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Aria Cole, Mila Crawford

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Cole knows what he wants as soon as he sees it. And he’s never wanted anything as much as he wants Silver.
When she shows up at the bar in a shamelessly short costume on Halloween night, he can barely remember his name.
Now they’re accidentally trapped, completely alone, and Cole finally makes his move. He is making Silver his, forever.
But secrets linger in the shadows that threaten to tear them apart for good.
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Aria Cole, Mila Crawford



“Aren’t you supposed to wear something sexy on Halloween?”

“This is sexy. The whole forbidden fruit bit and all that.” I looked down at my long habit and shrugged.

“A nun costume is not sexy. Well, not that one anyway.”

“Look at you, little miss no longer a virgin. Now you think you’re some sort of subject matter expert.”

Harper had been my best friend for a long time. Our whole lives, I was the more mature one, but now she had a leg up on me when it came to sex. One thing I knew nothing about.

“I’m not an expert,” she said, side stepping to not tread on the long robe I had on. “Normally, you see people dressed as naughty school girls, or sexy cats. I don’t think men see nuns and think, ohhh that’s hot.”

I stared down at my robes, my hand going up to the cross necklace dangling on my neck. I felt foolish. I was a smart girl, funny, charming, fun; but when it came to Cole Porter I was incredibly nervous. That’s why I was hoping this Halloween party I could actually shed my skin and be someone else.

“Isn’t a costume supposed to make me less nervous?”

“That only changes you on the outside.” Harper grabbed my hand and dragged me to her bedroom. The place was packed with boxes, since she had been planning to move in with her fiancé, Jessie. He was the over-protective type, always worrying about her to an annoying excess. But if I was being honest, I was envious of their relationship. I wished I had what they did. The way they looked at each other, or with one glance knew what the other needed. Jessie and Harper were the dream.

“What are you planning on doing with those?” I asked, watching her open and close a pair of scissors.

“If you’re going to be a nun, you’re going to be a sexy nun.” With that, she cut the habit, taking it from floor length to so short that if I bent over people would see everything. The whole money shot.

“Oh my god,” I shrieked, moving away from her and her weapon of choice. “I can’t even bend over in this.”

“That’s the point.” She smirked.

“The hem is cut all weird. I look like I picked up some rags.”

“What happened to my sassy, fearless friend?”

“Cole Porter,” I said, my eyes catching my reflection staring back at me in the full-length mirror.

“Silver, you’ve been dancing around each other for years. Why is it making you act like a hot mess now?”

“He kissed me,” I said, closing my eyes. A sigh escaped my lips as my head fell in frustration.

“Why didn’t you tell me? When?”

“Last week. He saw Malcolm talking to me, walked right up to us and kissed me. It freaked poor Malcolm out.”

“I think he’s got a crush on you,” Harper said, her head focused on the hem of my now very short habit, fixing it with some tape.

“Malcolm? That’s absurd.”

“No, Cole. If he just kissed you because you were talking to a guy, there are some strong feelings there. If y’all just jumped each other’s bones all this nonsense could be over,” she said, rising off the floor and standing behind me as we both stared into the mirror.

“Whoa, whoa, did you just make this shorter?”

“Well I had to fix the choppy hem line,” she said, before winking at me. “Don’t worry, you can thank me later. Now we’re ready for a Halloween party.”

The room was packed, crowds of bodies piled to the rim. There wasn’t anywhere you could move without someone rubbing up against you.

A loud crash of a beer bottle breaking. My eyes shot towards the sound. Cole stood there, his body crushing a giant man up against the wall. My eyes squinted to make out the dark figure who now had a broken bottle up against his neck.

“What the fuck is he doing?” I looked over at my best friend, her hand gripping my wrist. “What the fuck is he doing?”

“Bouncer stuff?” I shrugged, my eyes moving back to Cole and the dark figure.

“Isn’t that Malcolm?” Harper’s voice sent a shiver down my spine. Malcolm was one of the teaching assistants in my chemistry program. “He’s crazy.”

“He isn’t crazy,” I said, turning and narrowing my eyes on Harper.

“He is holding up broken glass to Malcolm’s neck. He is fucking crazy.”

I glanced in their direction again and panic started setting in. I could feel my heart pounding with anticipation but not at the thought of Malcolm getting hurt, but at Cole getting in trouble. I grabbed Harper’s hand and started tugging, moving us in the direction of the two men.



The fucker was pinned, my left arm holding his frame up against the wall as I held the broken beer bottle against his neck. I knew I’d lose my job because of this but I didn’t care. Hearing the little weasel talk about Silver that way made me see red.