Sweet Deception (Angel Peaks #3) Read Online Sophie Penhaligon

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In the third book of the Angel Peaks series, Scarlett is offered a surprising work assignment when her unintentional life of crime doesn’t pay off.
Scarlett O’Brien, purveyor of sweet treats and naughty cakes in the small town of Angel Peaks, might be small in stature, but her larger-than-life personality and her fondness for unusual headgear more than makes up for her diminutive size. When a handsome but taciturn “wolf” comes into her bakery seeking his daily sweet fix, she finds herself drawn into playing a role she never imagined for herself.
Lysander Banks, an enigmatic stranger with a sweet tooth, appears in Angel Peaks seemingly out of nowhere. When he needs to create a fake relationship to seal a business deal, who better to help him than the enchanting but mischievous baker who currently finds herself in a spot of financial trouble.
When they head off to a team-building retreat and find themselves in close quarters, will their resolve crumble in the face of their obvious attraction, or will Scarlett manage to just take the money and run?

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As I climbed out of my car, I breathed in the cool evening air. April was a hopeful month in Angel Peaks. Most of the snow had gone, apart from a few determined patches that lingered in people’s yards, and spring flowers were popping up everywhere. Although it wasn’t warm enough to go without a jacket, the sun was making an appearance most days, and people walked with a lighter step, happy to see the back of the long winter.

Clutching my cake box, I walked confidently up the pathway of my friend’s house, no longer having to be concerned about slipping on a patch of black ice that might be lurking there, ready to upend me. Ryan flung open the door with a grin before I even put my finger on the doorbell. “Scarlett! You’re the first one. That must be a record for you.”

I reached up on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek affectionately. “I know. It’s very out of character. I like to keep people guessing.”

After slipping off my shoes, I wandered into his show-home worthy house and inhaled the amazing smells coming from the kitchen. Ryan had evidently been cooking up a storm as usual, and my stomach grumbled in anticipation of the feast he’d probably been slaving over all afternoon. “So, what’s on the menu tonight, Dr. Carmichael?” I asked, looking around at his expansive kitchen. It was ironic, really. I was a professional baker with a kitchen no bigger than a shoebox, and here was our local family doctor working with something that would have made Martha Stewart envious.

He waved his hand dismissively. “Oh, it’s just a few appies. Nothing much.”

I opened his oven and snorted. “Yeah, Ryan. Just a few appies. How many people are we expecting tonight, exactly?”

He donned oven mitts and started to pull trays out while I grabbed some plates from his cabinets. “I always make more because Reece eats like an army.”

“Reece eats like a pig,” I corrected. “And this food looks far too good for him.” Reece Mackey was our local veterinarian and now an item with my best friend, Maddie Moreno. “It’s going to be so weird seeing Reece and Maddie together,” I added. “I’m so used to them fighting; this new arrangement is a little hard to get used to.” Ryan was carefully arranging something small and beautiful on triangular white plates, placing a tiny sage leaf on each one as if he were performing surgery. “And what are these little beauties?” I asked, my mouth watering in anticipation.

He squinted as he placed the last leaf with perfect precision. “Sweet potato crostini with prosciutto honey roasted figs. They’re really fiddly to make, but I think you’ll find the flavor combination will be worth it. Try one! Just be careful not to burn your mouth.”

I picked up one of the tiny artistic creations and blew on it gently before I popped it in my mouth, making my orgasmic food eating face. “Oh, my god. They’re like a flavor explosion! You cannot let Reece near these. He’ll just inhale them without even tasting them. Get out some frozen corn dogs for him; he’ll be just as happy.”

Ryan rolled his eyes dramatically. “Scarlett, do you even know me at all? Do you honestly think I have frozen corn dogs in my freezer?”

I laughed because I knew I’d upset him with my comment. Just the thought that he had such an abomination in his freezer was probably breaking him out in hives. We worked together amiably, chatting about our day, and once we were done, he wanted to see the cake I’d brought for the occasion.

We’d been holding our weekly friends’ nights since Sam and Kate had gotten together the previous year. It had started as guys’ night, but us girls had hijacked it once, and it had become a regular thing. Now Sam and Kate were returning from their honeymoon and our friends’ group had a new dynamic. Added to that, with Reece and Maddie now being an item, that left just Ryan and I as singletons.