The Escape (Compass Key #5) Read Online Maggie Miller

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Second chances do exist.

Five former sorority sisters, all in their 50’s, undertake the adventure of a lifetime when a mysterious invite reunites them at an exclusive resort set on a private island.
Olivia was the quiet one. Her divorce from her alcoholic husband freed her in many ways but caused a rift with her daughter that seems impossible to heal.
Amanda was the perfect one. Widowed and desperately broke but hiding it, she needs a new start more than anyone can imagine.
Leigh Ann was the cheerleader. Her ongoing divorce is completely amicable, or so she’d like everyone to believe. The truth isn’t quite as rosy.
Grace was the party girl. And she still is, much to the dismay of her husband, who’s struggling to keep their restaurant afloat. Grace hopes her time away will give them both the space she thinks they need.
Katie was the brains. Now she’s incredibly successful but hiding secrets that could change her life if they were to get out.
When their beloved house mother invites them on an all-expenses-paid vacation, then drops a huge surprise on them, the five friends face a major decision. Can they overcome their pasts in order to take advantage of the amazing future being offered?

Take the journey to Compass Key with them and find out.


The early morning sun came through the blinds, waking Amanda. She blinked, realizing she’d forgotten to close them the night before, but she didn’t mind. There were worse things to wake up to than a view of endless blue sky, swaying palm fronds, and abundant sunshine.

She smiled and got out of bed, then padded downstairs to the kitchen to make coffee. Something she could actually do now, thanks to Duke and his generosity.

Yesterday afternoon, he’d taken her grocery shopping, which had allowed her to stock her new kitchen with all of the essentials, coffee being at the top of that list.

She would pay him back very soon. For all of it. She’d kept the receipt.

One of her first goals was to open a local bank account and get checks. That would happen as soon as she got paid. And she had some free time.

Which would happen soon, so long as everything else was still on track with the resort. The paid part, not the free time.

She was meeting with all of the girls at Iris’s house for breakfast this morning. Olivia was going to give them an update on the embezzlement case.

Olivia, Vera, and Eddie had gone to the police station yesterday to report the crime, share the evidence Olivia had uncovered, and get the investigation underway. Amanda hoped the situation could be resolved quickly and easily but stealing nine million dollars was no small thing. It might take a while to sort out. If it could be sorted out.

At the very least, it seemed to Amanda that Freda Switzer, the accountant, and possibly Chef Glenn, her boyfriend, would have charges filed against them. Maybe they’d even end up going to jail.

Amanda got the creamer out, then leaned against the counter. That’s exactly what would have happened to her late husband, Brian, if he hadn’t driven his car into a tree to escape the allegations against him. But his death hadn’t solved anything for her. It had only made things worse.

Thankfully, Iris and her generous offer of ownership of one-fifth of the island and the resort meant Amanda was getting a much-needed second chance. An escape from the dismal reality of her old life.

The coffee maker dripped the last few drops into her cup. She added a little sugar and a splash of creamer, then took it back upstairs to shower and get ready for the day.

She turned on the shower to let the water heat. What an interesting day it was going to be, too.

There’d been a flurry of activity the day before yesterday that had culminated with Iris’s return from the hospital, then going right into Olivia’s bombshell announcement to the group that she’d discovered the embezzlement.

Because of that, Iris had asked the five friends to stay longer on the island than they’d originally intended. She’d wanted them to stay so badly that she’d offered to help them hire moving companies to go to their homes, pack their things up, and transport it all here, eliminating any need for them to leave the island and do it themselves.

After some discussion, Leigh Ann and Katie had decided to officially accept Iris’s offer to become part-owners in the resort, which meant all five of them were in.

Grace had promised to make sure her trained-chef husband, David, was ready to take over the resort’s restaurant full-time due to the likelihood that the current head chef, Glenn, was about to become permanently unavailable.

That was another reason Iris had asked them all to stay, too. She’d told them she wanted them around to help her and the resort get through the investigation and the turmoil it would undoubtedly cause.