Then You Kissed Me (Tequila Rose #0.5) Read Online W. Winters, Willow Winters

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(Tequila Rose #0.5) Then You Kissed Me

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Willow Winters, W. Winters

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A sexy little number from best selling romance author Willow Winters...

I thought I had life all figured out… and then you kissed me.

Then You Kissed Me is a prelude to Tequila Rose. It's a quickie to get your pulse racing!
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Tequila Rose Series by Willow Winters

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Willow Winters, W. Winters

I thought I had life all figured out… and then you kissed me.

Then You Kissed Me is a prelude to Tequila Rose.


I’m not supposed to be here, in this bar, to flirt with a girl I don’t even know... it’s all I can think when I notice her.

Her curves are not why I’m here, although they’re exactly why I’m standing in the middle of the bar, stopped in my tracks before I can even sit down. She’s not on my to-do list tonight.

Even with the internal voice scolding every thought I have, I know the second I lay eyes on her, perched on a stool with a faraway look in her striking hazel eyes, that there’s something about this girl that makes it harder to keep walking than it should be.

“You can seat yourself,” a hostess, with a tight but kind smile and three tall menus for the Blue Room wrapped in stamped black leather, tells me as she walks past at the pace of a woman who’s busy as all hell in this crowded bar. “Thanks,” I answer the back of her white dress as she heads off.

This place is made to look like a modern day speakeasy with the clean décor but darkened corners. And packed at that. Makes sense, I guess, since it’s a college town. It’s amazing there’s even a seat open at the bar. Especially one next to a woman like the one in that tight red dress.

My good friend Griffin told me about this bar. He said it was a good place to think since it’s always busy and the chatter and ambiance makes for decent white noise. He knows the shit I’m going through and a beer and good atmosphere will do wonders to take your mind off things you’d rather not deal with. Well according to him.

Taking a glance at the far end of the bar that separates the large space into two halves, I’m sure Griffin didn’t have that blonde at the bar in mind when he said I should go clear my head. Sit down. Have a beer. Watch the game. Those were my marching orders.

Getting lost in her is exactly what I’d rather do than spend the night drinking alone, waiting on Griffin to be done his … whatever the hell he had to do. Of all the people in here, she’s the only one I really notice. Although it’s obvious she did that by design.

She’s alone at the bar, even though her short, red dress is a show piece. The way the silky fabric rides up her thigh and she blushes when she notices… it does something to me. The mix of sultry and innocence. Like she’s not sure how much she should give away. She’s not used to doing this. This young girl on the hunt for a good time charade.

If nothing else, I know if I don’t sit next to her, someone else will. If I don’t take her home tonight some other asshole in this place damn sure will. The moment that realization hits me, I know there’s no way in hell I’m going to let that happen.

Smirking, I watch her throw back the pink cocktail and make my way to her as she watches the crowd. I’m no knight in shining armor, but I know how to buy a girl a drink.

I’ve decided, after less than a minute of watching her, that she’s on the prowl, but too damn cute and innocent to know what she’s doing. Telling myself that’s all this is, I drag out the bar stool and ask her if she needs another drink.

Her eyes hit me first then the blush in her cheeks rises all the way up to her temple. My blood simmers and travels lower. I was right, she’s a shy little thing to be sitting alone, wearing a dress that’s meant for a good time.

She keeps looking at me, her fingers fiddling with the rim of her empty glass. Even that small movement is sexy as hell. The smile is sweet and the fact that she’s too busy eying me up to realize she hasn’t answered makes me laugh.

That gruff sound that comes deep from my chest turns her cheeks to an even hotter shade of red. I might be man candy to some girls, but damn she doesn’t hide it at all.

“Yes please, if you’re offering,” she finally answers, twirling the ends of her wavy hair around the tips of her fingers flirtatiously. Her voice is soft, and gentle, but with a playfulness that’s undeniable. And her lips… fuck, my cock is already hardening.

Better than that, she can barely keep her gaze on me without smiling even harder.

She’s fucking adorable. The perfect mix of sweet and sexy. Just knowing I get to her makes the black tee shirt that’s already tight on my broad shoulders even tighter. I know I look blue collar; I can’t hide that rough side of me. Dark jeans and a black tee shirt are about as dressed up as I ever get.