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The last thing Roman “Rom” Cross expected when he attended a graduation was to be thrown for a loop when he spotted Layla Holmes in the parking lot. The sexy biker had no doubt that the gorgeous kindergarten teacher was meant to be his, so he claimed her the first chance he got. But their relationship is tested when an old enemy comes looking to settle a score with Rom. With bullets flying, will Layla and Rom get their happily ever after?

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“Good thing we’ve cultivated a reputation for being ruthless, badass bikers,” Phantom grumbled as we ambled into the garage at the Silver Saints MC compound.

“Why? Because most of our brothers are pussy-whipped?” I replied dryly.

“Just our brothers?” he sighed. “That why we’re traipsing our asses to the next state for a high school graduation?”

I stopped next to my bike and slipped my aviators off my head, settling them on my nose. “Loyalty,” I grunted. That was a big part of why we were headed to the graduation of two of our old ladies. Grey’s woman, Lorelei, and Cash’s woman, Karina, were best friends who’d both fallen for Silver Saints. And in true SS fashion, while they’d both been eighteen when they were claimed, they were also both knocked up before they graduated from high school.

However, loyalty was only part of the equation. The whole truth was that the old ladies had all the brothers wrapped around their fingers. I loved them all like sisters and hated to disappoint them. I was happy to be there to support Lorelei and Karina.

However, that didn’t stop me from giving the married patches shit for being led around by their dicks.

I had no desire to follow their example. My sisters were giving my parents grandchildren, and I was content enough to be an “uncle” to the ever-growing crowd of munchkins running around the clubhouse. It was very clear that my brothers didn’t support the condom industry.

Phantom shoved his helmet down on his head without comment and climbed onto his hog. I followed suit, and we roared down the highway.

Peace settled inside me as I cut through the wind, feeling almost as if I were flying. Nothing was better than riding my motorcycle, nothing else that made me feel free.

My parents were loving and kind, but my lawyer father and biochemist mother had expected a lot from their children. They had definitely wanted more for their only son than to be in a gang—their words, of course—and the manager of a bar. I’d been an obedient kid and gone to college, earning a degree in business. After that, I was done. I’d been prospecting with the Silver Saints my last two years of school, and shortly after graduation, I’d been made a full member. I’d been managing one of the other SS bars, but Mac—my president—had recently asked me to take over Liquid Silver since it was the largest and busiest.

I loved my job, but being on the road, I was free of everything. I found peace and contentment there.

When we arrived at the event, we parked by all the other motorcycles grouped at one end of the lot. I dismounted, secured my helmet in a saddle bag, then waited for Phantom to join me before we headed toward the entrance we’d been instructed to use.

My gaze swept over our surroundings as we weaved through the cars and landed on a metallic blue MINI Cooper convertible with black racing stripes and MINI Night Jack side scuttles. It was cute, but the car wasn’t what had me freezing in my tracks.

The first thing I saw was a creamy, shapely leg in a sparkly pink stiletto with a bow on the toe, then it was joined by another, this one equally delicious. Long, straight brown hair fell in a curtain as she exited, hiding the rest of her body until she stood beside the vehicle. My lips turned down in a frown when I realized that her flirty black skirt only fell to mid-thigh.

It irritated the shit out of me to know that other men were being given a view of something that was only meant for me. Although, with the way she kept tugging at the hem, I had a feeling she hadn’t realized just how short the skirt was until she got out of the car. It didn’t make me any happier that so much of her sexy legs were on display, but I was slightly mollified that she was uncomfortable with it too.

She bent over and reached into the car, giving me a perfect view of her spectacular ass. Then she stood back up and shut the door, turning toward me and pushing her hair back over her shoulder. My breath caught in my throat as I took in the full view.

My lips curved up when I glanced at her little car again. It fit her, cute and a bit of a contradiction with the racing stripes. Like the prim, pink cardigan she was wearing—that matched her fuck-me heels—but it didn’t hide the fact that she was a fucking knockout, from her silky hair to her generous tits, round hips, and those mouthwatering legs that I was dying to have wrapped around me.

My cock had sprung to attention when I first saw her, but it swelled to the point of pain when I imagined her heels digging into my ass as I pounded into her.