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Dirty Secret

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Crystal Kaswell

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She’s the one woman he can’t have…
Cameron Hunt wins, whatever it takes. The tech mogul destroys every obstacle in his path. Until Sienna.
The inexperienced college student is his best friend’s kid sister. Gorgeous, feisty, incredibly off limits.
So why is Cam dreaming about her kiss? He’s desperate to claim her and struggling to keep his distance.
Worse, Sienna wants him too. And she isn’t shy about asking him to be her first.
It’s supposed to be one night that stays their dirty secret. But how will one night ever be enough?
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Crystal Kaswell

Chapter One


Cam cuts through the room with effortless grace. "Sienna." He wraps his fingers around my wrist. "Your sister asked me to walk you out."

My mind blanks.

My senses go into overdrive.

Cameron Hunt's hands are on my body.

His hands.

My body.


I need to keep my cool. "Have you ever heard the word please?"

"No." His voice is as strong and decisive as his hand. "She's leaving now."

Right. My sister is leaving, and she asked Cam to walk me out. Because Cam is a tech mogul ten years my senior. He's not interested in an eighteen-year-old college student.

I nod and follow him into the elevator. "Is everything okay?"

"A fight with Ty." He hits the Lobby button. "Nothing serious, but she needs company."

"That's all she said?" The silver doors slide together, leaving us alone together in the tiny space.

"No." Cam turns to me. "She asked me not to fuck you."

My cheeks flush. "And?"


"What did you tell her?"

He shoots me a coy look. It's his signature. Maybe I said I'd fuck you. Maybe I have no interest. Wouldn't you like to know? "Not tonight."

"Aren't you leaving tomorrow?"

"In the afternoon."

"So maybe you'll fuck me first thing in the morning, before you fly back to London?"

"Anything's possible."

"Really? You'd consider that?"

He shoots me a charming smile. It's easy, relaxed, teasing. "No."

Of course not. My sister will kill him. But why not tease back? "Why not?"

"I'll ruin you for other men."

"You're that good?"

"Better." His smile widens. "I can't do that to you, Sienna. I like you too much."

"You like me too much fuck to fuck me?"

He nods.

I fail to hold a poker face. "Do you really believe that?"

"Of course."

The elevator stops at the lobby. Cam waits for the silver doors to slide open and motions after you.

Right. I'm heading home, not flirting with Cam.

Even if he is flirting back.

Even if he is painfully handsome.

Even if he's the object of most of my sexual fantasies.

I follow him outside, into the warm, sticky air. Ah, summer in New York. Bright, alive, and humid as hell.

My dress is thin and I'm melting. How is he so cool and collected in a three-piece suit?

How is he so cool and collected all the time? Even now, teasing me about his sexual prowess.

"Do you really think you'd ruin me?" I ask.

"Of course."

"That's such an obnoxious thing to say."

"It's true."

"Then prove it."

He raises a brow. "How should I do that?"

I move closer. Into his space. "Kiss me goodbye."

"What will that prove?"

"No one will ever compare, right? I can test your theory."

He chuckles. "Do you think this challenge is going to work?"

Yes. "Is it not?"

"You should go."

"I know."

His eyes flit to the entrance. The gold lobby. The silver elevator. Then back to me. "What if it's the best kiss of your life? What if you think of it every time you kiss another man? It's not fair to your future husband."

I can't tell if he's teasing, but I like it. "It's not fair to me, to deny me the greatest kiss of my life."

His smile widens. "I suppose not."

"So…" I offer my hand.

He takes it. Places it on his shoulder. "Good night, Sienna."

My fingers curl into his neck. It's different touching him. Intoxicating in a whole new way. "Good night, Cam."

He moves the way he does anything, with equal parts finesse and power.

He presses one hand into the small of my back. Brings the other to my chin.

He pulls my body into his.

Then his eyes close and his lips find mine.

It's soft.

A hint of a kiss.

A second, maybe.

I can barely taste the champagne on his lips.

But, fuck, I feel it everywhere.

My entire body goes light.

The world turns into a perfect, soft, beautiful place.

Cameron Hunt is kissing me.

And, somehow, some way, I'm going to make sure he kisses me again.

Chapter Two


Two Months Later

Thirty seconds on the clock. One–one on the board.

Either I ace this free kick or we call it a tie.

A tie is almost as bad as losing. Maybe worse. It's giving up.

Deep breath. Slow exhale. Eyes on the ball.

I wind up. Kick to my teammate.

The rest of the world falls away as I race onto the field. I don't feel the blazing sun, the humid air, the sweat weighing down my ponytail.

Only the pounding of my feet.

I run toward the goal, but a sweeper blocks me. I dart around her. Signal to Katie.

She kicks to me.

I dribble, wind up, take my shot.

But it's no good. The goalie blocks it.

And that's it. Game over.

My surroundings come back to me quickly. The sticky air, the deep blue of the Hudson, the noise of the Financial District.

The team captain ready for a chat.

Her boyfriend waiting on the sidelines.

And Cam.

What the fuck?

My breath escapes my body. My cheeks flame. My cool evaporates.

That's actually Cam. Standing on the fake grass in a three-piece suit.

Is he seriously wearing a three-piece suit?

It must be a Hunt requirement.