Ruin (The Beast King Brides #2) Read Online Charlene Hartnady

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What happens when destiny gets it wrong?
I’m a fae beast king. It’s preordained that I have to take a mate, and it can’t be just anyone. The universe will decide on my behalf. All I know is that my fated mate will be an enchantress of great power. And that when the universe chooses her for me…I must obey. To fight the calling will mean my demise. I have come to trust the process. The Great Unknown would never steer me wrong.
Then I find her! Gabriella is everything I thought she would be and more. Beautiful beyond compare, terrifying, all-powerful… Unfortunately, she’s also tainted by great evil. Her father put his dark magic into her, turning her into something twisted and wicked.
I embark on a mission with her twin sister, Fallon. Together, we’re going to save Gabriella. We’ll find a way to bring her back. We have to! Then I do something really stupid…I fall for the wrong sister. It happens without me even realizing it. The problem is that Fallon and I can never be together. Gabriella is my destiny. Apparently, the universe is an a$$h*le!


Chapter 1


Holy shit, I’m in love.

I’ve never felt this way before. Not until today.

Not until right this second. This very moment. There she is. The one for me! It is fate that our paths would cross. She is my destiny. I know it like I know my own name.

I should be happy, but I’m not. This woman is insane. As in, certifiable. That, and evil. The enchantress who has captured my attention is about to murder my best friend’s lover.

In cold blood!

Gabriella is evil, cruel and so beautiful she takes my breath away.

The silky black negligee clings to her body like a second skin. Holy fuck! I can make out every contour of her body. She’s magnificent!

Her arms are spread wide. Her eyes are a vivid green, reminding me of newly sprouted seedlings. They’re glowing brightly, as are her hands. Magic wafts off her skin in smoky green tendrils. Her hair is a fiery red. It’s fanned out about her head, floating on air like the rest of her. Fucking beautiful and terrifying, all rolled into one.

I smell the peppery scent of her magic.

Dark magic.

Lying beneath the sinister scent is something floral…jasmine, perhaps. It awakens my senses and captivates me, just as it repels me.

I want to call to her. To dissuade her from this path of destruction, but I am frozen. I can’t move a muscle. Gabriella has me trapped. Fae are magical creatures, but we’re creatures of light, of healing. My magic is nothing compared to the dark, twisted power she wields. The three of us are as good as statues. Thane, Gabriella’s twin sister, along with Fallon, and me. We can witness, we can hear, but we can’t move so much as a muscle.

Gabriella zaps Bellicent with a lightning bolt. I see Bellicent fly back, landing hard on the grass. Her eye twitches.



Bellicent’s arm jerks, and she moans softly. Thank god! She’s alive. Bellicent moans again as Gabriella lowers herself to the ground.

“You can’t have him,” Gabriella mutters, more to herself. Her eyes are wild. Her hair even more so.

Beautiful in her wrath.

Gabriella is speaking of her father. Or rather their father. All three women are related through Vale, the evil sorcerer who put his foul magic into Gabriella. Now, he is withering away in the home behind us while his daughter is slowly going insane. Dark magic. It’s like a thousand maggots that bury themselves into the flesh. That destroy from the inside out.

The enchantress walks over to Bellicent, who groans loudly. Her eyes open just as Gabriella leans over her.

“He’s mine! You will never have him…or his power,” she whispers into Bellicent’s ear. She’s still talking about their father. She believes that everyone is out to steal his magic. If it weren’t for my superhuman hearing, I would never have made out the words.

This is it. Thane’s female is going to die.

I struggle once again to free myself but not so much as a muscle will twitch. I should be sweating from the exertion. My heart should be beating faster. I’m not, and it isn’t. I’m stuck in all ways.

Bellicent’s eyes are wide. Her nostrils are flaring. She’s breathing heavily. I feel for Thane…for Bellicent.

I’m about to watch my future mate kill my best friend’s partner. I wish I could close my eyes. Wish even more that I could do something to stop this path of destruction. Thane must be going insane. Stuck inside his own body. Trapped, too.

Then Bellicent lunges for Gabriella. She makes a strangled sound as her fangs sink into her neck. Bellicent’s nails have become clawed talons. They sink deeply into Gabriella’s flesh. I hear loud swallowing.


We didn’t think that Bellicent had a vampire side. We were clearly wrong. She does!