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Stalking His Claim

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He’s always taken care of me. Watched over me. Protected me. Though he’s older than me, I’ve always seen him as someone I can relate to on every level. He still sees me as a little girl, so I tell myself I have to let him go. Then the world comes crashing down on me. And where do I run? Right into his open arms. Now that I’m grown up, I want him to see me as more than the little girl he used to dote on. I want him to see me as the woman who loves him with every breath I take.

She’s always had a place in my heart. When she was little, I loved spoiling her. As she got older, I was happy to be a shoulder for her to lean on. And when she was all grown up? That’s when I realized I needed distance, that I couldn’t trust myself around her. She’s too young, too innocent, too everything-I’m-not. That doesn’t stop me from keeping tabs on her, though. Watching her every move from afar. Until one day she comes running, and I finally let myself hope for more. But can she love the man who’s kept her at arm’s length the past few years? Or will she run again when she finds out all I’ve done to make her mine.
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“Is she home?” I ask Robert, my PA, as he walks into my office. I could check her location but that always makes me feel like a stalker. As if asking Robert is really any different. I don’t feel the least bit bad that I’m always checking up on her. She had come here to stay safe. And that’s exactly what I plan on keeping her.

“How about I tell you when she doesn't arrive home? That might be easier.” Tinsley’s appearance was like clockwork. I knew her schedule in and out and she always kept to it. She went to classes and back home. Oftentimes she stops at the bakery on the corner or drops into the library but not for long. She wasn't one to linger when she was outside of our place. She got what she needed then came right back home. I both love and hate this.

“Do I not pay you enough to answer my redundant questions?”

“She’s fine. At home in the kitchen eating a lemon muffin.” He comes to a stop next to my desk. “You’ll never believe what she’s doing now.” I know he’s mocking me. “She’s reading.”

“Are you done?” I ask, tired of his shit already.

“As soon as you sign these.” He drops the contracts down for my newest investment.

“I was going to ask why you’re buying a bath bombs company but I think I know why.” I sign the last of the contracts, pushing them back toward him. Tinsley has a fascination with bath bombs. She uses them every night in her bath. I never knew there were so many different smells and colors. Let’s not forget the time she did the gold glitter bath bomb.

That had been a special treat. She sparkled more than usual for an entire week after that one. But her favorite is the vanilla scented one. That’s her go-to. I have to say that I favor the scent as well. It reminds me of her. I know buying this company will give me something to talk to her about. That it will distract her for a while and have her giving me her undivided attention.

“James wants to know if you can catch dinner tonight.” I give him a look. “I already told him no. He asked about drinks later.” What if Tinsley wants to do a movie? She hasn't suggested one in a while.

“I might be busy.”

“You need to get a life. You agreed to look out for the girl. Not devote your life to her.” Robert grabs the contracts off my desk. I’d fire him if he wasn’t so damn useful. Plus, Tinsley is used to him. She is so skittish around the opposite sex. It takes her time to warm up to someone. I can’t blame her after what she’s been through. I wouldn't do anything to disrupt what I’ve built around her already. She’s come so far in such a small amount of time. I won’t have anyone jeopardize that. Not on my watch anyway.

I let myself fall back into work for a few hours. Every day is the same. A countdown to when I can go home. My highlight each day is the few hours of time I get to spend with her. My phone dings on my desk.

Tinsley: I’m gonna spoil my dinner. You should sneak out early and join me.

Me: On my way.

Attached is a picture with a counter full of stuff to make an ice cream sundae. I see my house manager, Rita, in the background with a not-so-happy face about it. I’m sure Tinsley made sure to get her into the picture on purpose. I’m out of my office chair, grabbing my suit jacket off the back of it.

“You’re leaving?” Robert stands from his desk.

“I’m sure you’ve got it handled.”

“I’ll email you about some crap.”

“Don’t know when I’ll get to it,” I toss back as I step onto the elevator.

“It’s about Tinsley,” I hear him say as the elevator doors close. I don’t know if he’s bluffing or not. Either way he knows I’ll check my email now. My driver holds the door open for me while I bring them up to see if Robert has sent the email yet. I refresh a few times until it hits my inbox.

I read over what he’s sent me. How the hell am I going to bring this up to her? It’s information I shouldn't have but I’m a nosy bastard and keep close tabs on her. It’s the only way. Every piece of information I can get about her is oxygen to breathe for me. It keeps me going. More than anything it keeps me from doing something I shouldn't do.

Taking what I think of as mine but isn't. I know I can’t have her, that it wouldn’t be right when she trusts me to be her safe place. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want her. It only means that what I want doesn’t matter. To her I am her protector. She just has no idea how unsafe my thoughts are of her.