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Pregnant By The Alpha (Forbidden Fantasies #11)

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S.E. Law

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The alpha gave me a baby.
While snorkeling in the Caribbean, I got lost. I washed up on a remote island, only to be confronted by a very handsome, but utterly pissed alpha male.
Tom is sullen, stormy, and gorgeous. He’s got piercing blue eyes, a square jaw, and six pack abs that make my mouth water.
Evidently, he’s the caretaker for this private island and sees me as nothing more than a pain in the ass … until one fateful night. To say that there were fireworks is putting things lightly.
But then, the secrets begin coming out. Tom’s not just the caretaker. He owns this island.
In fact, he’s an actor. A famous one. He’s even won an Academy Award!
Is it my fault that I never watch TV or movies?
I’m stunned, but I have my own secret too because now I’m expecting his child.
But will the alpha male ever know?
After all, the island keeps its secrets … and my pregnancy is only the beginning.
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Forbidden Fantasies Series by S.E. Law

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S.E. Law



* * *

“Brynn, look!”

I turn around from the waiter who’s handing me a large coconut drink and catch sight of my friend. Simona’s leaning over the railing of the large cruise ship and pointing to something in the water below. I shake my head and make my way over. Navigating my way around crowds of happy, energetic people, I take a small sip of my drink.

“What?” I say. “This pina colada is awesome, even if it’s served in a coconut.”

I giggle because it’s been a long two months and now, I’m finally on vacation. Simona watches me as I walk over, rolling her eyes.

“You could have waited an hour before getting alcohol,” she says. I smirk at her.

“Whatevs, we’re on vacation! Loosen up! Besides, what are you pointing at?”

Simona gestures again, and I lean over the railing to look down. Ignoring the twist of my stomach at the fast-moving ocean underneath us, I spot a shining fin.

“Oh wow, dolphins,” I breathe, trying to look closer.

There are three or four blue-grey fins that I can see in the wake of the cruise ship.

“I knew you would love it,” my friend says clapping her hands. “It’s a sign!”

I step back from the railing to take another long drag of my pina colada. To my dismay, I’m already beginning to slurp from the bottom, even though I just got the drink.

“A sign of what?” I ask.

Simona shrugs her lovely shoulders and grins. “I don’t know, good luck, maybe?”

I make a face.

“You’re looking for good luck signs when we’re going to be on a boat in the middle of the ocean? Uh oh. Does that mean I should put on my life vest?”

She rolls her eyes at me, again.

“Will you stop it? You’re going to adore this cruise. You’ve been working nonstop for months, girlfriend. You just got back from another long work trip! You deserve this.”

I watch my bestie glare at me over the rim of her sunglasses and take another sip of my drink. I look out over the open ocean, the sun turning the water into diamonds. She’s right, Brynn, I tell myself. You do deserve a break. I smile again.

“Okay,” I say. “Come on, let’s go and sit.” We make our way to some deck chairs and stretch out under the sun. The warmth of the rays feels so good, and slowly, my muscles relax. I’m a curvy girl, but I’m not afraid to flaunt what I’ve got. I spread my brown curly hair behind me and shift a bit to get comfortable in my one-piece.

Meanwhile, Simona’s being utterly shameless. She’s curvy just like me, and she literally whips off her top to reveal a bikini top underneath. It’s tiny, and her big boobs strain at the fabric.

“Simona!” I hiss, scandalized.

“What?” she says, ignoring me while leaning back. “Tiny swimsuits are in, girl! Don’t you know everyone’s wearing barely-there bikinis these days? Besides, we’re on a cruise so my attire is totally appropriate.” Before I can say more, Simona winks slyly at a man passing by, who nods to her over his own coconut drink.

“Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a guy!” she continues airily, watching as the man walks away. He does have a nice bum, even if he looks to be about fifty.

“I don’t want to meet a guy,” I retort. “Besides, why is it always about a guy with you?”

She shrugs airily.

“I think the more important question is, why isn’t it ever about a guy with you? How can you like being alone all the time? You’re going to end up being that crazy old lady with a hundred cats.”

I pout.

“I hate cats.”

Simona sighs like a tortured soul bearing witness to her friend’s descent into spinsterhood.

“No you don’t. Besides, you know what I mean, Brynn. I worry about you sometimes.”

I look over at her, rolling my eyes.

“Why? I have a great life.”

“You do not because all you do is work.”

“I do other things,” I say, kind of stung now. Simona sighs.

“You know I love you, Brynn, but name two other things you do besides work.”

I hold up my free hand and begin to tick off items.

“I travel all over the world.”

“For work,” Simona interrupts.

“I meet all kinds of different people and learn about different cultures,” I continue, ignoring her.

“For work,” she says again.


She raises her eyebrows waiting for me to finish.

“So what?” I said defensively. “I love my job as a wildlife photographer. How many people can say that? Most people hate what they do to make money.” My friend smiles.

“You’re right. Not a lot of people can say that they love their jobs, but they can say they love another human being.”

I ponder for a moment. “I love you.”

Simona shakes her head. “Doesn’t count. I mean a man.”

I frown.

“I love men! Remember Danny and Jordan? They were men!”