Three Outs (Truth In Lies #3) Read Online Melody Anne, John Henley

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Passions have flared, and adrenaline has been fueled in this exciting series from authors Melody Anne and John Henley. Continue the journey in the third installment in the Truth in Lies series.
Jasmine Anderson, Ember Lennox, Hunter Sparks, and Mora Perez work well as a team as they take on crime to make their community a safer place.
Trusting the wrong people had nearly cost Jasmine and Ember their lives as they ended up in the clutches of human traffickers, where they found themselves in a foreign land at the mercy of cruel men. If it hadn’t been for her unofficial big brothers on the Special Ops Team flying into Cuba to save the day, her and Ember might’ve been lost forever without their families ever knowing what happened to them. This has caused a spark to light in both women, that will only blaze hotter as they step up their determination to end this kind of criminal force that has way too much power in the world with connections in government that eases their way.
With this tragic case behind them, Jasmine is ready to continue forward with her FBI job. She’s sitting at work when a note arrives, informing her someone is blackmailing several Major League Baseball players on the local team. For some reason yet to be determined they are a target and don’t know what to do. Four players are under pressure from an unknown entity, calling for exorbitant amounts of money to keep their secrets safe. Those secrets are yet to be determined.

Welcome back to the next book in the Truth in Lies series where we have a new addition joining the ranks. This team will stand up to those who commit unspeakable evil acts. They will also struggle in their personal lives with love and loss as they embrace their private time by dancing on the beach and finding that perfect song to let their worries go. There is one sure thing for this unlikely team who’ve come together . . . and it’s that they don’t ever give up.



Pedro Gutierrez

Major League Baseball Player

“Get your ass out of the shower and get dressed, or I’m leaving you here,” my teammate, Greg Lyons, yells, his voice echoing in the sweaty, humid bowels of the stadium.

We’re in the locker room of LoanDepot Park after finishing a three-game sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals. It’s a big deal for us, as they’re at the peak of another dynasty while we’ve struggled to get the number of wins we want — and expect — year in and year out. For us to beat that team three games in a row is most definitely a cause for celebration. My boy Greg and I love to blow off steam any chance we get. Even though he’s a little older than I am, we’re kindred spirits for sure.

“Stop talking about my ass. I know you’re jealous of how perfect it is,” I yell back.

This is my fifth year in the league, and I still can’t get used to being required to walk through our own locker room with females in attendance. It isn’t that I think women reporters should be left out of the opportunity to get quotes right after games, but I don’t want to have to be on the lookout going from a shower to my locker. Since our governing body says to allow unfettered access to us, I just don’t take a shower until the last reporter is gone. This is just what I do, and it’s left me behind more than a couple of times. A lot of our teammates aren’t only exhibitionists, but they hope to get some risky photos trolling on the internet.

“Just hold your horses, Ly,” I tell my buddy. I use the first two letters of his last name any time we’re talking or when I’m referring to him with someone else. I don’t remember a time I’ve used his first name.

We all exit the locker room at the same time. There are a few fans milling about so we sign some autographs, jump in our vehicles, and then get the heck out of there. We have to get far enough away to try to blend in, but we always know we may be recognized. A few too many beers, and we sometimes forget we’re considered celebrities. If it happens our coach will make us run triples, reminding us we aren’t just representing ourselves . . . but our team. I try not to get too hammered with that in mind.

A few of the guy’s head over to a run-of-the-mill bar. There are times I head to South Beach and party, and other times I head out looking for some companionship from beautiful women, but tonight I just want to hang with my favorite teammates. It doesn’t take long to make it to an out-of-the-way bar and slip inside.