Moonlight Plucking (The Plucking #1) Read Online Reana Malori

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Hyacinth had given up on love. Happiness was overrated. If she was destined to be alone for the rest of her life, so be it. Struggling to pay off her student debt and desperate for cash, she takes on a second job at night.
It should be simple, right?
Then why is she so drawn to the restaurant owner? She knows it’s a bad look to get involved with the boss, but he’s the one who won’t stop treating her different. He’s the one who won’t stop staring at her. Let’s not even get into his reaction when her lying ex-boyfriend sent her a bouquet of her favorite flower. Her boss did not seem to like that one bit.
She has a feeling things are about to get very messy.

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Chapter 1

Low music played from Hyacinth’s phone as her alarm woke her for another day. Rolling over in bed, her eyes cracked open to look at the semi-darkness of her room. Another day, another dollar. Well, not quite a dollar, but it was pretty damn close. Living in beautiful Santa Barbara had its perks, but it also came with some crazy challenges. One being how expensive it was to live in the area.

Hyacinth glanced over at her phone, noticing the time. She groaned before flipping her bed cover to the side so she could free her legs. When she climbed out of bed to shower, she smelled the distinctive scent of bacon frying. “Yummy. Thanks Brie.”

Her roommate Brie was a free spirit with lots of money from her parents and could be spoiled as shit sometimes. But one benefit of having her as a roommate was that Brie could cook her ass off. Maybe it was all those days hanging out with the cooks and maids while her parents traveled the globe.

Unfortunately, cooking was one thing Hyacinth never quite mastered. If the apocalypse began tomorrow, she would have no problem living on canned beans and corn for the rest of her life.

Torn between food and shower, she chose the shower. It would take thirty minutes to get to her Plucking Ladies Garden Club meeting, and she didn’t want to be late. A smile came over her face as she thought about the ladies in the club. Since she found them a year ago, they’d been her saving grace. It was a mixed group of women. Young and old. From all types of backgrounds and situations. Black. White. Asian. Latina. Those ladies had taught her more about keeping her small garden green, colorful, and flourishing than she ever could have done on her own.

Not that she had a huge garden like some of them did. But Hyacinth was proud of her little slice of heaven, and that’s all that mattered.

Finished with her shower and other morning care, the temptation to grab some of that good smelling bacon took over. As she exited her room and walked down to the kitchen, she promised herself she would only grab a slice… okay, maybe two, then she would get dressed and head out.

“Brie, that bacon smells so good. You know the way to my heart.” Turning into the kitchen, she froze. Her body went stiff. Her mind started going through different scenarios. Stranger danger. Run. Hide. Knife. Police. “What the fuck?”

“Oh, hey. You must be Flower?”

“Who the fuck is Flower, and why are you in my kitchen?” If Hyacinth had taken a moment to think about the situation, she may not have been so confrontational. There was a strange man in her kitchen, after all. At his look of confusion, her anger riled up, but at least she was smart enough to take a step back.

“Aren’t you Flower?” Looking over his shoulder, he lifted one arm and motioned upstairs. “Brie’s still sleeping. She told me her roommate’s name was Flower. Aren’t you the roommate?”

Well, fuck. “No,” she snapped. “My name is not Flower.”

“Hmmmm, well, you certainly look like a beautiful rose.” His eyes traveled up and down her body. With a dawning realization, Hyacinth remembered she was dressed in only panties and a bra.

“Motherfucker,” she cursed before turning around and running back up the stairs. Once back in her room, she threw on a robe and stormed over to her roommate’s door. Not caring if Brie was asleep, Hyacinth banged on the door. “Open up, Brie. Get your ass out of bed.”

It wasn’t that Brie couldn’t bring men home. They were both adults. As grown women, they had needs that had to be fulfilled. But they had an agreement. If they brought someone home, that person wasn’t allowed to roam their house without first being introduced to the other person who lived there. Hell, if either of them wanted a sneaky link who came to break them off a little something, it was no big deal. But the person sure as shit wasn’t supposed to be hanging out in their kitchen cooking breakfast the next morning.