Requiem (Were Zoo #14) Read Online R.E. Butler

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Requiem Dunn has zero problems doing whatever his alpha tells him to, so when he’s tasked with using a fake ID and counterfeit ticket to get on the Amazing Adventures Safari Park VIP Tour to check out the security, he’s ready and willing. His alpha wants to force out the shifters in the park and take it over for himself, and since Requiem is tired of living in a trailer with another wolf, he’d do just about anything to have space to spread out. Even if it means covering himself in a special chemical to make him smell human.
Sarah Lowe is one of the few unmated female wolves at the park. When she’s not in the gift shop, she’s helping out in the kitchen and doing whatever else her alphas ask of her. While she doesn’t think she’ll ever find her soulmate, she dutifully spends time in her shift during the VIP tours, even though she holds out almost no hope that she’ll find the male for her.
Requiem is suddenly in hell as he spies a beautiful she-wolf in the paddock. His beast wants out—now—and he has trouble controlling his base reactions. Not only is he beholden to his alpha and the plan to take out her people, but to make matters worse, she thinks he’s human! For the first time in his life, Requiem will have to choose between his alpha and the female who has his heart. The question is…will Sarah forgive him when the truth comes out, or is his only chance at happiness over before it begins?


Chapter One

Sarah Lowe, wolf shifter and cashier-extraordinaire, finished scanning the T-shirt for a customer and hit the tally button.

“Twenty-four even,” she said, folding the shirt and placing it in a paper sack.

The woman handed Sarah her credit card, which she swiped and handed back. When the receipt printed, she tucked it into the bag and said, “Have a great day!”

“Thanks, you too.”

The woman left the Amazing Adventures Safari Park gift shop. When the door shut, Sarah turned and leaned against the counter. She smiled at Aletris—call me Tris—a wolf shifter who’d been rescued from a shitty situation with her crazy uncle and given sanctuary at the park.

The Amazing Adventures Safari Park was home to several groups of shifters, who kept their nature a tightly guarded secret from humans. They lived underground hidden from visitors, and worked during the day in the park. Sarah usually worked in the gift shop, but she also was occasionally assigned by her alpha to take tickets at the front gate or work on the janitorial crew. Her favorite was the gift shop, though, because when kids came in with their parents and caregivers to pick out toys, she loved seeing their excited expressions.

“So, that’s about it,” she said to Tris. “You can try out the next customer.”

Tris, who had strawberry blonde hair and pale green eyes, twisted her hands and let out a sigh. “If you think I’m ready.”

“I know you are. It’s easy-peasy. You’ll be great, and I’ll be right here with you in case you get stuck.”

Tris was living with Sarah in the two-bedroom house in the wolves’ private area under the park. Sarah had been living alone before Tris was brought into their pack. She’d had a tough time of things, including intending to mate with a male from Sarah’s pack named Evan, who’d found his soulmate in a human female who visited the park. Tris didn’t seem to harbor any hard feelings about the end of whatever had been between her and Evan, but she hadn’t really been herself.

The gift shop was quiet. It was Friday, and sometimes Fridays could be a madhouse and sometimes they could be dead, and right now it was dead. Later, Sarah would be working on the Safari Tour, which was their biggest draw for visitors. Their people spent time in their shifts in the paddocks along the tour. And the next few afternoons were special tours—just for VIP ticket holders. The alphas of the shifter groups sent out coupons for free VIP tours to unmated human males and females in the tri-state area, hoping to bring in soulmates to the park.

A soulmate was the one person on the planet right for a shifter. It was like love at first sight when a shifter was in the presence of his or her soulmate.

Sarah didn’t have a soulmate, but she really wanted one. Hell, since Evan and his soulmate Lark had found each other, Sarah hadn’t been able to get the idea of the next chapter of her romantic life out of her head. She was ready to be mated and start a family; she just needed to find her forever guy.

“You okay?” Tris asked.

Sarah shook her head with a chuckle. “Yeah, I’m just stuck in my head about the future.”