Omega Bonded (Maple Lake Shifters #4) Read Online Ava Gray

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Finding out that I was about to give birth to our pup was a nightmare in itself.
We were in danger.
And now… I was bringing a new life into this world.
Moving back home with my Alpha mate was when it all began.
Danger surrounded us and there wasn’t a way to escape.
We were being hunted down by humans – they were out for our blood.
In the midst of it all, I found out I’m pregnant.
Yes, our pack had fought and defeated demons and vampires.
But this threat was unlike anything we’d ever faced.
Our only option was to join forces with our enemies.
The demons.
I was skeptical, scared, and lost.
At the same time, I believed in my mate.
He would keep our pack and family safe.
Trusting our enemies could’ve ended our lives… and the life of our pup.
But maybe a giant leap of faith could result in a miracle…




I twisted the lid shut on yet another jar. In one day, I’d made twenty jars of the healing potion, the kind that would aid in reversing any type of silver poisoning. Yes, it was great that I’d accomplished that task, and it was great that I’d taught several more apprentices how to create this particular potion, because it could save us all.

But I was going out of my freaking mind. I loathed saying that I was bored, but the monotony was getting to me. We weren’t leaving the compound much, especially any of the omegas. It was just too risky.

For seven years, I’d lived alone, and I’d called the shots. There was no one to tell me where to go or what to do. And now I found myself stuck, hemmed in on the pack lands I’d once been so desperate to escape. I didn’t resent the pack this time. I knew staying home was the smart thing to do. But that didn’t mean that I enjoyed it.

I missed going out alone. Hell, I missed going out with an escort. It just wasn’t safe for us to leave right now, and I knew that. For most of my life, our pack had been plagued by demons. But now we had a newer enemy, one that had proved relentless – vampires.

And the vampires had one main thing on their side – time. They could afford to be patient and wait us out. Many of them had lived for centuries, and more centuries stretched out before them. No matter how good our plans were, they could wait us out. And that made them far more formidable than their fangs or their speed.

I trudged home and yanked the door of our cabin open.

“What’s wrong?” Quinn asked as soon as I was inside. He kept his voice low, which made sense. We were mated to the Alpha of the pack, and none of us wanted to advertise our problems. The humans I’d lived with in Texas often shared their problems in great detail with friends, family, and on social media too. They were often praised for ‘being real’ and not trying to present a false version of themselves to the world.

I wasn’t interested in fooling anyone, but pack dynamics were different than the human world. The pack needed to know that we were stable, and that we’d continue to be stable, so that Everett could lead the pack. We had to avoid creating any discord at all.

And because of our past, we had to be even more vigilant about presenting a united front. Because let’s face it – our track record wasn’t the best. Everett had sent me away when he found out I was a half demon. Then Everett had chosen the Alpha over his mates and stayed behind while the rest of us were exiled.

I’d forgiven him for all of it, but choices like those didn’t inspire confidence from our pack members.

I wasn’t going to snap at Quinn though, because he was kind and understanding, and he’d listen to my problems, but not actually help me escape. “Nothing’s wrong,” I said. I took a minute to kiss Quinn hello and run my hands over his firm chest. I never got tired of looking at my gorgeous mates. Each one of them was handsome in a different way, and they always made me feel sexy and desired, so I always wanted them to know that I felt exactly the same way about them.

Quinn might be handsome, but he wasn’t a rule-breaker or a risk taker. If I wanted to sneak off of our pack land, Weston was my best bet. If I could convince him to leave with me, then Everett would agree to it. I found him in his usual spot, in the armory. He was sharpening the pack’s vast collection of knives.

Weston had gotten a raw deal, that was for sure. Yes, I was born with demon blood, but I’d had most of my life to get used to the idea. He’d only had a few months to adjust to his new abilities.