The Clinch (NYC MMA #1) Read Online Nikki Anne

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Haley Woods kicks a**, in the ring, at her job, and life in general. She has a career she loves, good friends, and her moose-dog Hadrian is the only man she wants in her life now. She already spent too much time trying to make an abusive man love her, and she swore she’d never waste her time doing it again. Besides, she has a major fight tournament coming up that she needs to prepare for and doesn’t have time to focus on men. So why does she suddenly seem to have them lined up at her door?
She can feel her sexy, tattooed trainer, Jack, watching her during practice, and not just to correct her moves. And then a blast from the past comes barreling back into her life as a mentor t young teens in the program she’s running at work, and big shot corporate lawyer Luck Ashwood doesn’t take no for an answer. But can he put his ego aside to be with this strong, independent fighter? Or, is she safer with her trainer that has all the moves to catch her if she falls?


Chapter 1


“You want me to take out the fucking trash? Fine, here you go!”

Jared dumps the wastebasket out all over the bed as I pull the sheets over my head. I came into the guest room after our conversation deteriorated into another screaming match, trying to get some space to let him calm down.

He leans down into my face. “Isn’t this what you wanted, Haley? Apparently, I’m just a shitty, good-for-nothing boyfriend. Oh, but look, here are the Christmas presents I got you, even though I’m such a shit boyfriend!”

He takes a bag out from under the bed and empties it on top of me.

“Jared, stop, I didn’t say that! I just asked if you could help out a little more, I’m feeling really stressed trying to take care of everything in the apartment on top of school and work!”

“And I’m not busy with work? I work more than you do! But apparently, I don’t do anything around here to help you, so what else would you like done, your royal fucking highness?”

“You’re twisting my words, and you know it!” I scream back. I try to hold back the tears threatening to overflow.

“No, I’m not. I’m asking you what else I need to be fucking doing around here, since apparently I’m such a shitty fucking boyfriend!”

“Nothing, never mind, forget I brought it up.” I tried to pull the sheets over my head, I knew this argument was not going to solve anything, so I just wanted to end it. Jared ripped the sheets back and got back in my face.

“Nope, apparently you have an issue with me, so let’s solve it.”

I ignored his comment and got out of the bed and headed to our bedroom where I could lock the door.

“Jared, I’m not doing this with you, please quit screaming in my face. We can talk about this when you calm down.” I head into the bedroom and shut the door behind me. “You need to go cool down, go work out or take a drive.”

“Don’t fucking walk away from me, Haley! I want to talk about this now!” he bellows.

“No, Jared. I’m not going to continue to engage in this conversation with you.” I walk into our bathroom and quickly shut and lock the door behind me.

“Fine, FUCK OFF, Haley!” he screams from the other side.

I listen to him stomp down the stairs and out the front door, slamming it shut behind him. A second later I hear a crash and the tinkle of glass shattering.

Later, I go downstairs and see that a picture from our last anniversary fell off the wall when he slammed the door. The shards of glass are scattered across the floor while the picture still lies in the center of the broken frame.

I jerk awake and stare up at my ceiling. I rarely think about Jared. I’ve moved on with my life. But yesterday would have been our two-year wedding anniversary, if we had actually gotten married. We had the date, I had the ring, we had the venue, but we also had a whole lot of dysfunction. I was twenty-two, thinking that was old enough to get married. Jared and I had been together since my freshman year of college, when I moved to attend NYU. After three years together, marriage seemed like the logical next step. Plus, most of our other friends were starting to get engaged, so we followed the trend. And I think we did love each other at one point, in our own immature way.

He never physically abused me, but the mental and emotional toll his manipulation and anger took on me was exhausting. I couldn’t do it anymore. Surprisingly, he was the one that called off the wedding, without telling me first. He told his entire family while I was gone for a weekend visiting my family back in Phoenix. When I arrived at JFK airport on Sunday evening, he greeted me with the news. I was devastated and embarrassed. Things had been rough but up until that point, I hadn’t seriously considered ending our relationship. I always thought he would eventually get a hold of his anger and our life would work out, but everything I had seen in my future for the next several years was gone. I was responsible for telling the majority of our friends and family, family that had already made travel plans and arrangements to attend our wedding. It was humiliating. But what seemed to be more humiliating now was that I had let our dysfunctional relationship go on for so long, that I had stayed and let him treat me like that, and that it was him who ended up calling everything off.