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(Whiskey Run Cowboys Love Curves #1) Obsessed Cowboy

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Hope Ford

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She’s the preacher’s daughter and she’s off limits.
I’m an over-the-top, obsessed cowboy. I can lasso wild horses, loose cows and the orneriest of bulls… but I can’t seem to catch the curvy Janie Bradshaw.
She’s too young and she’s way too good for the likes of this ol’ cowboy, but I can’t stop thinking about her. She has more curves than some men would know what to do with. But not me. No, I dream of those curves… having my hands on them, my lips on them and holding onto them while I… Damn.
I’m obsessed with her… but I shouldn’t be. I thought we could try and be friends, but that made her think she could dance with another man
It’s time to take matters into my own hands. I may not be worthy of the curvy, beautiful Janie, but I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.
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Whiskey Run Cowboys Love Curves Series by Hope Ford

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Hope Ford



“How’s it going, Ranger?”

I walk into the Whiskey Run Co-op and nod at the man behind the counter. Ranger used to work out at the Yates Ranch with me, but when the co-op needed a new manager, our boss Austin Yates got him on here.

“It’s good, brother. How’s it going at the ranch?”

I slow down as I walk up to him. “It’s going. Everything is running pretty smoothly... probably a little too smoothly, if you know what I mean. It scares me a little.”

He laughs and nods. I’m sure he understands what I’m saying. Hardly ever do things run smoothly on a ranch. There’s always a sick animal, broken tractor, or something going on.

Ranger leans and rests his hands on the counter. “How about your place? I saw they put the footers in a few weeks ago.”

I put my hands deep in my front pockets. Ranger knows what having my own land and house means to me. Austin sold me a piece of his land, and it’s enough to get my own ranch started and to build a house on. I had hoped to be married and have someone to share it with, but when my wife, well, now ex-wife left me two years ago, I gave up on that dream. “Yep, footers are up, frame is up. They’re supposed to start on electric and wiring this week or next. It’s coming along.”

He comes around the register and slaps me on the shoulder. “That’s awesome, man. I’m proud of you.”

I swallow, hard. He may not realize what his words mean to me, but they hit me hard. I was in the rodeo circuit from the time I was old enough to ride, only settling down when I had a leg injury and was told I needed to stay out of bull riding. I’ve worked at the Yates Ranch ever since, first for Austin’s dad and now Austin. I’m ready to have something of my own. I clear my throat. “So, what about you? How’s the family?”

“Good. Our youngest just turned two, and they’re right when they call it the terrible twos.”

He rolls his eyes and acts frustrated, but I know the truth. Ranger is definitely a family man and loves every minute of it. “That’s good, man. Tell the missus I said hi.”

He nods. “So what brings you in today? Did we forget something on your last shipment?”

We get regular deliveries out at the ranch ever since we switched from the co-op in Jasper to here. “No, I just need to get some rope and some finishing nails.”

“Aisle three and aisle six. Let me know if you need any help.”

I nod and stride across the store. When I get to aisle three, I turn down and then stop in my tracks. At the other end of the aisle is a woman with long chestnut hair. She’s reaching up on the top shelf, her whole body extended. Her shirt has come up, showing the soft, curvy skin of her abdomen. I suck in a gasp and walk up behind her. I don’t want to startle her, so I wait until I’m close enough to catch her if she gets off balance. Her jeans hug her ass, and I force my eyes off her ass to the back of her head. “Can I help you with something?”

She pauses before lowering herself to her flat feet and tugging her shirt down at the same time. “Yes, I can’t reach...”

She turns as she’s talking to me and stops suddenly. She lifts her head to look up at my face and snaps her mouth closed. I’m smiling down at her because how can I not? She’s breathtaking. My eyes search hers just as hers do mine. There’s not a word whispered between us, but I feel like the look she’s giving me says so much. Her eyes are round and filled with innocence. The smile literally is lighting up my fuckin’ world right now. When she doesn’t continue, I take a step toward her. “Do you need help getting something down?”

Her hand goes to her chest, right over her heart. She’s nodding and steps aside, averting her eyes back to the shelf. “Yes, uh please, I couldn’t reach the hanging nails.”

I move in, just because I want to be close to her. I take note of how her body reacts. She gasps softly, her breathing picks up into little pants, and her nipples tighten against her T-shirt. “Hanging nails?” I ask her.

She blushes. “Yeah, uh, I have a few frames I need to hang at the church.”

I point at the nails I think will do the job. “These? Or do you need something bigger?”

Her blush deepens. Damn, she’s pretty. “Yeah, those will work.”

I pull the package off the hook and hold them firmly in my hand. I don’t want to hand them over. Not until I know more about her. “Do you work at the church?”