The Sweetest Discovery (Three Sisters Cafe #4) Read Online Laura Ann

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He’s stifled and ready for more,
she’s seeking refuge and peace.
When dreams and love clash, is there ever truly a winner?

Michael Dunlap teaches literature to middle school students in his small town of Seagull Cove, Oregon. While he loves his job, he finds himself growing restless. His cousins, friends and siblings all seem to be finding someone to share their lives with and he’s stuck working with preteens who would rather spend their days on their phones, than learn one more line about Shakespeare. Life takes an interesting turn, however, when a woman comes into town, opening an antique shop. She’s beautiful and intelligent and just might be what Michael’s looking for to shake up his world.
Quinn Peters has turned a complete one-eighty. Fleeing her teaching job in a major city after a co-worker threatened her, she decides to find refuge in a small town, far away from the slums she’s been surviving in before. Seeking a safer work environment, she takes her history degree and opens an antique shop, eager to be surrounded by something other than overly-entitled men.
When their first meeting goes spectacularly wrong, Quinn writes off Michael as just another handsome man she needs to stay away from. But the Oregon Coast weather is nothing like where Quinn came from and she finds herself unprepared for a volatile fall. Will being stranded together in a coastal storm give Quinn the opportunity to discover there’s more to Michael than their awkward beginning? Or will their experiences in the past keep them from realizing what’s right in front of their noses?



Michael leaned his shoulder against the wall, a soft smile playing on his lips. He was excited for Maeve. She and Ethan would be very happy together. Anyone with a lick of sense knew that and had known it since they were all kids together.

Ethan's extroverted carefreeness and Maeve’s more watchful and reserved personality would keep their relationship balanced. She would pull him down from the clouds and he would push her out of her comfort zone.

As witnessed by this morning’s surf lesson, Michael thought with a chuckle.


Michael nodded as Gavin handed him a plate, then leaned against the wall himself. “Thanks,” he murmured, taking a large bite. Geez, his cousin could bake. It paid to be related to the Harrisons. World class food for free. No one could top that.

“What’s got that smoke coming out of your ears?” Gavin questioned.

Michael snorted. “Smoke? The wheels aren’t turning that hard.”

Gavin shrugged. “Something’s churning in there. Figuring out your lesson plans for tomorrow?”

Michael chuckled. “Nah. They’re set for the year. Though, how to keep the kids engaged is another story. This is the time of year when they start feeling like it’ll all last forever and they get antsy.”

“I thought that was only the little guys,” Gavin said. “In middle school they have sports and other activities. Doesn’t that help?”

Michael shook his head. “Nope. They still can’t sit still.”

“I’m so glad I don’t have your job.”

“I don’t know...putting out fires and teaching literature to tweens and teens carries about the same amount of danger.”

Gavin’s laughter was heavy and low. He was a large guy and his voice, though usually quiet, had a depth to it that few others could pull off. “I’ll stick with the fires.”

“And the weight benches.” Michael frowned. “Is it my imagination, or are you getting bigger?”

Gavin smirked. “It’s the off season,” he said. “Gotta do something to keep busy.”

Michael nodded. “Understandable. Wildfires are a lot less frequent during the winter and I don’t usually hear of too many house or business fires around here.”

Gavin shook his head. “Nope. Not too many. Which is a blessing...and a curse.” He gave a jerk of his chin. “I’m gonna go get a drink. Want anything?”

“Nah. I’m fine here in my little corner, thanks.”

Shaking his head good-naturedly, Gavin weaved through the crowd.

Michael sighed and set himself back into people watching. Slowly, his group of friends was starting to pair off. First Aspen, followed by Mason and Harper. Now it was Ethan and Maeve. What was interesting was how long they’d all known each other, and the last two engagements were the result of people finding love within their group.

He tilted his head, letting his eyes linger on the other women he was friends with. There was Riley, of course. She was close with his cousins. She was peppy and fun and her light blue eyes would attract any man’s attention.

Michael blew out a breath. Nope. Not that one. She was his friend and he never found himself wanting to push those boundaries.

A flash of red caught his attention and Michael watched Brielle throw her head back and laugh at something Jayden was saying. Brielle was also beautiful, in her own way. Long, wavy hair and brown eyes. She was spunky, said what was on her mind and loved to try and “keep up with the boys,” as she put it.