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Ryder Monroe has the nickname Mr. Break Your Headboard.
He’s not proud of it, but he earned it just the same.
All he ever wanted was Emily West.
She was meant to be his from the time they were in the second grade.
Having her in his arms made him feel like a king.
Sadly, Emily didn’t feel the same. She dumped him and never looked back.

Ryder moved on, making a life for himself away from the horse ranches that dotted the Wyoming landscape.
He worked hard to get Emily out of his head, but he never found a woman he wanted to claim as his own.

Cue, Tillie Carter—Emily’s best friend.

Ryder wants her more than anything or anyone in his life.
Tillie thinks Ryder is a player and is as disgusting as his nickname makes him sound.
He should leave her alone.
He can’t.
He’s ready to prove he may break her headboard, but he will never break her heart.

You met Ryder in A Hard Time and now you can read his story in this Lucas Brothers spin-off filled with laughs and faces new and old plus a stray chicken and cow from time to time.

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I can’t do much more than watch as Emily works her way through the crowded halls, calling out to friends and waving at just about everyone on our second day of school. I follow in her wake, like a shadow, holding my books to my chest as I try to make myself small enough to disappear. I don’t garner attention and as a result, more times than naught, I get hit in the face or head by either the shoulders of kids that are crowding the halls or their backpacks.

I'm frazzled and out of sorts. I like being on time, but trying to find my class in a sea of kids makes it all but impossible. I wish I could be more like Emily. She is so graceful, every inch the homecoming queen and cheerleading captain. I mean, she hasn’t achieved that yet this year, but it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion. Emily thrives with people, whereas I would prefer with every fiber of my being to be alone. We are complete opposites. I'm not sure how we ended up being best friends, but we have been since I moved here to Pine Ridge, from Maine, in the middle of sixth grade. I think it was mostly my culture shock of being thrown into the middle of cowboy country and me being shy and awkward that made Emily take pity on me. I'm totally okay with that. I’ve always been grateful to have someone who cared about me. It makes me feel less alone.

I watch as Emily sails in front of me without a backward glance. I want to ask her to help me find my room, but I feel foolish. I don’t want to be too needy. Emily has been great at helping me not feel so alone, but I know I get on her nerves sometimes. Plus, I hate that I’m afraid to be on my own a lot. It makes me feel weak. It wouldn’t matter. She doesn’t have time for me this morning. She is in a hurry. I frown, thinking she’s making a huge mistake.

I glance down at my schedule, trying to find the classroom number, letting out a frustrated sigh when I realize that I’m not even close to where I need to be. Will this ever get easier? I sure hope the people that say high school years are the best in your life are liars. If they’re not, I’m screwed.

I’m miserable.

It’s not like I’m not putting forth an effort either. I am. Every day, I try to do something to help me fit in around here. Today is no different. I had the bright idea that since I’m Emily’s best friend, I should try to step up my style game. That way she wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen with me. Which means that although I’m swimming in despair, I’m doing it wearing the designer jeans that everyone's been talking about and a button-up chambray shirt which everyone here in Wyoming seems to favor. I can’t seem to even get that right, however. I purchased mine at a small second-hand store on the edge of town and they are both about a size too small. The shirt is so tight that it makes me afraid to breathe. That does come in handy, however, since my jeans are making it hard to sit and walk—let alone worry about oxygen. I thought when I bought them, I’d go on a diet and lose enough weight to make them work. I forgot the part of my DNA makeup that insists I eat when I get stressed. I fully regret my decisions right now, however.

In truth, it’s all just too much. I’ve been miserable since moving—even though I try to keep it hidden for my parents’ benefit. Still, I don't fit in here. I knew it would be this way. I am a girl that is blessed with high allergies. The big three being, horses, hay, and dust. Those also happen to be the staples that Wyoming exists on. When I get older, I will be moving somewhere colder, and it might get bonus points if it rains all the time.

I turn my attention back to my homemade map of the school, trying desperately to figure out which way will take me to English Lit. “Oof,” I exhale as I run into a solid wall. The breath knocked out of me is audible. I look up, pushing my glasses back on the bridge of my nose.

Ryder Moore.

My heart plummets to my stomach as embarrassment floods me, burning my cheeks. This isn't the first time I've made a fool of myself in front of Ryder. Somehow, it comes naturally for me to do the most embarrassing things if he's there to witness it. He's Emily's long-term boyfriend and is around most of the time.