Struck (Kings of the East #9) Read Online Charity Parkerson

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A seasoned killer meets a cuddly cinnamon bun. What could go wrong?

When Ben first met Fedir, he thought Fedir was only a bodyguard to an old, retired shipping mogul. He enjoyed pushing the grumpy guard’s buttons, hoping to catch his eye. Now, he has and Fedir is so much more than Ben first thought. In fact, Fedir might be more than he can handle.
Fedir feels no shame for every wrong he’s done over the years. He believes strongly in taking care of family. His family just happens to be of the crime variety. There’s no way he could have known he would meet someone like Ben—someone who makes him want to be better. Unfortunately, there might not be a middle ground.


Chapter One

Six months earlier…

In Fedir’s forty-one years of living, he had killed, stolen, and maimed. His life hadn’t been a peaceful one. He felt no guilt. Fedir had done what needed doing. For some people, life was a nine-to-five job, a spouse, and two point five kids. They paid mortgages and mowed the lawn. Fedir had been tossed into military school at fifteen. From there, he had gone on to join the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces. Five years in, he had met Olek Kozak, a known weapons dealer. Olek had money. Fedir craved nice things. The rest was history. Eighteen years later, he regretted nothing. Olek was family. He was the father Fedir never had. Fedir would do anything for him. Unfortunately, that was exactly how he ended up here… tormented.

Olek had ordered Fedir to babysit a grown man who was every bit as capable as Fedir. Jaksa Simic, Olek’s personal attorney, had grown up beneath Fedir’s feet. Nowadays, he was just as likely as Fedir to cut someone’s throat. But his father had died recently, and Jaksa had lost his will. That was dangerous in their business. Olek not only couldn’t afford to lose Jaksa, but he also loved him. They all did. So Olek had Fedir following Jaksa everywhere, including here: a well-known sex club. Spending his night at Leather Bait with alcohol flowing and blow jobs in the bathroom wasn’t the part that irritated Fedir. It wasn’t even the idea of Jaksa, a child he had watched turn into a man, might do something inside this club Fedir didn’t care to witness. That was pretty bad, though. But no, it was Jaksa’s best friend, Ben, that got under Fedir’s skin and left him grinding his teeth. Ben was too soft to live, and yet somehow, the guy managed to rope Jaksa—and by duty, Fedir—into everything he wanted to do, which was a lot. They had already been to lunch… at a cat cafe. Fedir was allergic to cats. Then they had been horseback riding. Fedir was allergic to horses. Now, after taking all the allergy medicine and riding a beast all day, Fedir had to stay up all night in a club—like he was twenty. It was bullshit.

Then there was Ben. Fedir’s eye twitched just thinking about him. There wasn’t a single doubt in Fedir’s mind, Ben knew Fedir was allergic to every damn thing, and didn’t want to stay out partying all night, yet the guy seemed to relish tormenting Fedir. It was obvious he didn’t take Fedir’s job seriously. Fedir couldn’t be at his best if his eyes were swollen shut. Jaksa didn’t really need him, but still. This was what Olek had asked of him, and Ben made his life harder. That was possibly why he stared at Ben with all the malice he could muster as the man climbed from his Ford pickup in the parking lot of Leather Bait. Fedir wanted to go home.

Jaksa patted his shoulder. “If you want to sneak away, it can be our secret. We both know I’ll be fine.”

Fedir tore his gaze away from Ben to focus on Jaksa. Jaksa was young, beautiful, and deadly. Fedir knew he would be fine, but this was his job. “I’m at your service, boss.”

Jaksa shook his head.

Fedir knew his stubborn pride exhausted Jaksa, but it was only fair. Jaksa’s friend wearied Fedir to the depths of his soul. They could be tired together.

Ben was all smiles as he closed the distance between them. He had soft brown eyes and soft brown hair and soft-looking hair covering his jaw. Every time Fedir looked at him, all he could think was the word “soft.” Everything about him was fluffy and light. Fedir wondered how the man had made it to thirty-seven. Someone in a white panel van should have scooped him up years ago with the promise of free candy and wi-fi. Fedir thought he was too soft to live.

“Hey. Long time no see,” Ben joked as he hugged Jaksa.

Fedir rolled his eyes.

The pair chatted as they headed for the door.