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Arranging My Bride

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Alexa Riley

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Amelia’s family is traditional, and they’ve set up a royally approved arranged marriage. When she finds out the person they chose for her is not only her long time crush, but the notorious club owner Prince Felipe, she’s dreading her walk down the aisle.

Felipe has waited his whole life to marry Amelia. No matter what the tabloids say, he’s stayed faithful to her. He can’t wait a moment longer to make her his bride, so he decides to get an early taste of what’s to come.

Warning: Can the stranger that goes down on his knees in the dark be the same one that’s going to put a ring on it? You betcha!
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Alexa Riley

Chapter One


I take a calming breath because I know what’s coming. From birth it was known that one day a husband would be picked for me, and throughout my life I’ve had a wide range of emotions on the matter.

At times I hated the idea and wanted nothing to do with it. Then others, I thought it was the right thing to do. I was born into this, and it was how I served and played my part. Right now, I’m more resigned than anything. It’s the last thing a girl should feel with an upcoming wedding.

I’m sure once I find out who has been chosen for me, I’ll know how I truly feel. I know the short list of men that my father will likely pick, and I don’t love any of them. Well, not anymore. Not since I grew up and got a taste of the real world. Not all men are honorable or take marriage seriously. Some have standards for themselves and different ones they hold for their future bride.

“Are you excited?” My little sister Mara bounces on her heels, making the pigtails that I put in her hair this morning sway. “You’re going to fall in love.” She lets out a dreamy sigh, and I recognize that used to be my reaction as well.

The world hasn’t burst her bubble yet. It was easier to stay in the fantasy that whatever husband was picked for you would work out. Our own parents are madly in love, and they too had an arranged marriage. It took the real world slipping into my life to see that’s not always the case.

“I am.” I force a smile because I don’t want her to worry.

None of my potential husbands sparked anything inside my heart. I know it’s silly to go off pictures and Google searches to think you know someone, but a girl has to take a peek. I’ve only ever met one person on the list, and I know for a fact there was no spark there.

A few years ago, things would have been a little different. Prince Felipe of Andora has captivated me for some reason. Even as a young girl when I saw him on television with his parents or in the news, I was drawn to him. There was something about him that always pulled at my curiosity.

I’m sure being devilishly handsome has a huge part to do with it, but really, I didn’t think my family would be high enough in ranking or pedigree for our pairing to be a match. Which is saying a lot because we come from a strong lineage. He’s also a bit older than I am, but he’s still single.

Then again, maybe Prince Felipe’s own pedigree stock has dropped over the years. He’s been in the gossip pages more often than not, and it wasn't something to do with his family. No, it’s all gossip about his nightlife. That’s what had broken my heart long ago. He wasn’t the prince I’d made him up to be in my head. He was out there having his fun while whoever his future wife would be is locked away waiting for him to finally call on her to do her duty. I feel sorry for that woman.

“Honey, are you coming?” my mom asks, popping her head into my bedroom.

“Now?” I try to stall, but it’s pointless. “What do you think of my dress?” I say as I turn in a circle.

“It’s beautiful.” She steps into my bedroom. “Is that for the Monarch Charity event this weekend?”

“Yes.” I gently sway my hips, loving how the dress moves and makes the gold sparkle more.

“Your father and I can’t attend.” She rests her hand over her chest and starts to fiddle with the necklace I gave her for her birthday a few years ago. It’s a locket containing a photo of me, Mara, and my brother, Cillian. She always plays with it when she’s thinking.

“I’m old enough to marry but not go to an event on my own? One that I had a hand in?”

Her eyes soften. “Honey, I think you’re going to be quite happy when you find out who's been chosen.” I stare at her, not buying it. I’ve seen the list. I suppose Jacob Himworth wouldn’t be a terrible choice. He seems nice. I met his sister once and she was lovely. “But I think it will be okay for you to go alone since by then people will know that you’re promised.”

“Right.” I turn to offer my mom my back so she can unzip me and I can change.

“It’s going to be okay,” she whispers into my ear. “Meet us downstairs.”

She takes Mara’s hand, leading her out of my bedroom. I let the dress fall, stepping out of it and hanging it away from the rack of other dresses that was brought over for me to try on.