Refuge for Ailsa (Bluegrass Bravery #15) Read Online Deanndra Hall

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A vindictive psychopath is on the loose …

Thirty-nine-year-old Tavish Stewart is content being alone and focusing on his career as a Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Conservation Officer. After all, love has never come easy to him. His parents resented him, and his ex-girlfriend destroyed him. The water and wildlife are all he knows—and wants. But when an accident on the water forces him to start questioning witnesses, Tavish is blown away by the red-haired Scottish beauty who runs the store.
Ailsa MacDougal is still reeling from failing to save her late husband from his addiction and rage. All she wants is to live quietly on her boat and fly under the radar. But meeting the sexy conservation officer rocks her to the core.
As Ailsa and Tavish begin to navigate the waters of a new, budding relationship, Tavish’s past threatens to destroy what they’re attempting to create. Suddenly, Ailsa’s life is on the line. Come Hell or high water, Tavish will do anything to save the woman who finally stole his heart. Will he find refuge for Ailsa before it’s too late?



On May 29, 2009, a forty-six-year-old doctor from Harrodsburg, Kentucky, and his forty-nine-year-old wife went to Lake Herrington in Kentucky to celebrate their twenty-first wedding anniversary. What started out as a pleasant trip ended in tragedy.

According to witness statements, the two were on their pontoon boat when they started to argue. Based on the things she was yelling, he had made an inappropriate comment about another woman’s breasts, which angered his wife. They began to argue, and the argument turned physical when she bit the back of her husband’s shoulder. He responded by shoving her off the boat and into the water. Witnesses said she could be heard screaming, “Help! Help, he’s going to kill me!” The husband then ran over his wife with their pontoon boat. She was pronounced dead at the scene from injuries sustained when she was hit by the boat’s propeller.

Four Illinois residents on a boat nearby heard her cries for help. One, a woman the defense attorney described as “off the graph hysterical,” claimed to hear the cries for help and the wife screaming that the husband was going to kill her. The other three, a woman and two men, testified that the husband did indeed seem to hard throttle the boat toward his wife, with the woman adding that the bow rose out of the water. She, as did the other female witness, claimed she heard the wife screaming for help and that her husband was going to kill her.

Another witness, an inmate at the nearby Northpoint Training Center, a medium-security facility, was fishing on Northpoint property when he heard the commotion. He had the best vantage point of all, and while he said he did not hear the wife screaming that the husband was going to kill her, he did see the husbandf power the boat toward her, and it appeared to him that the husband intentionally ran her over.

It was also revealed at trial that the wife had drugs in her system, enough to kill most people. However, the medical examiner testified that it was indeed the injuries to her head and arm that caused her demise.

The trial dragged on and in 2010, the husband was convicted of second-degree manslaughter and received a sentence of five years, part of which would be reduced for time served. To the end, he claimed he ran over her accidentally, and both his and his wife’s families insist it had to be an accident. No one will ever know but him.

Sadly, the couple had two adopted teenage sons. One went to live with relatives; the other was in a facility for children with emotional problems. It was reported that the couple loved the boys and doted on them. They went from two parents to none in less than a minute, a truly unfortunate thing for two innocent kids.

On another note, while the pearl farm mentioned in the story is not in Kentucky, it does indeed exist. Tennessee River Freshwater Pearl Museum and Cabin Rentals is located in Camden, Tennessee, at Birdsong Resort and Marina, where pearls are still being cultivated from Washboard mussels. Not only are there tours offered, but they have a showroom and a shop, and I have a beautiful freshwater coin pearl pendant from there that was given to me as a gift, purchased while we were at the farm. While the pearl farm is most definitely real, my description of the growing process is not. I hope if you ever happen to be in the area, you’ll look them up online and go by to check them out. It’s a fascinating place, and their freshwater pearls are truly beautiful.


It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. The only thing that marred it was the holiday. It never failed that some idiot did something stupid and got arrested, or hurt, or led them on a crazy chase, or some other equally idiotic thing. From where he was, he could see Chester Wafford, the other officer assigned to his region, across the bay. Tavish squinted, then picked up his binoculars. Yeah, his fellow conservation officer was chatting up a couple of twenty-somethings in bikinis on a runabout. Leave it to Chester to find girls―girls way too young for him.