tiny in his big beefy hand. “Sorry. I gotta take this.”

I shrug, smile, and turn back around, taking a step forward in line.

“Thank you for calling me back. My caterer canceled for tonight. It’s only for a dinner of three.”

He pauses, and I can hear the defeat in his voice. “Yeah, sure I understand. It’s short notice. I get it.”