Swim & Slay (Destination Love #1) Read Online Laura Marquez Diamond

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He might be my boss, but he’s not the boss of me. At least that’s what I tell my body. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t listen.
-Katerina Espinoza lamenting her fate in the hands of life dismantler, business saboteur, and villain robot spawn Maximillian Montgomery
Kat is sick and tired of the gray-eyed villain who sabotaged her company and ruined her life.
Unfortunately, she can’t get away from him because he’s now her boss.
When he messes with her Jamaican getaway, she unleashes all the bitter sass she’d been holding back.
But instead of firing her, Max gives Kat something she never expected.
And to her surprise, she has exactly what he’s always wanted.

This steamy enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, banter-filled shenanigan of a rom-com is the perfect summer read!

Full Book:

When the gorgeous, dark-haired woman in a yellow sundress passed him in the café, Max thought she looked alluringly familiar.

Half her face caught Arizona’s relentless sun blazing into the air-conditioned building. The eye that caught the blaze was brown with specks of honey but the other one, shadowed in contrast, was rich dark chocolate.

She paused, her aroma of spring flowers and vanilla coffee awakening Max’s interest. She met his stare frankly and said, with a sweet smile, “Good morning.” Her voice was smooth as velvet and deeper than he expected. Like she hadn’t used her vocal cords much since waking up.

Suddenly, the image of her waking up with sheets wrapped around her body entered his traitorous brain. Which is why, when he returned her greeting, he couldn’t help his wolfish grin.

She lowered her heavily-lashed eyes to his mouth. Her smile widened and she released a sultry chuckle before walking away. The breathlessness of the moment reminded him of the time he went bungee jumping off a rickety bridge in Thailand. Like maybe he was fucked, but he didn’t mind because at least he was flying.

Max recognized, with unexpected clarity, that she wasn’t just a gorgeous, brown-haired woman in a yellow sundress. She was unfathomably beautiful to him. Her amusement, casual and fleeting as it was, made Max feel more alive than he had in a long time. Like he was in Thailand again: fucked but flying.

Unfortunately, later that morning, he erased her gorgeous smile by announcing the hostile takeover of her company.

So yeah, that’s why she looked familiar.

To say that Katerina Espinoza met Maximillian Montgomery while he was ruining her life was not entirely accurate. She met him exactly seventeen hours later when he stood at the head of her conference table announcing that the fate of her company was now in his hands.

He was the regional director for the faceless conglomerate that had acquired her travel discount company in a hostile takeover seventeen hours before that meeting. When Kat had contemplated the deliberate dismantling of everything she worked for, she realized he must have orchestrated the disaster for a while.

So the question, if one were to be picky, was exactly how long prior had he been planning on ruining her life? That bit of the unknown, for a logistical specialist and control freak like Kat, was a crucial part of the insult. She absolutely despised being the last to know. Especially when it involved her life plan.

Four months later, on her way to Jamaica for a business trip, Kat forced herself to focus on what she loved about the job ahead. She was tasked with coordinating a partnership with the Royal Cerulean Resort. Kat would be arranging excursions and amenities for future clients. Kat’s company—and she really did still see it as hers—had ran special deals for airline employees who could book at the last minute due to free travel benefits. She would be doing the same thing but as a branch of Global Conquest.

Royal Cerulean Resort was one of the upscale places Max arranged after the hostile takeover. The partnership was aligned with his vision to move things to less discounted establishments. Snobby places, in other words. Places where families like Kat’s wouldn’t have felt welcome.

Serving luxury experiences to high-end clientele was everything she resisted when she opened Espinoza Interline Travel. As a child of a pilot, her family flew around the globe for free. However, as one of three daughters in a middle-class family, those trips were always on a budget. That budget didn’t include five-star resorts.

Unfortunately, since her life’s work had been absorbed by Global Conquest Travel, the choice of partnering with vendors wasn’t up to her now, was it?

At least she could get out of town for a week with an old friend and colleague, Jamie. They were going to vet the resort in order to organize accommodations and coordinate client packages. A week of Michelin star meals, spa treatments, and local excursions was a tough gig, though someone’s gotta do it. Jamie was her first hire when Espinoza Interline started. It felt apt that he join her in this new, albeit diminished, role as one of the many branch minions the regional director bossed around.