Obsessed With My Ex’s Dad (Forbidden Fantasies #77) Read Online S.E. Law

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Tess: My shotgun marriage was over and done with in the blink of an eye. It’s kind of embarrassing, but Rolly and I were never really a *thing* even though he put a ring on my finger. Yet the craziest part of this is that I’m still visiting my ex’s dad in prison after the divorce … while putting the “conjugal” in “conjugal visit.” Is that bad? But I can’t help it because the older man is dark, demanding, and dangerous … with a massive tool that has me completely obsessed.

Roland: Tess is young and innocent, and the other prisoners literally drool when they see the curvy girl arrive for our “family reunifications.” But does that stop me? Hell no. I’m a ruthless m*therf*cker making the bed springs squeak as I instruct the innocent young girl on the intricacies of being a woman … and I don’t care how wrong it is because I’m already behind bars!

Holy smokes, call the fire department! Actually, call the NYPD, Coast Guard, and the Air Force too while you’re at it because this story is beyond the pale when it comes to taboo. After all, Tess and Roland are pulling out the stops, and they’re not going to let something so inconvenient as a prison term get in their way. Let’s just hope that the guards are ready for action because our couple is raunchy, inventive, and utterly uncompromising in a deliciously dirty way! This is a follow-up to My Not-So-Innocent Babysitter where the heat is dialed up to SCALDING. However, be forewarned because there are questionable scenes inside, so do not purchase if you’re faint of heart.

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My new husband plants a sloppy kiss on my chin and I can’t help but recoil a bit because he’s just left a trail of saliva on my skin. Trying not to wince, I dab at it with a Kleenex, but Rolly doesn’t seem embarrassed at all. Instead, he turns to me with his best puppy-dog eyes.

“Please,” the boy pleads. “The visit with my dad won’t take long. You know that I’m not that close to Roland, and your presence at the jail will be a buffer. He likes you, so I really need you there, Tess.”

I stare at Rolly.

“But I’ve only met your dad once before, and that was by video, when we got married at City Hall. So I didn’t really meet him because it wasn’t in person. How could he possibly like me? We didn’t even talk.”

A lock of brown hair flops over my new husband’s eyes as he shoots me a beseeching gaze.

“No, he did, I could tell,” Rolly states in a firm tone, bouncing a bit on his dorm bed and making the darned mattress squeak. “My dad doesn’t like everyone, but he definitely liked you. It’s a vibe I’m getting. Come on, please, Tess? This is your father-in-law, after all, so visitation is natural. In fact, it’s more than natural. It’s your duty as the newest member of the Barker family.”

I roll my eyes.

“Don’t even talk to me about duty, Rol. I mean, we’re married now but we don’t even live together. You’re still in your dorm room, and I’m still in mine.”

My husband giggles a little, bouncing again on his mattress.

“Yeah, but the transfer just came through, remember? A new apartment in the family housing wing just opened, so we can give up our dorm rooms now, and play house like a real couple.”

I stare at him, wondering what I’ve gotten myself into.

“But Rolly, we’re not playing house. We’re married now, so we’re actually doing house, not playing it.”

He merely bounces up and down again, the springs squeaking with the motion.

“Details, details!” he says in an airy tone. “It’s fine, Tess. “Play” and “do” are just semantics. Trust me, I’m a linguistics major, so I should know.”

I roll my eyes because sometimes, I can’t believe I’m married to this guy. I suppose that’s what happens when you have a drunken night on the town with all your friends. We got good and soused at McInerney’s over on East Sixth about a couple months ago, and then applied for a marriage license while we were hung-over and still feeling mirthful. I figured we’d never follow through because the waiting period exists for exactly that purpose – to prevent drunk people from tying the knot and making the biggest mistake of their lives. But lo and behold, Rol and I got drunk again two weeks ago, and actually went to City Hall and did the deed! I couldn’t believe it. We dialed up his dad, who managed to video in despite the fact that he’s in prison, and the ceremony went by in a flash.

But now, I don’t know what I was thinking that fateful afternoon. I just remember standing on the steps of City Hall, feeling stunned after the ceremony ended. Of course, there was no wedding gown. Instead, I was in a blue floral dress, which is nice enough, but definitely not very festive nor fancy. Rolly bought me a flower crown to perch on my brown curls, and slipped a funny lollipop-ring on my finger because he didn’t have a real piece of jewelry. Then away we went.

But the craziest part was how swoony and romantic Rolly was. He danced a bit in the courtyard after we said our vows, prancing to and fro, much to the delight of some tourists strolling past. Then, he stripped off his powder blue 70’s-style tux, and took a naked dip in the fountain! But did Rolly get hauled off to the nearest police station? No, because my new husband is a cute, puppy-dog-like person with the biggest brown eyes ever, and so instead, people actually applauded. Even the crossing guard cheered him on because who can resist the enthusiasm of a puppy enjoying a swim?

But now, I’m wondering what the hell I’ve gotten myself into because it doesn’t feel like we’re married. I realize it’s only been two weeks since we tied the knot, but Rolly and I have been going about our lives almost like nothing’s happened. We’re both sophomores at Loyola College in NYC, so we’ve been going to class as usual, and hanging out and having dinner in the evenings. Then we study in the library before going to one of our dorm rooms to crash for the night. More often than not, sharing a twin bed is too uncomfortable, and one of us ends up leaving in the middle of the night to return to the comfort of their own bed. Not very romantic, if you ask me.