Saving Rhodes (Billionaire Brothers #1) Read Online Aliyah Burke

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Work reunites them, can he make it last forever?

Billionaire Livingston Rhodes hasn't been able to let go of the memory of his one night stand months ago, even if her face is a blur. Surrounded by scandal involving his younger brother, he brings in a forensic accountant to help uncover the truth. Despite his own attraction, he is determined to keep his eye on the ball.

Daisy Wentz is in New Orleans for work, the last thing she expected was to run into the man she had a steamy night with in Seattle. The night had been unforgettable…to her, he on the other hand, looks her straight in the eye and doesn't remember her. At all.
What is going to happen when she accomplishes what she was called there for, especially once he realizes, his attraction to her, isn't brand new, but because he does know her? Will they have a second chance at a happily ever after?

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Chapter One

“Sit your ass right there, Bradford. Damn it, I’ll get to you and this most current clusterfuck in a second.” Livingston Rhodes raked a hand through his short spiked hair as he paced the wide expanse of his office, wishing he was anywhere but here. And now. Noting his younger brother had listened, he focused back on the man he was in the middle of a conversation with at that moment. Gareth Ericsson.

“I can just email you the accountant’s information, man. Sounds like you have a few other things on your plate.” The man’s low, smooth tone slid effortlessly over the line. Gareth was much less uptight since he’d found his woman.

Livingston turned his back on the large, polished, handcrafted oak desk to the massive window overlooking his city, New Orleans, and shook his head. “Please.” He wasn’t in the right headspace for this, wouldn’t be until he got his brother out of town for a while. And he sure as hell wasn’t in the mood for the holiday that was heading toward them.


Bah humbug.

“I’ll have it to you by the end of the day. I just want to say one thing.”

Gareth’s tone drew his focus like a shark picking up on blood in the water. “Which is?”

“She’s young, but don’t let that sway you. She’s a fucking rockstar at what she does.”

Livingston frowned. A woman? A young woman? Exactly the last thing he needed was a young female coming in to try to fix the mess. Other than maybe two women he was used to them doing whatever they could to get their hands on the fortune surrounding the Rhodes name. At least, that was where his gut was directing him. Until he got to the bottom of everything, all he had was conjecture.


“She’s not going to be like other women around you, Livingston. Single-minded focus is what this woman is about. She’s like you, but cuter and, I have to say, a lot more deadly.”

He watched a city worker hoist a Christmas direction up on a street lamp before the truck moved slowly on to the next. “Cuter? Since when do you notice women? I thought Xandra was the only woman for you.”

Cutting his gaze to the large flatscreen on the wall, which ran stocks most of the day, he noticed the weatherman talking about an early winter storm wreaking havoc over the Rockies. Dumping ungodly amounts of snow and sleet and taking power from thousands.

“She is. I know Daisy because of my Xandra. Red had her come here and check out our books after we had an accounting concern.”

After ensuring his brother remained seated—he was currently scrolling through his phone—Livingston faced the window once more, needing to do one thing at a time. “How come I didn’t hear about it?”

“Not a lot of people did. She came in, worked her magic and nailed down the who, how, when of the problem. After that, we handled it.”

Livingston grinned at the danger in his friend’s tone. They were so alike it was scary. They’d become unlikely friends and, despite their fathers’ attempts to keep running their lives and dictating who they could hang out with, they’d endured. There weren’t a lot of people that he trusted who traveled in their social circle, but Gareth was one. Perhaps the one, aside from his brothers and his best mate, Eli.

“I’ll look for the email. Give that wife of yours a kiss for me.”

“Fuck you, man. Your lips aren’t touching my Red.” There was humor in Gareth’s tone. Mostly. “Daisy Wentz is her name, and it’ll be in your inbox before the end of the day.”

“I appreciate it, Gareth.”

“Always, my man. You need anything, you let me know.”

He was gone.

One crisis having been dealt with, Livingston pulled the earbud from his ear and dropped it on his desk as he turned back to face his middle brother, Bradford.

His brother put away his phone and stood. “I swear I didn’t do this, man.”

“I know. You have no reason to steal from me, you have enough of your own money. But someone”—he took a deep breath and forced himself to unclench his fist—“is making it look that way.”

Livingston was desperate to know who had fucked not just with his business, but also with his brother.

“Thanks for believing in me. I know it’s not easy, especially with Dad being his usual charming self.” Bradford pushed his hands in his pockets, rocking back on his heels.

Livingston rolled his shoulders then took a seat. “I think you should get out of the line of fire for a while as the investigation goes on.”

A disbelieving snort left his brother. “So after that shit you just spewed, you still don’t honestly think I’m innocent in this. You believe that this is my fault, that I would actually be dumb enough and assholish enough to steal from you.”