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Saving the Hitman - Men of Ruthless Corp

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Aria Cole, Mila Crawford

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Trudy: We had to run. We had to hide her. I promised never to make myself vulnerable to a man, but when a young girl is about to bring down an entire mafia syndicate, you make an exception. I never realized protecting her would lead me to a rock hard Hitman with a dark past and deadly hands. Or that his ultimate target would be my heart.

Malik: It was supposed to be an easy job, take out the son of a prominent Don and put an end to an international child trafficking ring. Cut and dry, all in a day’s work. There weren’t supposed to be any complications, namely a delectable dark haired social worker with a sassy mouth and a heart of gold. I don’t do relationships, a hard rule I live by. So, I never expected hitting a mark would land me in love’s free-fall.

Now we’re stuck together, one of us trying to keep a young girl safe, while the other is trying to hunt down the man who wants to kill her.

They say love is blind but somehow, without fail, it knows exactly where to hit you.
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Aria Cole, Mila Crawford

Chapter 1


"I need you to make a hit," Rogue said quietly. For an older guy, he was pretty fit, six-foot-three totally ripped, and as lethal as the day I met him.

"Is it for me? I know you like money, old man, but I don't do bullshit jobs."

"You better watch how you talk to me," Rogue warned.

I hated how he’d barked his orders; no details now, say yes first and he’ll inform you how shitty the job is later. Other people might bow down to him, but I bow to no one—not even Rogue. I learned my lessons the hard way. It doesn't matter to me that he saved my life. He knew that I needed an outlet and that I was capable of carrying out the type of hits others would run from. As a mentor, he was able to teach me how to combine my lust for vengeance with my ultimate desire for justice. I knew what I was, a cold-blooded killer, but I was also very conscious of the fact that my targets were scum. I didn’t take out people who were just living their lives, keeping their head down, and working hard. My marks were those who took advantage of others and had no qualms about sacrificing the innocent to get ahead. They were criminals. If I showed up at your doorstep, then you deserved my wrath, plain and simple.

"Answer the question. Who's the target?"

"It's up your alley, Malik. He kidnaps young girls and sells them off to the highest bidder. Usually virgins, but also the down and out who don't have anyone to miss them. He's ruthless and immoral—the world will be better off when he takes his last breath."

"I'll take it," I said without hesitation. "Who's the hit?

"Dom Gabrielli."

"Piece of cake," I said. My adrenaline spiked at the idea of wiping one of the Gabriellis off the face of earth. The Gabriellis were a Chicago mafia syndicate, most of their profit came from guns and trafficking.

"You gotta be careful Malik, they are heavily connected."

"I know his daddy," I spat. "I know how far their blood money runs. Where’s the piece of shit operating these days?”

"Don't know, but the girl is in Valor."

"The girl?" I asked as I flipped through the file.

"His target. Last we heard, she’s staying at some youth shelter there. He's trying to kidnap her and get her shipped off before she brings down their whole organization. Apparently, she’s some sort of computer whiz and has enough dirt to bury them."

"Youth Shelter, Jesus, how old is she?"

"Nineteen or twenty. There’s an MC there. You think your brother can help?"

"I'll stop by and see Mav before I head out. He’s got connections."

"Nothing, and I mean nothing, happens in Valor without the MC knowing."

"I'll check in once the job is done," I said to Rogue. "See you on the flip side, Pops." We knocked knuckles like we always did.

The mission was already a done deal in my head, his blood spilling to give relief to those lost souls he took advantage of. I wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep over his demise. But first, I had to talk to Maverick before getting tangled up with an MC I was unfamiliar with. My brother knew them all and his connections ran deep.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" My brother answered the door, his hair a mess and a murderous scowl on his face.

I couldn't help but grin, assuming I’d interrupted something between him and his girl Sophie. I liked that he’d found someone; he was a good man and deserved to be happy. "Is that any way to talk to your kid brother?"

"Christ, Malik. I thought I was going to have to kill someone."

"Can I come in, Mav? I've got to bounce, but I just wanted to have a word with you first."

"Yeah, there's a dog. Let me see if he growls at you." He ushered over a scruffy mutt that looked like he'd been to hell and back. I liked the little thing, he reminded me of us three brothers. How we took a beating and still managed to claw our way out. The dog was a survivor, and so was Mav’s girl Sophie. It made sense to me that Mav fell in love with her. She was the missing piece for him. At least one of the Connor men had found happiness.

"Come on in, he's not gonna get territorial. I think he only does that with Soph. How the fuck did you find this place?"

"Tommy texted it over. Said he'd break both my legs if anything happened to Sophie."

"Let me just tell her it's you and get her settled. I just punched her in the face in my sleep, brother, so that's how my night's going. Feel like a fucking monster for doing it, too."