Rescued by The Playboy – The Forbidden Fun Read Online Cassandra Dee

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I was just going to dip my toe into the pool, but the warm water was impossible to resist. I submerged myself, letting the soothing waves caress my curves, but then I lost my footing and began to DROWN! Help!
Fortunately, a gorgeous playboy’s on hand to save me. Nico hauls me up, coughing and choking …
… but not before I realize there’s something *rigid* pressed against my thigh.
OMG, it’s so huge!
Is that really his …?
But it is, and soon the billionaire tells me he’ll teach me to swim… by letting me use his special flotation device!


It’s laughable because the curvy girl grew up on the Jersey Shore, but has no idea how to even doggy paddle. Petunia’s lucky I was on hand because she could have lost her life if I hadn’t hauled her out of the water, gasping and choking. But soon, the innocent woman’s panting and whining for another reason … because the doggy paddle can feel delicious when you’re stuck tight on my massive oar!

This story is a follow-up to A Baby for the Babysitter. In this tale, Petunia gets involved with a Greek billionaire, but then she discovers that he’s already engaged to another woman. Even more, Nico doesn’t want to stop their “swim lessons,” so how is this going to work? It sounds scandalous, and that’s because this is a tale of secret identities, long-held family drama, and of course, utter filth. Grab your copy to be transported to the Old World where secrets, lies, and total hedonism reign supreme! No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.

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I frown as I spin around. Then, I strike a few poses like I’m modeling in a fashion show, but this whole thing is ridiculous because my swimsuit is very wrong. The fabric of the skimpy one-piece bathing suit sticks to my skin like glue, and as I raise one hand over my head, it strains to cover a big breast. I frown.

“I don’t know, Lark. We’re really pushing the limits with this one,” I mutter as my friend looks up.

“What’s not to like?” my buddy questions, smiling as she brushes out her curly hair. Then, the sassy woman laughs. “It’s hot! The solid gold color looks great with your skin tone too.”

I frown again, still studying myself.

“Yeah, I like the color too, but that’s not the problem,” I huff as I tug on the thin material. “My boobs are going to pop out at any moment, and not only that, but if I take one wrong step, my va-jay-jay will be completely exposed. That’s not something I need, especially since you know I’m clumsy, so an accident’s almost one hundred percent going to happen.”

I turn around again and huff in exasperation. This swimsuit is ridiculous because even a skinny girl’s goods wouldn’t be safely hidden by this thing. The gold fabric barely covers my huge double D breasts, and my nips are visible. Plus, both my cheeks are completely exposed as the bathing suit rides up and really, the only thing covering my anus is a thin strip of glimmering fabric.

But Lark just shrugs and giggles.

“Oh, honestly, Petunia,” she coos. “That one-piece is a too conservative if you ask me. This is Sanctum, after all, so if anything, you need to step it up.”

I roll my eyes at her.

“Oh really?” I ask in a dry tone. “Step it up, how?”

“With this,” she giggles, holding out a tiny piece of red cloth. The thing isn’t even bigger than the palm of her tiny hand, and I squint in confusion.

“What is that? A Kleenex?”

“No silly,” she rolls her eyes. “It’s a bikini, what else? Now try it on,” she scolds.

Sighing heavily, I struggle out of my gold swimsuit before holding the red fabric up. Is Lark serious? This thing is nothing but a series of strings with postage-sized scraps of fabric attached. I don’t even know how to get it on, but after some experimentation, I manage to position the squares of fabric where I think they go, and spin around.

“Perfect,” my friend hums with approval, her eyes taking in my generous figure. “Now that’s more like it.”

I stare at my reflection with horror. The red color of the suit makes my brown eyes pop, but the whole get-up is utterly ludicrous. The bikini top is nothing but small squares covering my nipples, and the bikini bottom is a tiny patch of fabric that covers my clit. No way am I going out like this.

“I can’t wear this!” I mutter, already making to take it off. “Hell no because this thing is even worse than the one-piece. It only covers my most private bits, and if I even walk, everything’s going to be exposed. Come on, Lark. Get serious. I might as well just be nude.”