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Secret Baby at Camp (Camp Hardwood #4)

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Alexa Riley

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Piper’s dad is rich and powerful, but she’s not so sure it’s from anything legal. When she falls for one of his guards and convinces him to sleep with her on her eighteenth birthday she’s not prepared for him to disappear. She runs away to Camp Hardwood to figure out her next move, but she wasn’t planning on him stalking her there.

Hawk is an unbreakable man, but his one and only weakness has always been her. After the best night of his life Piper leaves him and now he has to track her down. She can run but she can’t hide.

Warning: It’s a secret baby romance and we couldn’t be more excited!! Get the final story in the Camp Hardwood Series and see if they get their happily ever after… Spoiler: THEY DO!
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Camp Hardwood Series by Alexa Riley

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Alexa Riley



Four months ago…

I’ve been paged to the Lewis Hotel downtown and I’m not thrilled about it. Piper has been acting like a brat lately, but today’s her birthday. Her eighteenth birthday. I wanted to stay with her today and make sure she didn't get herself into trouble but her father had other plans.

I’ve worked for the Torres family for the last ten years and I’ve proven my loyalty to her father. He’s in charge of our surrounding area and when he called me personally to be security for his little girl I took on that responsibility with my life. He’s not the kind of man you want to let down, so I was surprised when today of all days, he let her out of the house without so much as a driver to stay with her.

I’ve been worried sick about Piper and what the hell she’s gotten herself into. She’s not normally one to go looking for danger, but she loves to rile me up every chance she gets. Thoughts of her in that damn yellow bikini last summer have me clenching my fists as I walk into the hotel and bypass the front desk. When she texted me her location and the room number I drove as fast as I could and now I’m practically running up the stairs because the elevator will take too long.

By the time I reach her floor I’m panting and my heartbeat is pounding in my ears. I race down the hall, and when I get to her door I see that it’s slightly ajar.

I’ve protected Piper since she was eight years old and the thought of someone hurting her or touching her has my skin on fire. I push open the door and rush inside, and the sight of what’s before me has me stopping dead in my tracks.

The sound of the door slamming closed behind me is nothing compared to the roar of adrenaline in my chest.

“Hey, Hawk,” she says softly from the bed.

She’s spread out on top of the silk bed completely naked except for the necklace I gave her this morning. It’s a diamond in the shape of a small bird and now it sparkles as it hangs between her big round tits. Her pink nipples are pinched tight and it looks like she’s been playing with them.

“Piper,” I manage to choke out with the last of the breath in my lungs.

My eyes travel down her body to where her knees are spread and her pink folds are on display for me. Even from here I can see she’s wet and ready for a cock.

“It’s my birthday and there’s only one thing I want.”

I swallow hard as she sits up and slides a hand between her legs, spreading her folds for my pleasure. I lick my lips and struggle to put my tongue back in my mouth as her small fingers circle her clit.

“What are you doing?” comes out of my mouth, but I have no idea how my brain is still functioning.

“Please, Hawk. I love you and I want you to take my virginity.”

She’s told me since she was a little girl she loved me, but as she got older I stopped saying it back. I didn’t want her to get any ideas about an old man like me wanting something so sweet and pure. Even now as I stare at the heaven between her young legs I can see the prize she wants me to take from her. That tiny little barrier that shows me she’s never had a man and the animalistic urges inside me roar to life.

“Piper, you can’t ask me to do that.” But whatever she orders me to do, I have to follow. A sick part of my mind rejoices in her command but she’s like a daughter to me. I can’t fuck her. “I’m your guardian and your protector.”

“And you’re the man I want to turn me into a woman,” she pleads, moving her fingers faster and moaning.

My legs shake and before I can catch myself I fall to my knees. She’s been my whole world and my every purpose for the last ten years. I can’t do this. I can’t.

Even as I have that thought I lean forward and plant my hands on the carpet. I shamefully crawl closer to the bed as her moans grow louder and the sounds of her slick flesh echo in my ears. Fuck. What am I doing?

My mind warns me to shut up and my body takes over. God, how long have I wanted to do this? How long have I dreamed of my tongue on her cunt? How many times have I jerked off thinking about this very moment? She wasn't old enough then, but she is now. She’s offering me what I’ve been desperate for on a silver platter and I'm starving.