Sins of the Fathers (Kings of the Mountain #2) Read Online Morgan Brice

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Three deadly accidents that might have been magical murder. A dark witch with a grudge against the King family. Federal agents with supernatural abilities. And, as usual, Dawson and Grady are smack dab in the crosshairs of trouble even they can’t outrun.

When Grady King’s brother Knox is targeted by shady characters, old secrets, coverups, and lies come to light. Grady and his boyfriend Dawson begin to question what really happened when Grady’s grandparents and Dawson’s parents died. Then agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Supernatural Investigation show up pursuing a different case, only to discover that the crimes appear to be connected, with a vengeful dark witch at the center of the plot. And since monsters never sleep, Grady and Dawson are still carrying out their duty to hunt dangerous paranormal creatures, restless spirits, nefarious faeries, Civil War ghosts, creepy cryptids, and things that go bump in the night. It’s all part of the centuries-old King family mandate to protect the people of Cunanoon Mountain and Transylvania County, a mission Grady and Dawson are sworn to fulfill.
But when it looks like something is hunting the people Grady loves, it’s time to dig into the family’s painful past, uncovering dangerous details of long-ago hunts against immortal creatures who never forget—or forgive.
Can they solve the mystery and figure out who’s behind the deaths, or will they bear the deadly consequences of their hidden history? Reckoning with the past just might destroy Grady and Dawson’s plans for the future and set loose a tide of malicious magic that could sweep them all away.

*Sins of the Fathers is a thrill-packed MM romance adventure full of fast cars, outlaw country boys, snarky werewolves, vengeful ghosts, menacing monsters, and a love that can’t be denied.

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“I think Lily left out some information,” Dawson King yelled as he ducked a flying paperback book thrown by an invisible attacker. His breath misted in the frigid air, a sure sign a spirit was nearby.

“Ya think?” Grady King, Dawson’s “step-cousin” and partner, replied as the EMF meter shrilled, indicating the presence of a strong—and pissed off—ghost.

“Fuck,” Dawson muttered as he tried to move from where he’d taken shelter behind the couch, only to narrowly miss being hit by a coffee mug. It hit the wall and shattered with a crack.

They had hoped to deal with the ghost of Jason Carter peacefully.

Jason seemed to have other ideas.

“Jason Carter! We want to talk!” Dawson shouted.

Two magazines and the TV remote flew off the coffee table to land in the middle of the living room floor.

When Lily said the ghost made her feel “unwelcome,” she didn’t mention an all-out attack.

“It’s about Everett!” Dawson yelled, hoping the spirit had enough sense of self to hear and understand.

The room became quiet, although it remained freezer-cold.

Dawson and Grady rose slowly from where they had dived for cover. Dawson had a sawed-off shotgun he hoped he didn’t have to use, while Grady carried a bag with salt, holy water, and other items to handle a restless ghost. Grady took out a Ouija board and planchette, setting them on the kitchen table.

“We know you cared about Everett. And we know you saw him get sick. Everett had a stroke. He’s alive but weak. The doctors don’t think he’ll be able to come home.”

A gust of wind sent a glass flying from where it had been on the table. The planchette skidded across the board to stop on “NO.”

Dawson’s heart went out to Jason, worried about his long-time partner without news of how he was doing and now afraid of being left alone.

“Lily sent us here to talk.” Grady tag teamed. “She knew you’d be upset. She also knew how much you two loved each other.”

Lily Franklin was the long-time Meals on Wheels volunteer who had delivered to Jason and Everett for many years. She’d become a good friend and was Everett’s emergency contact once Jason passed away.

A door slammed. Grady’s head snapped up, and he shot a questioning look at Dawson. Dawson reached out to take his hand, intertwining their fingers and holding their hands in the air.

“We’re like you and Everett. We understand wanting to stay together.” Dawson picked up the conversation.

The planchette trembled before beginning to move. “D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S,” Dawson said as the pointer moved.

“Dangerous to admit what you and Jason were to each other?” Grady asked.

The planchette moved to “YES.”

“It can be, but plenty of people are ‘out’ these days. Even married,” Dawson answered.

A framed photo rocked back and forth on the mantle. Dawson saw that it showed two men in their thirties decades ago on a sunny day, grinning with arms slung over each other’s shoulders.

“If Everett can’t come home, do you think you could go to him?” Grady asked.

The planchette went wild, circling “YES” over and over.

“Is there something here that means a lot to you that you could ‘travel’ with if we took it to Everett?” Dawson looked around, wondering what objects among the collections of a shared lifetime might be special enough to anchor a ghost.