Protection of the Pack (The Other Wolf #1) Read Online Heather G. Harris

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I have a wolf in my head. Her name is Esme, and she likes killing things.

I’m Lucy, a regular accountant turned alpha werewolf. A tryst with the wrong succubus ripped me from my ordinary life and sent me tumbling into a magical realm that I’d never even dreamed existed.
I was just adjusting to pack life when I was asked to mercy-kill the current alpha. I’m not a total bitch so I did what he asked, but it’s left me as alpha of a pack I don’t know, full of werewolves who resent that I still live and breathe while their old alpha doesn’t. If I’m to survive in this dog-eat-dog realm, I’m going to have to win my new pack over – and fast.
I’m still trying to find my way in this violent new world when my third in command, Mark, is brutally murdered right under my damn nose. To regain control of the pack, I need find the killer and bring him to vigilante justice. Luckily, my wolf, Esme, is more than happy to get her paws dirty.
When the werewolf council show up to question me, things get a little dicey. Thank goodness I have the deadly Greg Manners, former dragon brethren and general ass-kicker, to back me up. Now I just need to unravel who’d want to kill Mark – and there’s a really long list of suspects because he was shadier than an oak tree.
I’m hip-deep in suspects, and I need to move swiftly – before the killer strikes again…


Chapter 1

Death was the best thing that ever happened to me. Okay, so I didn’t actually die, but it was a damned near thing. I planned my funeral, I quit my job, I was in a freaking hospice. The end was nigh, the light at the end of the tunnel was shining down on me. It was … terrifying. Turns out I wasn’t ready to die.

I got lucky. My best friend, Jess, was my salvation. She broke some rules, busted me out of the hospice – and the rest, as they say, is history. Sure, I’m a werewolf now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even so, it was hard to feel anything warm and fuzzy as I looked at the man who had caused my near-death experience. James hadn’t known that Jess would save me. He had slept with me and condemned me to death, all the while making me fall a little in love with him. Bloody succubus.

And here he was, on the floor in front of me, looking up at me with angry eyes. Everything in his defiant body language said a clear ‘fuck you’. I glared back. Of the two of us, I had far more right to feel hard done by. He’d nearly killed me, for God’s sake, and I’d loved him. Or I thought I had. Now all I felt was bitter and disillusioned. I hadn’t been his first victim – but I would be his last.

James had left a trail of broken hearts and dead bodies in his wake. I’d managed to account for nineteen women who’d had organ failure after dating him. Nineteen. And those were just the ones I’d found out about. Consequently, I didn’t feel any remorse about the karma that was about to kick his ass. Karma’s name is Esme; she’s my wolf, and she loves killing things.

It turns out being a werewolf isn’t at all like Underworld or Van Helsing. I should know; after I got turned into one, I binge-watched a bunch of movies to see if any of them are accurate. None of them are, not a one.

Vampires are real, except they’re called vampyrs. Werewolves are real, too, except it’s just like having your own personal wolf inside your head. When you shift, there’s no walking on hind legs or having jaws like a crocodile, you just become a huge wolf with extra strength, speed and a side of super-fast healing.

Esme and I have a deal: I drive when we’re on two legs, and she drives when we’re on four. It works for us. She has a ruthlessness that I’ll never match because my human morality gets in the way, but Esme sees things in black and white. She never hesitates. Which is good because, as much as I hated James for what he’d done to me and all the other girls before me, I couldn’t deal with him. But Esme? She’d make mincemeat out of him, and I’d hold her handbag for her while she did it.

This was, of course, another test set by my pack. Since I’d become alpha, the weeks had been filled with test after test after test. My second, Manners, had dealt with as many of them as he could, but now the pack needed to see Esme and me in action.