Say My Name (Gods of Saint Pierce #1) Read Online Logan Chance

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Devereaux Huxley has a problem his billions can’t fix…me.

He’s the owner of Club Greed, an adult club that caters to the fantasies of the rich and powerful, Devereaux’s the prime suspect when the girls employed at his club start turning up dead.
The Greedy Girls.
Elegant, poised, and desired by all.
And now I’m going undercover to become one.
He calls me Swan.
He doesn’t know my real name, but that’s how I like it. If he knew the real Chloe, I’d be in more danger than I am now.
I might be in over my head, but I won’t let the dazzling whiskey-colored eyes and seductive charm of the mysterious owner make me fail at my first case as a detective.
I’m determined to be the best darn Greedy Girl the small town of Saint Pierce has ever seen. And not get myself murdered in the process. I’ll just need to keep my wits about me and keep the devilishly handsome and possible murderer Devereaux Huxley at bay. Which is easier said than done.
He tempts me.
He desires me.
He pushes me to try new things.
Naughty things.
Things an undercover detective shouldn’t even be imagining.
But I am imagining them…with him.
When the lines between reality and fantasy blur, it’ll make me question everything I’ve ever known.
I’ll need to keep myself out of danger long enough to uncover what’s really going on, but when secrets threaten to crush us, and I end up in his bed, the real danger begins.

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Chapter 1


* * *

“Another Greedy Girl found dead. This is the third murder victim from Club Greed this month. Last night, a neighbor heard shouting, then a gunshot, and called the authorities. When police arrived, they found Julie Landers in her apartment, face down, with a bullet to the back of her head. There was no forced entry.”

I glance at the TV playing in the Saint Pierce police station. The morning show anchor rattles off details about the grim news while an image of a smiling redhead standing on a beach pops up on the screen.

“It’s a damn shame,” Guy Adams, a Saint Pierce officer, says, taking his chewing gum out of his mouth and sticking it under his desk. “A body like that gone to waste.” He shakes his dark-haired head. “Damn shame.”

What’s a “damn shame” is that I have to call this man my partner. Him and his disgusting gum chewing habits. After today, I’m hoping I won’t have to deal with him again.

I’m still waiting to see if I made detective, so I can move up in the world. Captain’s been promising me the promotion ever since I finished all the required courses it takes to become a detective, but so far, nothing.

“Chloe, Captain’s been looking for you,” Marge, Captain Adler’s secretary, says. “He’s in his office.” She scuttles off down the hallway, and I follow her matronly figure, taking a deep breath as I approach his open door. Here it goes.

“Congratulations, Bardot,” Captain greets me as I enter his office. “You’re now a detective.” He’s always been very clipped and to the point, so his no-frills announcement doesn’t phase me.

This isn’t the type of place to show emotion and do a happy dance, but I can’t help the proud smile that lifts my lips. “Thank you, sir. You—”

“No time for accolades,” Captain Adler interrupts, his naked head shining under the office’s fluorescent lights. “I’ve got your first assignment.”

All the excitement racing through me screeches to a halt. My smile collapses because I already know what he’s going to say, and I’m simultaneously filled with anticipation and dread. You can’t escape the news. “Club Greed?”

He nods, not meeting my eyes. “Here’s how I see it, Bardot.” His bushy mustache moves along with his mouth. “Homicide needs your help with this case. You in particular.”

“Why me in particular?” I ask, furrowing my brow. This is a high-profile case, and I should be enthusiastic about the opportunity—yay for me—but his phrasing of me “in particular” has alarm bells ringing in my head.

In a city with only eleven-thousand people, the police force is small, so it’s no wonder they want me on the case. I think right now they’ll take all the help they can get, but why me in particular?

I’ve been a kickass police officer, and I’m confident I’ll be a kickass detective. I’m one of the youngest officers to become a detective in the Saint Pierce Police Department. At twenty-seven, I’m already on my way to becoming captain someday.

But Captain Adler still won’t look me in the eye, making my scalp prickle with unease. He rustles through some papers while I wait for him to answer my question.

His brown eyes finally connect with mine, and I see the apprehension skulking in their depths. “We’ve got a true mess down there at Club Greed.”

I nod, hoping he’ll explain further. His obvious hesitance to elaborate is making my palms sweat.

Captain Adler leans back in his cherished leather chair, and that’s when the alarm bells blare. I never thought it possible for a grown man to worship a piece of furniture so much, but he has a thing for his state-of-the-art Herman Miller gaming seat. He’s told us all many times about its ergonomically designed craftsmanship with eight zones of support, meant to keep asses comfortable for the long haul. I mean, the man won’t shut up about it most days. It’s turned into an extension of him. And every time we discuss something troubling, he caresses the arm rests. Just like he’s doing now.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“It’s no mystery that we’re all working overtime to figure out who’s behind the latest murders of Club Greed employees. Katherine in Homicide wants to put you undercover.”

My heart freezes, then pounds at an alarming rate. “Me?”

Confession: Katherine terrifies me. She’s a no-nonsense woman without a filter, who has spent her adult life on the force. She worked her way through the ranks, just like me, until she became lieutenant of Homicide.

“I don’t understand. Undercover where?”

“She wants you to go undercover as a Greedy Girl.”

I can’t help but gulp, and internally laugh at the absurdity of me becoming a Greedy Girl. Has he seen me walk in heels? It’s just not good. I knew someone might have to infiltrate the club to get closer to the situation, but I never in a million years imagined it would be me.