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My Bangin' Boss - Contemporary Office Romance

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M.K. Moore

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Joshua Leblanc:
Moving to Toronto was easy, getting organized was not. I hired a decorator, but she was so much more than that.

Tatum Lafontaine:
I needed the job to boost my portfolio, too bad I want to bang my boss. My boss turned out to be so much more than that.

This is a safe, steamy, over-the-top instalove from KL Fast & M.K. Moore. We know it’s been a while, so buckle up. We’re back.
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M.K. Moore

Chapter One

Joshua Leblanc

I’ve been in Toronto for two months now, but it still doesn’t feel like home. I'm beginning to think it never will. I grew up in Napa Valley with my parents Rob and Marcy. I was a late-in-life surprise for them; after years of trying and failing time and time again, they finally gave up only to have those two little blue lines pop up years later. They were my rocks, the ones I could go to for anything. We did everything together until they couldn’t anymore. They were with me through everything important, all the milestones. Little league, school, college, my first job. They were here for all of it. It breaks my heart knowing that they will never see me marry or get to hold their grandchildren.

God, I know they would have been amazing grandparents. It’s weird to think that I can’t call them up and ask for advice anymore. As an only child of only children, that’s the hardest part. No family. No one to lean on. No built-in friends. When I do have children, I’m having a whole mess of them, so my kids never have to feel what I feel now. A grown-ass man should never feel lost and alone. When I lost my parents just two months apart three years ago, I knew California couldn’t be home anymore.

Then Renaud Capital Asset Management Incorporated offered me a job I couldn’t refuse. I had never been headhunted before. I did great things at my last job as CEO of Fineman, Hall, and Lochlan, the Wall Street traders; that has to be how they’ve heard of me. I took the company into the black in two short years. When I signed on, they were about to declare bankruptcy, but I sorted it all out and made them profitable again.

Once Renaud hired me, I packed up everything I owned and everything my parents owned and moved to Toronto, but I couldn’t bring myself to sell the vineyard my parents started from a hybrid vine. La Reine des Vins is world-renowned for its red wines, and no one knows that I am the owner. I like it that way. I left the day-to-day operations of the company to Landon Montgomery, my best friend. He’s worked at the vineyard since he was fourteen years old. He’s always been fascinated with the grapes, while I was more fascinated with money. Not so much having a lot of it, which I do, but how to make it work for you instead of working for it until you die. I got my MBA at the Marshall School of Business at my alma mater of the University of Southern California, and it paid off big time.

As the brand new CEO of the Fortune 500 company, I am still learning the ropes before implementing the desperately needed changes I have in mind. Their last quarter profit margin was down by several points, which ushered in the change in leaders. I barely sit down at my desk when my assistant, Janey, comes in with a cup of coffee, just the way I like it. Janey is about a hundred and the sweetest old lady. She’s close to retirement, and I need to be on an even keel before that happens.

“Mr. Leblanc, you have three meetings this morning, lunch with the marketing department and a dinner meeting with Joel, the CFO.”

“Sounds good, Janey. Thanks.”

“First meeting is in an hour in the conference room. I also emailed you the contact information for the top three interior decorators in Toronto, as requested.”

“Thanks,” I say as she leaves my office, closing the door behind her. I simply can’t live out of boxes forever, and if I don't hire someone, I will be. Both my home and office need to be decorated. It makes me feel like I am in college again, and I’m way too old for that.

At thirty-six, I thought I’d be more settled than I am now, I think, as I open the link on the first designer and immediately close it. It’s too modern for my tastes, and I move to the second link. Now, this one I like. It’s toned down with lots of dark oaks. I click through the online portfolio and am happy with what I am seeing. I drop a quick email to the designer to set up a meeting then I check my other emails that Janey deemed essential before heading down the hall to my lunch meeting. I am the first to arrive, just as I like to be. It puts others on edge when the boss is there before you. I sit at the table and swivel the chair to look out the windows. I sit with my hands behind my head and look out at the view of the business district of downtown. It’s a lot different than Los Angeles, but the same in many ways.