Punished (Brides of the Kindred #27) Read Online Evangeline Anderson

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Mia and Severith are undercover, pretending to be married. But the cult they are infiltrating has some strange sexual practices. Will their partnership be blown to pieces? Only one thing is certain—someone is going to get…Punished.
Mia Deen is a strong, independent woman—she’s also a police detective in the Human Kindred Relations Department of the Tampa PD. Petite but curvy, Mia has worked hard to make a name for herself in a man’s world and she certainly has no secret sexual wishes to be dominated in any way.
Severith is Mia’s partner—he’s also a rare Dae’mon Kindred warrior. Seven feet tall, muscular, with red skin and horns, he’s a warrior to be reckoned with. But though the bad guys fall down at his feet in fear when they see “The Devil” coming, there’s one thing Sev can’t master—his intense attraction for his partner, Mia—an attraction which apparently is not returned.
All goes well until Mia and Sev are sent undercover to expose a cult. The PPP or Peaceful People of the Prophet have some very strange religious beliefs—the strangest being that a wife must submit unconditionally to her husband and he has the right to punish her sexually if she disobeys him.

Author’s Spice Note–this one has some kinks in it–just warning you. It’s not for the faint of heart!

***Please read the Author’s warning at the beginning of the book for triggers. Thank you

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He went by many names…The Cruel Father…The Dark Father…Misogynist…Hater of Women…but the one female he hated the most was the Goddess—The Mother of All Life—who ruled the parallel universe alongside his own.

Both of them had created a race that was 95% male—the Kindred. But in the Cruel Father’s universe, they were a heartless lot, using women however they wanted and then discarding them like used tissues when they were finished. Or they had been that way—before the Kindred of the Goddess’s universe interfered.

The Kindred of her universe had crossed over into his own, infecting them with that most cursed emotion—love. And with love came caring and tenderness towards females that was the antithesis of everything the Cruel Father was.

He longed to punish them—to hurt the Goddess and her universe in any way he could. Yet his scion, who had been embedded in the Eye of Tengu, had failed in his mission to ruin them.

“I will choose another,” the Cruel Father muttered to himself. “I will find the lowest male I can and raise him high—high enough to bring the Kindred of the Goddess to their knees!”

But it was easier said than done. He had very limited influence in the Goddess’s universe—he couldn’t reach across the border and physically touch anyone himself. Still, he was not without resources and the Eye of Tengu was not the only artifact with miraculous properties which he had planted in the parallel universe he hated so.

His scion within the Eye might have failed him, but there was another, even stronger relic he knew he could rely on…one that, properly employed, would bring the Kindred to their knees…

Somewhere on Chakioun Prime, Chud Brumpkin was having a shitty day.

First, he’d been late for work as a janitor at the University of Higher Learning—which wasn’t his fault. The public transport tube had been late. Well, technically it had only been a few minutes late, but Chud had gotten a little distracted. It was all because of that pretty little bitch who got on at the Sandras Avenue stop.

She’d had light blue skin and silver hair like all his people but that wasn’t what caught Chud’s attention. She’d been wearing the latest Chakioun fashion—an ultra-purple shrink-wrap top that clung to her full, luscious breasts and even showed the sharp points of her nipples. With a display like that, was it any wonder Chud had missed his own stop and then had to catch another tube to ride back to the University where he worked? Really his lateness was her fault—the little bitch with the tight top and the big tits.

She’d distracted him and the worst thing was, Chud knew she wouldn’t give him the time of day if he tried to talk to her. Staring at her tits was as close as he’d ever get to that kind of female. She would think she was above him, just because he was nothing but a lowly janitor.

He’d seen the Health Restoration Academy patch on the arm of her outer-wrap—Miss Hoity-toity was no doubt studying to be a healer. She wouldn’t look twice at a skinny little guy like Chud, who was going prematurely bald and had patchy facial hair that wouldn’t grow in right because of the pockmarks on his face.

Uppity bitch! Chud had thought resentfully, even as he watched her full tits sway in time with the transport tube’s motions. Women shouldn’t be allowed to become healers in his opinion. Or any other profession outside the home—taking jobs away from men who rightfully deserved them—that’s what they were doing!

Of course, he himself was never going to be admitted into the Health Restoration Academy—his marks hadn’t even amounted to enough to let him graduate his secondary education class. But that was beside the point. He was sure he could have gotten a better job than being a lowly janitor if only there weren’t so many females taking jobs away from deserving, hardworking males.

Women shouldn’t be out in the workforce at all—they ought to be on their knees, all of them—serving men. That was the natural order of things. Cooking, cleaning the house, raising the children—if Chud had his way, he would create a society where that was all that females were allowed to do. Well, that and pleasing men. And if they did anything wrong—if they tried to get above their place and disrespected the males that were their masters, they’d be punished—harshly.

Such were the thoughts that occupied his mind as he made his belated way in to work. He’d been hoping to just sneak in by the side door of the History building, but his bitch of a supervisor, Professor Higgly, who oversaw the Antiquities section of the University’s collection, caught him coming in.

“Late again, Mr. Brumpkin?” she demanded, raising one silver eyebrow at him disapprovingly. “Honestly, I don’t know how you expect to retain employment here if you can’t manage to be on time!”