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Find out just how unperfect life can be in #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken’s steamy new adult romance, The Unperfects. I saw her. Liked her instantly. May have slept with her twice only to… well, never mind. It gets confusing after that point. You see, there are two of them. Identical twins. All I wanted was a vacation from the bullshit but what I got was evil twin number one and innocent twin number two. They say things come in threes, so help me God, if there’s another. I’m healing from past trauma but may have created more for my future. Anyone got any sage? A candle? At this point, I’d take Barney. Send help. Love, Quinn

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“What do you mean?” Sophie stares me up and down like she‘s trying to find something on me that would give any clue about why I am doing what I am doing. Why I‘m walking.

Why I’m leaving.

And why she is the problem. Or maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s always been me and I just never knew it was me. Shit.

I grab Chloe’s hand, her twin sister, and slowly back away. I’ll release it soon, I’ll let it go like I’ll let her go… but for now, I don’t even know how to respond.

I’ve been gaslit.

I’ve been lied to.

I’ve also been the liar and cheater in this messed up situation, but one thing rings true.

There was only one guilty party.


And I know it is her, part of my brain says, “But do you really know? Between two twin sisters who made your life a living hell while also giving you the best few weeks of your life?”

I clutch Choe’s hand harder. She looks away, her blue eyes focusing on the ground, wearing nothing but black sweats and Adidas flip-flops, her hair in a bun, she looks nothing, and I do mean nothing like Sophie at this point who stood in front of us in nothing but designer clothing, head to toe Gucci, Louis Vuitton.

I mean, in the end, can you blame me for wondering who the true villain is? And where it all went wrong?

I just wanted to get over a girl I loved that ended up with my best friend.

I just wanted space.

What I got?


Twins who thought it would be fun, apparently, to mess with my already messed up emotions and a vacation, aka gap year, that ended up turning into a nightmare.

I got hell, and yet I’m still holding one’s hand.

I can’t be that big of an asshole, right?

Because what if one needs saving?

Suddenly, I drop her hand, realizing it’s not hers that’s shaking but mine.


What if. In this scenario. I’m not the knight.

No, maybe.

I’m the one that needs the white horse.

I’m the one who needs a rescue. I’m…

I slowly start to back away from them both, body trembling, lips not even moving anymore, even though I have so many words to say. I take one step, then another, then I turn and run.

So much for a one-night stand.

So much for two.

So much for relaxation.

Now all I can do at the airport is pull a Kevin from Home Alone—and run.

I don’t even know where I’m going, all I know is that it hurts, I feel stupid, ashamed… I feel completely blindsided, and yet I still feel in love, the only question?

Which girl is it?

Fuck if I know.

Hi, my name is Quinn and I’m currently sitting in a plane headed back home writing out my thoughts and feelings about a situation I had zero control over.

I’m writing so my heart stops breaking.

I’m writing in hope that one day that will be true.

And I’m writing because PS… I love you.

Chapter One


Two Weeks Earlier

“I hate heights, I hate heights, I hate heights.” I don’t know how many times I actually repeat this to myself while standing on the top of the platform looking down into certain death but, I mean even if I say it a million times I know it wouldn’t make the actual distance any lesser.

Lesser? Oh wait… yes, that’s a word, right?

Panic ensues, while my best friend Ambrose urges me toward the ledge. “Just jump, bro! You’re safe!”

The devil is a liar. I am strapped in with some sort of random ropes, a harness that is sucking my balls for dear life—and not in a happy way—and sure, yeah, I am totally safe. I feel safe. I mean, at least at this point my balls will stay attached to my body, so if I ever want to reproduce, we’d at least get to save those when aliens take over the world and need spawns.

“There could be alligators!” I yell. “Piranhas! You don’t even know what shit could be down there. Just last year they found a flesh-eating coyote!”

He frowns, his dark brows furrowing, his light brown hair blowing carelessly in the wind like for real mocking my pain underneath his black beanie while his perfect girlfriend stands beside him with another perfect smile on her face.

God, she even has a dimple on the right-hand side just touching her perfect little cheek and jawbone, and what the hell? Did I say jawbone? In my head? There is nothing romantic about that word and yet, I think I nearly sighed like a simp.

Why me?

Why did I have to fall for the one girl that chose him and why did she have to give me one small taste of her before letting me know that no, my name in fact was not the one that was going to fall from her lips in complete abandon.