Under a Killer Moon (Buckhorn Montana #5) Read Online B.J. Daniels

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A celebration becomes a crime scene with a killer hiding in plain sight…

With Buckhorn, Montana’s 125th anniversary on the horizon, it’s the job of straight-laced marshal Leroy Baggins to keep the peace during the four-day celebration. But his focus is distracted by the arrival of private security owner TJ Walker to help with the event—she’s clearly someone who doesn’t play by the rules, a loose cannon who pushes him outside his comfort zone.
Unlike the marshal, not much flusters a woman like TJ. Having once been a victim of violence, she’s worked hard to become specialized in her field, and in protecting her heart. But this assignment is anything but ordinary. She didn’t expect this sudden attraction to Leroy—and she never could have predicted she’d come face to face with her attacker from years ago.
As thousands of revelers descend on the small town, what TJ and Leroy don’t know is that a killer is among them, and that they’re in the crosshairs. Forced to team up together, they’ll have to figure out how to stay alive when anything that can go wrong…does.



JENNIFER “JEN” MULLEN used the dull children’s scissors to cut out the article from the Billings Gazette about the 125th birthday celebration of her hometown. She’d started keeping a scrapbook of articles about Buckhorn after being committed to the state psych ward for the criminally insane.

She was told that she’d killed at least three men. If that were true, then the men had it coming. Her doctor said that wasn’t a good excuse. She told him that she figured there were more men just asking for it as well. He told her they would discuss that during her next session.

Jennifer had smiled and thanked him. Dr. Moss was another reason she needed to get out of this place. He thought he could “fix” her like she was a broken doll. Even if she did need fixing, she didn’t think it was possible. But thanks anyway, Doc.

The main reason she had to get out of here was that she’d left a few things undone in Buckhorn. People back there may have forgotten about her, but she hadn’t forgotten about them.

Like her aunt Vivian Mullen. Was she worried about her favorite niece being in a place like this? There was no reason for concern. Most everyone here left her alone, which made her laugh. They all seemed a little afraid of her.

Using the glue with the attendant watching to make sure she didn’t eat it, she pasted the article in her scrapbook. It gave her a sense of pride to see that her aunt was the organizer of the celebration, according to the article. That was so like Vi.

She tried not to let it bother her that her aunt hadn’t come to visit. It wasn’t like she wanted anyone from Buckhorn to see her here. A place like this would scare them.

She did, however, miss her best friend Shirley Langer and her cousin Tina Mullen, now Olson after marrying Lars. Tina always had such nice clothes and had been a good sport about letting her borrow them. The last time she saw her cousin, Tina had been so pregnant that she’d looked like she might pop. But that had been more than three years ago now.

For the first six months of her incarceration, Jen hadn’t been allowed to have any phone calls from even a relative. That was so no one upset her, apparently. After the six months were over, the only person who’d taken her collect calls was Shirley. Her friend had left Buckhorn after getting her heart broken and was now working at a motel in Billings.

“Didn’t I tell you to dump Lars Olson a long time ago?” Jen had said. “I always knew you could do better.”

Shirley was the one who’d told her that her cousin Tina had given birth to a baby girl she’d named Chloe. Just recently, Shirley had told her, “Lars and Tina got married. They’re expecting another baby.”

“What is it with my cousin and babies,” Jen had said, unable to hide her jealousy. She was missing so much here. She might have wanted a baby someday. But she’d never had any luck with men—unlike Tina. Maybe if she’d been born a redhead like her cousin... “Are you still blonde?” Shirley had told her that she’d gotten her hair cut short and gone blonde. “Do you have more fun?”

“You’re not missing anything, trust me,” her friend had said. They’d run out of things to say even before their time on the phone was up.

Jen finished gluing the last of the articles about Buckhorn’s birthday into her scrapbook. The attendant took the scissors and paste, probably afraid of what she’d do with them if left to her own devices.

She reread the celebration article before the attendant remembered to come back to take her scrapbook for safekeeping. Jen figured Buckhorn’s birthday party would draw a lot of people she knew with the carnival and the dance. There were some men she wouldn’t mind seeing again. She thought of Marshal Leroy Baggins, the man who’d arrested her for the murders. Good-looking, but a little uptight. Not really her type. Still, she wouldn’t mind seeing him again as long as he wasn’t thinking he was going to haul her back here.