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The Vampire's Mail-Order Bride

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Marian Tee

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When my "ancient" vampire Master turns up all gorgeous and sexy rather than old and kind, I know it's time to leave. He'd never want someone like me.
Rhapsody is Not Normal. But her vampire Master doesn't seem to mind, and his letters for her remain kind, funny, and charming. Seeing that she finally has a chance to be happy, Rhapsody can’t wait to join him in Chalys, a modern-day kingdom that follows Regency customs...until she discovers a horrifying truth.
Her Master turns out to be none other than the strikingly virile Marquis of Sangre, who also happens to be the ruler of the vampire race.
Rhapsody tries to be the perfect student in a paranormal academy, but being around the other girls only makes her realize it's impossible to be the marquis' pet and heartkeeper.
Rhapsody resolves to break their arrangement...but a mysterious murder, a missing tourist, and school gossip stand in her way. Even worse, her Master doesn't seem inclined to let her go, and wait...what is this she's feeling? Is this what her demon-fighting therapist
Urban fantasy meets Regency vampire romance in The Vampire’s Mail-Order Bride, a fast-paced, over the top, and explicitly steamy standalone vampire love story made more fun and exciting with a supernatural mystery, a dash of Regency thrills, and good old deadpan humor.
Its companion novels are The Vampire's Pet and The Werewolf's Bride. Readers love the books in this "world" because of its angsty epic love stories and and immersive world building that can make ou temporarily forget real-life problems.
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Marian Tee

Part One

Booth's Island

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Day turned into night as a cloud of bats blanketed the skies, their wings flapping ferociously overhead like a synchronized, deafening cacophony of thunder. It was a frightening phenomenon to say the least, but the locals simply gritted their teeth and shrugged off their stirrings of fear. They were simple people who were content to lead equally simple lives, and they cared not to ask questions as long as they had a roof over their heads and food in their bellies.

By the time the ferry inched close to the shores, the bats were long gone, their furry, little bodies disappearing into the shadowy realms of the island's treacherous forests.

The dock was quiet and empty, with not a single soul around to see the two women walking down the gangplank; no one save Isaac Booth, a centuries old vampire for whom the island was named after.

He recognized the older woman right away: Bethany with the lovely stars in her eyes. She had been eighteen when she left the island, a pretty, free-spirited creature filled with hopes and dreams. But in her return she was nearly unrecognizable, her beauty turned hard and brittle, and her blood containing the unmistakable stench of rot.

Beside her was a young lady, mayhaps fifteen or sixteen years of age. The resemblance was such that he knew right away the young girl could only be Bethany's daughter, and Isaac's gaze turned contemplative as he observed the girl's actions. She had an air of serenity about her, as placid as it was impregnable. Either she had been born to withstand shocks with equanimity or fate had forced her to be immune to them. And knowing Bethany as he did, Isaac was more inclined to believe the latter.

Bethany's old home was at the very back of the town. It was small and plain, and although the house had fallen into a state of disrepair in the years of her absence, nothing in it had been disturbed. Save for the layers of dust that covered the furniture, it was as if she had never left at all.

The women set to work, and the vampire watched them from a distance.

"You think this will do?" Isaac heard Bethany ask.

"It will more than do," her daughter replied, "because it's yours, and so we'll never have to worry about paying rent." The girl's voice was pleasant and soothing, and her words remarkably practical. Nevertheless, the sound of it made the hairs on the back of the vampire's neck stand up, and he wasn't too surprised when he heard noise coming from behind him.

He turned around with deliberate slowness, and he could suck his breath as he found the island's slumbering woods hosting countless pairs of eyes.


And all of them were staring at Bethany's daughter.

Isaac wasted no time after that, and in mere moments he was within the secret confines of his study, and using the island's security cameras to print out photographs of the two newcomers. Afterwards, Isaac rolled out a fresh sheet of parchment and dipped a quill into a bottle of red ink. Countless years had past since he had been cast out of Chalys by his half-demon sire, but even so the old ways had never left him, and the archaic words that made up his native language flowed out with ease as he began to write.

To His Lordship

Marquis of Sangre

To my right worshipful ruler, in the most lowly manner I recommend me to your good lordship and beseech you to pardon my boldness in writing without your express invitation...

I was reminded of the stories about our winged kindred, and how they only hearken to your call - and that of your heartkeeper...

I write no more beyond this, and pray bid me as his lordship wills.

Awaiting for further instructions, I remain your humble servant and subject,

Mr. Isaac Booth

To Mr. Booth

Greeting and do you make wise provision for the future.

For possessing the keen foresight of informing me about such matters, the Noble House of Sangre and its loyal subjects owe you a great debt, and one we hope to abundantly repay at the soonest opportunity possible.

You, good sir, have rightfully heeded your instincts regarding the young lady, and the photo you have enclosed more than served its purpose in confirming the truth of her identity. She is indeed my heartkeeper, and I kindly ask for your continued assistance in watching over my future marchioness.

You will find below contact details of my man of business. He has already been instructed to set up the necessary accounts and provide you with the means to look after yourself and the young lady.

Until the Duke of Brimstone returns from his own quest, I along with the rest of the Galeré must remain here to protect our territory. It is therefore imperative that you guard your tongue at all times and trust no one that I have not explicitly vouched for.