Saved by the Highlander (Love In The Highlands #4) Read Online Fiona Knightley

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Time has run out, and the fate of all rests upon Darra and Samuel’s love for each other.

How could he have let this happen? Samuel is a battle-hardened warrior and leader of men; he has persevered through the most difficult of challenges and will not relent in his search for Darra until she is back safely in his arms once more.
This intriguing, caring wonderful woman who until recently would have been considered a sworn enemy had upended Samuel’s world. Now, before their life together has hardly begun, he fears the worst.
And what of the peace treaty? Darra’s father, Laird Guthrie Sloane, has confided his days on this earth are numbered, and an heir must be found to replace him or face a return to hostilities between the two clans.
With a lady in distress, a missing heir, a mother scorned, and an inevitable war looming in the distance, can one man rise to the challenge in the name of true love?



The world came fully into focus around dusk. Darra didn't know how long it had been since they had left the keep. Her mind was a blur as she dozed in and out of consciousness on horseback. She would momentarily forget her predicament before seeing her hands tied in front of her. She remembered waking up in a haze several times as they rode past lush trees and puffy white clouds high in the sky.

She had hoped this was all just a dream, that she was still next to Samuel with his arms wrapped around her. He'll find me. He has to, she thought. She spent a while trying to find a way to escape her captor. Though she felt like she could wiggle out of the ropes that bound her hands, Darra didn't think she could outrun Callum. Perhaps I say I need to relieve myself. Surely he'd give me a moment's privacy for that, and I could escape. But then she remembered Callum was an excellent tracker; he had been one of her father's best hunters.

It was clear that Samuel was her only hope and she despised feeling helpless. She was a strong, intelligent woman and could be self-reliant, but Samuel would now come to her rescue twice because of situations in which she'd found herself. I should have walked out of that room the minute I saw him. She regretted even giving him the chance to explain himself to her, part of her thought they might owe it to one another to have a conversation, but when he kissed her, she should have ended it.

She tried to push those thoughts away. There was no sense in focusing on past mistakes when she needed to focus on how to escape now.

“Will we be stopping to rest soon?” she asked Callum, trying to hide the disdain in her tone.

“Aye. We’ll be stopping shortly, my love,” he replied quickly.

Maybe Samuel can catch up to us during our rest, she hoped silently. She took comfort in knowing that if Samuel were indeed searching for her, he wouldn't rest until he was successful.

As the sun set, the tracks Callum had left behind grew harder to follow. Samuel strained his eyes atop his horse to follow them in the dirt, becoming increasingly worried for his wife's safety every moment. He didn't know why this man had taken her. Did he wish her harm? Was this a ransom attempt? His mind raced as he worked through the reasons this could have happened. One thought crossed his mind that he quickly tried to shove aside, but it crept back in. Did she want to go with him?

It was a challenging idea to take in, but it could explain why there were no signs of any struggle. Indeed, Darra would have fought if taken from the keep against her will, so not seeing such signs allowed this new fear to creep up on Samuel. Either way, when I find her, I'll have my answers, he thought to try and comfort himself.

As he continued through the woods, he thought of all the different scenarios and how he would react to ensure Darra was safe. He knew Laird Sloane would want this man alive so he could see to his punishment as he was one of his own. But Samuel feared he would struggle to maintain his composure when they met. He wanted to ensure he respected his new father-in-law's wishes, but Darra was his wife now, and Samuel felt he deserved a say in what happened to Callum.

He let his anger fuel him as he rode on through the night, steadfast in his journey to rescue his new bride. The tracks were difficult to follow as the sun fully set, but he didn't let that hinder him. Instead, when the tracks were hard to follow on horseback, he hopped off and followed on foot to get a closer look. He was determined to find her as soon as possible and hoped he could catch up quickly. Perhaps I can catch them resting, he thought. If they camp for the night, he would indeed catch up and could catch Callum off guard. He didn't know much of Callum's skills firsthand, but Laird Sloane had told him he was a good hunter and ranked highly within the Sloane clan.