Sanibel Tides (Shellseeker Beach #5) Read Online Hope Holloway

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In order to secure a high-profile feature story for Shellseeker Cottages, the family must come together like never before. But as they do, some of the strongest relationships face daunting challenges, and more than one heart may be left broken on the beach.

Olivia and Deeley’s lives are suddenly thrust into a new kind of chaos, and the solution threatens to end their brand new romance. Camille is struggling with feelings she’s never had before, both thrilling and terrifying, while others are being pulled away from the oasis on the beach.
Like the tides that bring a bounty of shells every morning and night, change is the only constant…and love is the foundation that holds this found family firmly on the sands of the place they call home.
Come to Shellseeker Beach and fall in love with a cast of unforgettable characters who face life’s challenges with humor, heart, and hope. For lovers of riveting and inspirational sagas about sisters, secrets, romance, mothers and daughters…and the moments that make life worth living.


Control was the one thing Olivia Whitney couldn’t live without. Also, a plan, a strategy, a profit-and-loss statement, a sales goal, a to-do list, a blueprint for the future, and the ability to solve a few problems.

She had all of those and more every afternoon at work. That’s when she stepped into Sanibel Sisters and managed the women’s clothing boutique she owned with her partner, Camille Durant. But for the last three months, that was the only time Olivia had control. The rest of her life was—

“More Cheerios!” Bash hollered from his child seat in the back, punctuating the demand by tossing a handful of dry cereal like confetti all over the car. It fell, joining yesterday’s celebration.

Her life was this. Taking care of an F5 tornado of a toddler—a force of human nature, and an orphan who had landed in the lap of the man Olivia loved. Control was history.

“You’ve had enough, hon,” she said brightly.


His favorite word. Well, one of them. Right up there with no, up, down, now, and Wibbieeee, his personal pronunciation of her nickname, usually wailed at a decibel level that could be heard in the next county.

“No more for now,” Olivia said in that simple, straightforward adult voice that Bash generally ignored. Still, she would not raise her voice. Not now, not ever.

Sebastian Thomas Royce, motherless, fatherless, and currently under guardianship, had been through enough in his few short years on Earth. Her job, whether she signed up for it or not, was just to love the kid. Surprisingly, that wasn’t too difficult.

“Hungry, Wibbie!”

“Snacks soon. In the meantime, eat that thumb you like so much, little man.”

Bash gave a crooked smile, smart enough even at not-quite-three to know sarcasm when he heard it. Popping his thumb in his mouth, he stared out the window.

There. She sighed with a millisecond of relief. Quiet. Plus, she got him to respond to a request. Yay. Why did this always seem so difficult?

She looked at him in the rear-view mirror, giving in to a smile. His blond curls fell like a mop over a baby face, his cheeks always rosy from the saliva that escaped when he sucked his thumb. His blue eyes were big and so effective, they could make the very concept of bedtime seem laughable.

And that’s how he got away with stealing any semblance of control that Olivia hoped to have.

The fact was, Bash had sent her beloved control and her whole personal life spiraling into oblivion, or at least on a completely different trajectory than what she’d planned.

Three months ago, in October, less than a month from her thirtieth birthday, Olivia Whitney had finally put things together the way she wanted them. She’d moved from Seattle to Sanibel Island, Florida, where her mother had relocated to live and work. She’d left her corporate retail job and partnered with another woman to launch Sanibel Sisters, which showed every indication of being a massive success. And she’d finally given her heart to Connor Deeley, a former Navy SEAL who ran a popular beach accessories rental business, a man who was as good and strong and beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside.

She had a plan…ish. A strategy and a timeline, anyway. She’d begun nursing hopes that she could have the trifecta of “all” that she’d heard people talk about when they said a woman “had it all.” That would be a successful business, a loving husband, and, someday, a darling baby.

And then…wham! Life threw a sad and shocking curveball and it hit her right between the eyes.

Sad, because Bash’s mother, the widow of one of Deeley’s fellow Navy SEALs, had been killed in a highway accident while ditching the kid and all her responsibilities to marry some loser named Eddie. Shocking, because Deeley had been appointed Bash’s legal guardian until the child was eighteen years old.