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If you’re irresistibly drawn to characters like Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg in You, Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams, or even Loid and Yor Forger in Spy x Family, then this book is for you.
I see you.
The real you.
I see the whole you, and not just the part kills and terrifies everyone else.
I know you see yourself as a monster.
And I’m not here to say that you’re wrong.
You are a monster.
And that’s what I love about you.
Most people can only cry or scream when their loved ones are murdered.
But not you.
Your inner monster made absolutely sure their deaths would be avenged, their murderers gruesomely brought to justice.
And I love it.
I think it’s incredibly sexy, actually…just like everything about the real you is.
You, and only you.
You are my darkest fantasy come true.
A girl who kills even as she cries;
A girl who loves even as she hurts;
A girl who’s meant to be mine—
And there’s not a single beautiful and perfectly deadly inch of you that I’ll ever want to change.

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Boy Meets Girl,

Girl Meets Boy

IT WAS NOT EVERYDAY that a man sentenced for life would suddenly find renewed purpose for his existence, and that was to play Cupid for the very first time in his almost sixty years of living.

The former doctor had questioned his sanity at first, naturally, and the authenticity of his "mission" second, as any man of rational thinking would do. Was this truly a calling from God, or was this just the Devil messing with his head?

Thomas prayed for guidance before finally making his decision. A murderer like him was obviously not what anyone would consider an expert on love or matrimony, but be that as it may—-

"So, uh..."

Thomas was typically a lot more eloquent than this, but as expansive as his vocabulary might be, he suddenly found himself lacking the right words to properly introduce two individuals...without fully revealing either of their identities.

And so in the end, he was left with this: "Boy, meet Girl. Girl, meet Boy."

Thomas could feel his cheeks turning ruddy as he heard Drake Morrison cough at his choice of aliases. "I know that made me sound as articulate as my grandson on his first day in preschool—-"

"Less, actually," Drake drawled.

"—-but you two will just have to bear with it for now," Thomas finished perseveringly. "You'll know each other's real names soon enough, anyway. For now, let's, ah, spice things up by keeping your identities a secret. Deal?"

Not a peep from either of them, but Thomas didn't let this put him off.

"Surprises aren't really a good idea for people like us, I get that. So yes, I know I'm asking a lot, and if you're wondering why I'm so convinced you guys can make it work—-"

"I'm not."

Kayra's assertion was a welcomed surprise, but why did Thomas suddenly have a bad feeling about this?

"A blind date between two cold-blooded killers makes perfect sense—-"

Thomas bit back a sigh. Knew it!

"And it's also the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that can only occur to another cold-blooded killer."

The older man was back to questioning himself by the time Kayra finished speaking. Was he really doing God's work here? Or if he was, then perhaps he had misheard God's command, and what the Lord had tried to impress upon his heart was to simply help Kayra find a friend...and not a boyfriend.

The girl typically avoided talking to or even talking around strangers as much as she could help it, and so while it was great that this blind date had engaged enough of Kayra's interest to be somewhat sociable—-

It might have been better if Kayra had remained her usual tight-lipped self, since on this rare occasion that she had actually opened her mouth to talk, she had also ended up describing all three of them as killers, and cold-blooded ones as that.

Thomas tried not to ask for any favors from God as a rule, but...would it be alright to pray that Drake could somehow find it in himself to—-

"That almost sounds like a premise for a rom-com, doesn't it?"

—-act like Kayra's words were simply a tongue-in-cheek thing, like the younger man just did?

"It does, actually."

Thomas could hardly believe his ears. Was this truly Kayra enjoying a normal conversation with someone outside her family?

"Any favorites?" Drake asked.

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith," Kayra answered without hesitation.

"I think I've seen that. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie?"


"Good movie."

"I enjoyed watching The Tourist, too."

"I think I'm seeing a pattern here..."

Whoa, now.

Was this what it felt like to witness God's power at work?

Thomas hadn't been the only one to notice Drake's increasingly reckless attitude in the past few months. The man only seemed to come alive when his life was in danger, but here he was sounding like his old charming self as he flirted with Kayra.

"I was hoping you would."

While Kayra sounded rather serious when saying the words, Thomas also knew the girl well enough to recognize her first-ever attempt at flirting back.

"Let's see then," Drake said lazily. "Rom-coms with a couple bloody twists, and the faster the pace, the better...because that's how you think chemistry between two lovers works. It's either there or not...right?"

A second passed.

Just one extra second before Kayra answered in her usual brisk way.


For a girl who always had a ready reply to everything, that one extra second spoke volumes, and Thomas was barely able to pay attention as the two started talking about the logistics of meeting up.

Wow. Just wow.

Because he had been lost in his grief for a long, long time, Thomas had forgotten how good it felt to do something that God approved of. Liberating, actually, and it reminded him of his first day in prison, and a priest had come to visit him.

A colleague of mine told me about your story. What you did was very brave—-

Or stupid, Thomas had all but sighed then. Just when his lawyers had found a technicality that could secure his victory in the courtroom and hand him back his freedom, Thomas had heeded his conscience to plead guilty and pay for his crimes.