The Reason (Worth the Wait #1) Read Online Alycia Carosella

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Allison Pierce has always had an artistic personality, but her self-doubt has continuously stalled her true passion of becoming a writer. She does everything to make the ones around her happy, but in return sacrificing her own happiness. Her life from the outside was perfect, she married a wealthy man that her family loves and was a first-year law student. Everything was going fine until it all came crashing down.
Her 12th grade English teacher, Mr. LaClaire always believed in her writing and has been her inspiration for wanting to become an author. She has held onto her dream and decides that now is the perfect time to go for it. Newly divorced and determined to have her dream come to life. She applies to her dream school and sets the goal to write her very first novel. The only dilemma is the familiar face that is now her college professor. This potential love interest has ignited a long history of feelings that are slowly starting to surface. Can she still pursue her dream while also getting sidetracked by love?



“Allison, can I have you stay a few minutes after class is dismissed, please?”

Mr. Laclaire says this right before the bell releases our class. This is the last block of the day, so the buses are already outside. I’ll miss my bus if this takes too long. Although I wouldn't mind staying later to spend time with him, to be able to look into his bright blue eyes and just smell him. He always smells like my favorite season, a mixture of spices and a hint of apples. I'm getting distracted by him again. Allison! focus! The bell rings and students file out of the classroom.

“What did you need, Dex?”

I always call him by his first name when teachers aren't around even though it's technically Dexter. Dex is short and sweet since he calls me Ally. Even though that is a common nickname, he is the only one who calls me that. Maybe it's because I reserve that right just for him and tell everyone else, I prefer to be called Allison.

“I want to talk to you about the paper you submitted last class.”

“Oh no, was it bad? I knew I should have changed the main points in paragraph 4 and added….” Before I can finish, he interrupts me by putting his hand on mine.

“No, you shouldn't have changed anything, I wanted to tell you that it was the best paper I've read since I've been teaching here. You’re a very gifted writer!”

I didn’t hear a word that just came out of his mouth because I'm still fixated on his hand on top of mine and the sparks that I'm feeling shooting through his hand into my body. When I finally make my eyes follow up to his face I suddenly snap to reality and just say thank you.

“Have you ever considered doing our advanced writing program to get some college credits while you're still in high school?”

I forced a small smile to show him that it was nice of him to think of me for that program. Then my cheeks turn red, and my face is regretful because I know I'm not good enough for something like that.

“They could find someone much better for that program than me.” I feel his hand move off of mine and I see his arm slowly raising. His hand stops on my chin as he pushes his index finger under my chin to raise my head so I'm looking into his eyes.

“You’re a great writer Allison and don't you let anyone else tell you differently!”

The tone of his voice was firm like he was angry that I doubted myself, but his touch was so gentle as to reassure me that I'm worthy of an opportunity like this.

We look into each other's eyes, and the gaze lasts longer than normal. We both blink and the second bell rings which let me know that I better get on the bus now or I'll need to wait until 3:15 pm for the late bus. I look back at my desk and make a gesture with my hands to show him I better go get my books into my backpack. As I'm walking to my desk and start putting my books into my bag, I can feel his eyes lingering on my body as my back is facing him. When I turn around to head for his door, he doesn't even try to change his sight of view or try to hide the fact that he was staring at my ass the entire time.

His eyes follow me as I start toward the door, which I just realized has been closed this entire time. I stop near his desk and tell him I ought to get going before I miss the bus, or I'll have to take the late bus home. There was something in his eyes that had changed and looked more like despair like he wanted something from me, but he couldn't decide if it was a good idea.