Stalked (Marine Raiders Alpha #2) Read Online Allyson Charles

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The special forces trained him to face any challenge. She’ll test him in ways he never imagined.
Corporal Chris Gunn plays hard, fights harder, and hasn’t met a woman he couldn’t charm. Until her. His life as a Marine Raider would be close to perfect if it wasn’t for the woman who seems tailor-made to provoke him at every turn.
Samantha doesn’t have time for BS. Between her job, her checked-out mother, and the little sister whose antics will turn her prematurely gray, she has zero time for an adult pretender whose ego is only surpassed by his bossiness. And his hotness. Pretending to ignore the Raider while he pushes all her buttons has become her own personal Olympic sport, and she’s determined to take gold.
But when a stalker sets his sights on Samantha, Chris will do everything in his power to protect the only woman who’s ever gotten under his skin. If these two can stop fighting each other, they just might be able to stop a threat bent on revenge. And they might discover that, sometimes, the person you can’t stand ends up being the one you can’t live without.

Meet the men of Alpha Squad. Protective, strong-willed, and tough, they go hard after what they want. And when they set their sights on a woman, they’ll use every weapon in their arsenal to make her theirs. Each book in this series is a fast, steamy read, full of pulse-pounding action and sexy times.


Chapter One

Samantha Winters knew she was a bad person. Her sister spit out a mouthful of sand, and Sam couldn’t stop laughing. Maddie glared at her, but Sam just rolled back on her elbows and raised her face skyward. The sun was warm on her skin, a soft breeze ruffled her hair, and she had an ice cold diet Dr. Pepper by her side. Life was good. After the shit couple of months she’d had, she needed this.

Maddie picked up her frisbee and jumped to her feet. At fifteen, she was just coming into her long legs and had all the grace of a baby giraffe. She brushed sand off her bathing suit with a sheepish grin before tossing the frisbee to one of her friends.

Sam raked her fingers through the end of her chestnut ponytail. It had been only a month since Maddie had left the hospital, and it was nice seeing her so happy again. Her sister’s smiles had become more and more infrequent the past year, but this day at the beach seemed to be just what she needed.

“Hey, sorry we're late.”

Sam shaded her eyes Her best friend, Caroline, tromped through the sand toward her, a beach chair wedged under one arm. Her boyfriend, Jake, took it from her hands, snapped it open, and plopped it in the sand next to Sam’s.

“Hi, Caroline. Hey, Jake. I'm glad you guys could make it.” Sam pulled her tank top strap back onto her shoulder.

“Some fun in the sun, followed by s'mores around a fire pit?” Jake stabbed the end of a beach umbrella into the sand before cranking it open. “Wouldn't miss it.”

Sam carefully directed her gaze away from the flexing muscles in Jake’s arms. While he was a tasty treat, he was Caroline’s eye candy now. Her friend had hit the jackpot when it came to her love life. Jake was a Marine Raider, a special forces operative for the military, and he had the elite body to match his elite job. But beyond being nice to look at, he was also a stand-up guy who adored her friend.

Sam smiled. Lucky bitch. She really was happy for her friend.

“Heads up,” a man shouted.

Jake turned, but not fast enough to stop a tote bag from smacking into his chest. Towels spilled from the bag when it hit the sand.

“Asshole,” Jake muttered, bending for the towels.

Chris Gunn, the one coworker of Jake’s Samantha prayed she wouldn’t see, strolled up next to them and stretched. His black hair glinted in the sunlight. “What a great day.”

Sam looked behind him, but no other big, brawny man appeared. Only Jake and Chris. Jake, at least, was a welcome addition. But if Chris was going to be here, Sam needed more people as a buffer. She caught Caroline’s eye and tipped her head to the unwanted guest.

Sorry, Caroline mouthed. She shrugged, her pale hair sliding over her shoulder. “We invited the rest of the guys, but they had other plans.”

“Ryan might show.” Jake settled a large cooler on a towel under the umbrella. He adjusted the umbrella, making sure shade covered the cooler.

“Ryan has shown.” A blond-haired Adonis joined them. He made a sweeping bow. “At your service.”

“Oh, thank God.” Sam grinned up at the other member of Jake’s squad. “I thought I was going to be stuck”—with Chris—“as the third-wheel with Jake and Caroline.”