Werewolf Fever (Macconwood Pack #8) Read Online C.D. Gorri

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She refuses to be mated without love. His Wolf wants no other.
Liam McAllister is on a mission of peace. Representing the Macconwood Pack at the gathering of the Shifter Council to appoint a High Alpha was an honor he wasn’t sure he deserved. Especially when his head gets turned by a curvy little she-Wolf with a reputation for being ice cold. Annoyed that his Wolf refuses to back down, Liam starts things off by putting his foot in his mouth. He has to do some fast talking to get her to forgive him, or his Wolf might go rogue! Mabel Ann Williams can’t help being picky. To her father’s consternation, she refuses every suitor he pushes her way. Everyone thinks she’s frozen inside. She’s starting to think so too. Until he walks in, and long forgotten pieces of her spark to life. Just when she starts to believe there is someone out there for her, he opens his big mouth. Just her luck the first Wolf to catch her attention has a problem with curvy girls. But regardless of his bad behavior, her Wolf wants him. And badly. Can the two young lovers compromise long enough to survive Werewolf fever?



“There is no other way!”

“But a High Alpha? Are we sure we want to endure that kind of subjugation?”

“Have you not seen all the skirmishes? War is seconds away if we continue on this route!”

“What say you, Rafe?”

“Yes, we want to hear from the Macconwood Pack!”

“No! I’ll not stand for this. The American Alpha wants the position himself. Can ye deny it?”

The din of growly voices grew louder and Liam McAllister adjusted the volume on the WolfMoon FaceCall. The noise made his own inner beast cringe and whine.

Thank fuck for technology.

Anything could be done online these days. Randall, his Pack mate and the owner of Graves Enterprises, the creator of the popular WolfMoon online role playing game, developed a face to face chat option for players a few months ago.

Combined with magic-secure firewalls from Draco Fortis, supernaturals round the world were using WolfMoon FaceCall for chats and conferences between Packs, Clans, Covens, and whatever other groups existed. Liam was still reeling from the sheer amount of supes in the world.

Werewolves had been cut off for so long, the influx of information was positively deafening. As if that wasn’t enough to cause a stir, with the recent defeat of the Curse of St. Natalis Wolves the world over were increasingly out of control. They should be banding together, but tempers were high and there didn’t seem to be a quick answer available.

That was why this particular meeting of Werewolves only was happening. Liam sneered when one of the Wolves brought up life while the Curse of St. Natalis, a terrible thing that made it impossible for Wolf Shifters to transform to their beasts until the night of the full moon, had been ruling their kind. The stupid Alpha honestly believed it was better back then.

“If we could find the she-Wolf and hold her accountable---”

“You want to punish the hero that broke the curse and disbanded the Hounds of God who were ruling us with an iron paw?” another asked, disbelief in his raspy voice.

He might not be an Alpha, but one thing was obvious to Liam, the Wolf Packs were restless.

Without proper leadership to guide them through the changes that had occurred as a result of the curse being broken, chaos was inevitable. Werewolves the world over were in desperate need of guidance. The Packs had finally decided to come together to vote for the position of High Alpha.

Something that had not been done in a very long time. Liam was never more grateful to be a Wolf of mid-level dominance than right then. He was not in the running, and he preferred it that way.

This was strictly an Alpha thing, and in his opinion, there was no better Alpha than Rafe Maccon. Leader of the Macconwood Pack which made up most of North America, he was the strongest, bravest, and most just male Liam had ever heard of.

It wasn’t like he had a crush on the guy, but fuck, there was no one else like Rafe. His Wolves were one hundred percent loyal to him, his mate, and pups, and it was because of one irrefutable fact. Rafe would never ask anyone for anything that he himself would not give.

He’d fought in the trenches with them, bled for them, and Liam had no doubt, would die for his Pack as well. It was all he could ask for in an Alpha. He sat there, monitoring the computer and internet connections, and kept his opinions to himself.

“Gentlemen,” Rafe stated quietly.

The natural Alpha power that flowed so readily from him seemed to cow even these dominant Wolves. All averted their gaze. Niko Bagrat, the new Alpha of the Dead Sea Pack, grinned before looking away and baring his throat in deference to Rafe. The male had clearly not forgotten what he owed the Macconwood Pack, after Dib, his mate Aleeza, and Liam bore witness to his challenge against his uncle.