Fernhill Lane (Huckleberry Bay #2) Read Online Kristen Proby

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She didn’t think she’d ever come home again.

When Sarah Bitterman left Huckleberry Bay at the tender age of nineteen, newly married to a much older man, she had every intention of coming home to visit. Sadly, she quickly learned that was out of the question.

Until her husband throws her out with only the clothes on her back and finally sets Sarah free.

Coming back to the small seaside town has been the hardest thing she’s ever done. Facing those who loved her the most and think she turned her back on them is almost unbearable. But she needs her two best friends, and she’s longed to make amends with her little brother.

Huckleberry Bay is like the art in her soul. And now she can put down roots and begin to heal.

Tanner Hilleman knew it was a mistake to let the love of his life go all those years ago, and he’s never stopped thinking about her. Now that she’s home, while he’s giving her the space she needs, he’s also determined to make Sarah see that they belong together.

Unfortunately, Sarah’s past has followed her to Huckleberry Bay and threatens to destroy everything she loves. Will she and Tanner survive it? Or will it tear them apart for good?

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January 1, 2000

* * *

Dear Diary,

I hope my parents don’t find this journal. Mama would probably tell me that it’s a waste of time, and I should concentrate on other things, but I think it’s fun, and it’s the only thing that I have for myself.

June, Luna, and I were up in the lighthouse, in our special place, the other day, and we found a super old diary from the 1800s. We started to read it but then decided to only read one entry at a time so that it lasts longer.

We also agreed to start our own diaries. So, here I am. What do people talk about in these things? I don’t want to say anything too personal. What if Mama does find it? I’d be in deep trouble.

Not that I won’t be, anyway. She’ll come up with a reason to be mad at me. That’s just how life is here.

I wish I could go live with Luna or June.

Anyway, the Christmas break is almost over, and it will be time to go back to school. I don’t mind it so much. I’ll get to see Tanner every day! I know he’s a whole year older than me, but he’s so handsome. And he’s really nice to me. Sometimes, he walks me home from school. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? I hope he had a nice Christmas.

I can hear Scott arguing with Dad again, so I’d better go see what’s up before it gets too bad. I love my little brother, and I hate that Dad can be too hard on him. He’s just a kid!

I hope I can write in this diary often. It feels kind of good to write down what I’m thinking.



Chapter One


“I forgot how busy it is in the spring,” I say to my coworker, Sunny, as I grab a wet towel to wipe off a table. “We always think of summer as being the busy season, but it’s really all the time.”

“These days it is.” She taps on the computer screen, sending an order back to the kitchen. “And I’m grateful because that means we don’t have to lay anyone off during the slow season anymore.”

“There is that.” I shoot her a smile and hurry over to clean the table and then pass by another table to take an order.

I’ve been back in Huckleberry Bay for just over six months, and every single minute of every day has been a blessing.

I’m out of an abusive marriage.

I’m back in my hometown.

Life is finally the way I’ve daydreamed it would be for more than a decade.

“Hey, Sarah.”

I’ve had two best friends since I was a child, and one of them just walked through the door.

“Hi, June. What can I getcha?”

“The usual,” she says with a sigh. “Hey, when you get home later, can you help me tear apart Grandma’s bathroom? She says there’s a leak, and I can’t find it. I need someone who doesn’t have arthritis in her back to hold the flashlight for me.”

“Sure.” I give her a smile and then cross to the computer to tap in June’s order of a cheeseburger and onion rings.

I’ve lived with June and her grandma in the big Victorian house on the cliffs outside of town since my apartment burned down, along with my friend Wolfe’s auto mechanic garage, late last fall. And I’m grateful to June and Annabelle for giving me a place to live.

I really am.

But I do not want to help tear apart anything when I’m off shift. I want to go home—somewhere quiet—elevate my swollen feet, and curl up with a glass of wine and my cat.

Still, I’ll do what she asks because I live in the house rent-free, and it’s the least I can do.

The thing is, my friends, June and Luna, along with the whole town really, have been nothing but welcoming and supportive since I arrived last fall, and I’ll do whatever it takes to show my gratitude.

Even if it means giving up my solitude for a little while.

“Hey, did you hear that we were able to finally get the insulation and drywall up in Luna’s inn?” June asks as I slide her basket of food over to her. “It actually looks like a dwelling now.”

“Luna mentioned it.” I grin and wipe my hands on my apron. “I’ve been working on renderings for the website, and I think I’m going to go over there one evening when you’re all finished so I can soak in the atmosphere. I need to get started on the paintings for the guest suites.”

“It’s so awesome that you’re doing the artwork,” June says around an onion ring. “It’s going to be killer.”

“Luna’s come up with some fun themes for the suites, and I can’t wait to get started. I’m sorry, I might be working late. We had another girl call out.”