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Without Remorse

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Stasia Black

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I grew up fighting for every scrap I had. I earned my place in the Brotherhood through my fists and through blood.

Proving my loyalty, year after year. And in all that time, I never asked for anything. Until I meet her on a job.

She’s supposed to just be collateral damage. But for once in my life, I’m breaking the rules. I’m taking her for myself.
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Stasia Black

Chapter 1


“Thank you, BJLover69.” Sloane giggled and turned over on the mattress so that her butt was to camera, positioned on a stool at the foot of her bed.

“Almost there. One hundred more tokens and I’ll give myself ten spanks.”

She wiggled her hips back and forth to make her booty jiggle. Butt shots were always a good go-to. “Anyone? Who wants to see this ass turn pink? Come on. You know you do.” She rubbed her butt, teasing her hand toward her thong covered center.

A soft cha-ching noise sounded from her computer. She looked over her shoulder and saw someone in the chat room had tipped the hundred tokens she’d requested. Score.

She grinned wide. “Thank you, LadiesMansManXL. You’ve just made everyone in the room very happy.” She shook her booty at the camera again before picking up the small paddle on her nightstand.

She looked back at the computer again when she heard another cha-ching.

BigDaddy288: Say DADDY while you spank yourself

“You got it, Daddy,” she said, smiling wide. Over the past three years she’d been a cam girl, she’d learned early on that the biggest way to make bank was to smile. Always. If you dropped your smile for even a minute, guys would quit the room in droves.

And really, it wasn’t hard to smile. She basically had the best job in the world. She got to chat guys up all day and occasionally get herself off—all the while making wicked bank off it.

She didn’t have to deal with managers or bosses or office politics. She could make her own schedule and work as little as fifteen hours a week if she wanted.

So okay, she usually worked thirty to forty but that was because she got bored and she was saving for retirement. Her tits and ass weren’t going to be this taut and bouncy forever, after all.

Speaking of.

She rubbed the paddle against the flesh of her butt cheek and then pulled back and smacked it once in a resounding spank.

“Ooo, that was a good one. Daddy, I need another.”

She smacked herself again and then cried out. “Daddy!” She arched her back. “Another.” She wriggled her butt back and forth in front of the camera and then gave herself three, four, and five in quick succession.

She smiled even as she breathed hard and squirmed on the bed. “Daddy, I’ve been a bad girl,” she said in a high-pitched whine. She looked over her shoulder and bit her lip, the edges of her mouth still up. “I think Daddy needs to punish me more. What do you guys think?”

Several responses popped up in chat, all of them affirmative. Sloane laughed and then proceeded to give herself the rest of the five spankings. She squealed and squirmed at the sting of the last few.

She turned around and sat on the bed facing the camera.

She got up on her knees on the bed and swayed sensuously back and forth. She teased the strings of her thong. “I love hanging out with you guys. But I’m sorry to say our time is almost up. How should we end out the night? Are we gonna have a show? The tips have to get up to fifteen-thousand tokens if we are.”

Fifteen thousand tokens equaled seven hundred and fifty bucks. Not bad for a day’s work if she did say so herself.

She rubbed her thumb over her panties and cried out, biting her bottom lip. Then she rubbed up her body and grabbed her chest. Carefully though because she had nipple clamps on. They’d gotten that when the pot had reached eight thousand.

Several token tip deposit sounds came in quick succession and Sloane read through the messages.

She shook her head, a smile still on her lips. “Oh so that’s how it’s gonna be? Looks like we’ve got a bunch of orgasm deniers in the room tonight. MichaelAlmighty and Penguin_Rogue want to leave me unsatisfied. What do the rest of you think?”

Another ping sounded. “You too, MrMoneyBagz?” She gave a dramatic sigh. “Well, alright. I’m a slave to my adoring public. Just three hundred more and it’ll be show time.”

She dipped her thumbs into the side of her thong and teased it down her thighs. She exposed the top of her sex for just a second before covering it up again.

“Who’s going to be the hero tonight and get us that last three hundred?” she asked, swaying her hips and teasing the thong again.

The tip noise sounded as a user named SuckMyPeter deposited the last three hundred and wrote: show us that pretty cunny.

She grinned. “Thank you, Peter. Your wish is my command.” This time when she edged her thong down, she kept going until it was at her knees. She sat back onto her bottom, scrunching up her face to let her audience know her ass still stung, and slipped her thong all the way off.