Shattered Lies (Shattered Trilogy #3) Read Online Grahame Claire

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I’ve just gotten my life back.
For the first time in years, I have hope for the future.
In an instant, everything within my grasp is yanked away.
The future I was so certain of hangs in the balance.
I’m fighting for the family I want . . . the family I need.
But the web of lies has us tangled and bound.
And if we don’t destroy those lies, we’ll be shattered for good.
The conclusion to this enemies to lovers, opposites attract romance trilogy from bestselling Author Grahame Claire.

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I skidded to a stop at Southampton General Hospital’s emergency entrance.

“Sir. You can’t park there.”

“Then move it.” I tossed the keys to the security guard as I ran toward the doors.

The noise inside the emergency waiting room muted as I shoved past two people in line at the desk.

I looked around wildly. “My daughter. Penelope Cunningham. Where is she?”

I sounded like someone else when I spoke. Someone unhinged.

“You’ll have to wait your turn,” the nurse said.

“I need to see her. There was an accident.” I motioned to the people in line. “They look fine. Now where is my daughter?”

I felt JoJo’s presence beside me. She’d been a zombie since Whitley’s call with the news of Penelope’s car crash.

The nurse leveled me with a stern look. “Sir, I can have you removed if you don’t get control of yourself.”

“Do that, and I’ll have you removed,” I snarled.

“Please,” JoJo choked out. “The police told us she’s here. Where can we find her?”

That was the most she’d spoken since before we left the house. The words sounded as broken and anguished as I felt.

I grabbed her hand. “I’ll search this whole hospital if I have to.”

Without waiting for the nurse, I dragged JoJo toward the nearest set of swinging doors.

“Sir! You can’t go back there!”

Watch me.

The doors whooshed as we barged through. I plowed toward another desk with the nurse right on our heels.

“Sir. Sir!”

As we approached, I ignored her.

“My daughter. Penelope Cunningham,” I grated out to the next nurse.


The second nurse glanced at the first one and nodded.

JoJo’s broken plea had gotten through to her. She tapped on the keyboard and clicked the mouse as she studied her computer screen.

Whitley and the cops said they were bringing her here. There couldn’t be another Penelope Cunningham.

What is taking her so long to tell me about my daughter?

“She’s in surgery,” the nurse finally said.

JoJo gasped. Her hand tightened on mine until I thought she would crush my bones.

“How is she?”

The nurse wouldn’t meet my eyes. “Critical. That’s all I know.”

I pointed at the screen. “They aren’t performing surgery for no reason. What’s critical?”

“The surgeon will speak to you about the specifics of her injuries as soon as she’s out,” she rattled off as if reciting from a textbook.

JoJo swayed. “I need to see her.”

There was an ounce of sympathy in the woman’s eyes, but it was tainted from years of dealing with people just like us. She had to be hard. I understood. But now I needed information.

“You’ll have to wait for the surgeon. There’s a seating area back through those doors.” She pointed to the ones we’d come through. “And a cafe down in the basement. They’re open twenty-four hours.”

A cafe?

How was a cafe going to help Penelope?

Alarms went off. Chaos ensued as nurses and doctors raced toward a room.

“You need to go.”

“Is it Penelope?” JoJo whispered.

“The doctor will update you as soon as she can.”

Reluctantly, I led JoJo back out to the waiting room for the masses. I’d find the hospital administrator’s name and cell phone number. What good was having a powerful name and money if I couldn’t throw it around to get information?

JoJo collapsed in one of the chairs while I paced, scrolling my phone for the number I needed.


I spun.

Whitley hustled into the emergency room with Marlow and the kids in tow. I blinked at him in surprise.

Why was he here?

Because that’s what friends do.

“How is she?” He slapped my shoulder as he approached.

“In surgery. Critical.” I yanked on my hair. “I don’t know.”

“Hi!” Blake shook my hand, startling me.

“Hi,” I said back distractedly.

“How bad was it?” JoJo asked. She was ghostly pale. Her gaze was trained on the floor and her hands were knotted together on her lap.

Whitley darted his eyes to Marlow, who was uncharacteristically quiet.

“Uh . . .” He ran a hand through his hair. He and his family had arrived at the scene moments after the accident. And he was being suspiciously quiet.

“Spit it out,” I said, my patience officially gone. It wasn’t his fault, but he was the closest target for my frustration.

“It was ugly,” he finally said.

“I’ll go find some tea.” Marlow took the kids and disappeared.

“Did you see her?” JoJo asked.

“The car was . . .” He paused, seeming to gather what he did and didn’t want to say. “The police arrived on scene not long after we did. The helicopter was moments behind them. It all happened so fast . . .”