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This holiday season come get dirty with The Dangerous Sinners.

Four one shot stories to warm up any cold winter night.

Good Enough to Eat- Maxim and Samira

The Manor- Alexie and Mia

The Cabin- Stella, Kian, Axel, and Ronan

Psycho Santa- Mikhail and Bree

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Good Enough to Eat

Maxim and Samira can be found in.

Chapter 1


Watching her do the most mundane things causes my cock to twitch and demand to be let out of its cage like a wild animal.

Her lips surround the silver fork, and my need reaches boiling point.

Her silverware clangs on the china as my chair scrapes along the floor. Her gaze locks with mine, and a small smile teases her luscious ruby lips as I stalk toward her. The meal prepared by the chef looks wonderful, and I’m sure most would die for a taste of it, but I have access to something even more succulent.

My hand twists in her hair, and she yelps as I pull. “It’s time for dessert.”

“Dessert? We’ve only taken two bites of dinner.”

I glide my hand along the marble table and lift her wine glass to my lips. “And now I want to take a bite out of you.”

She parts her lips to speak, and I spit the red liquid into her mouth. Her pretty eyes narrow as she swallows it down.

“This isn’t up for debate, Malishka.”

I press my lips to hers, kissing her like it’s our first and final time. That’s the thing about spending ten years without your heart beating in your chest; you learn to cherish every moment like it’s your last. I want this woman to comprehend that she’s my life. Without her, none of it would be worth living.

Yanking her to me, I deepen the kiss while pushing her plate aside.

“What are you doing?” she murmurs onto my lips.

“Making room on the table.”

“Room for what?”

I chuckle and grip her hips, hoisting her onto the marble. “Where would you rather I eat, Malishka?”

My hand cradles her waist as I push her down and slide her long red dress up her legs, stopping below her bare pussy. When I left the dress on the bed for dinner, my note said not to wear underwear.

“You follow instructions so well, baby.”

“I remember what you did the last time I didn’t listen.”

I chuckle, thinking about how I made her gag on her wet panties while I fucked her up the ass and spanked her cheeks red. “I think you like to play the brat. You like the outcome.”

Her body jolts as my open palm smacks her wet pussy.

“Why are you so wet, Samira?”

“You know why.”

She yelps as I yank her ass to the edge of the table. I sit and lean back, admiring the view of her exposed and at my mercy. I’ve been in love with this woman for fifteen years. Some days I think I loved her before I even knew her because the simple truth is that Samira is made for me, as I am for her.

We’ve come a long way, the two of us. She’s been through horrors no one should have to experience, yet with every struggle and brutality life has thrown at her, she gives into me so easily. Her trust is something I will never betray. I guard it with my life.

“Spread your legs. I want to see my pussy.”

Her legs slide open, presenting her perfect pink cunt to my eyes.

I take a sip of wine as she squirms before me. “Are you wanting something, Malishka?”

“It’s weird being on display like this.”

I know what her issue is. Samira has struggled with being exposed. For as beautiful as she is, she still has issues being naked for me. My hand tightens around the glass until Samira’s scream pulls me from my thoughts.

“Max, you’re bleeding. Oh, my god.” She moves to get off the table, but I slam her back.

Blood trickles from my hand, staining my white dress shirt and dripping onto the floor. “Do as you’re told, Malishka.”

“Maxim, you’re bleeding. Let me look at it.”

The pieces of glass shatter on the floor as I open my fist, abandoning the wine glass. “I’m fine.”

“You’re certifiable, that’s what you are.”

I grit my teeth. My bloody hand circles her slender neck. “I am, Malishka. So do as you’re told.”

Samira’s lips twitch, and she smiles. I fucking love seeing it. When I first found her, she was haunted by her past trauma. Back then, when we had sex, it was plagued with memories of the past. The passionate and volatile sex we enjoyed was tainted.

But now, when I grab her throat, she doesn’t flinch. The lingering fear in her eyes is gone. This is my Samira, and I’m her Max. Pride surges through me, knowing she trusts me. She knows I’d rather burn in the hottest pits in hell before I ever hurt her.