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When the rival family gunned down my best friend in cold blood, I made him a dying promise.
I told him I’d take care of his daughter.
But what the hell does the single boss of an up-and-coming crime family know about taking care of a child? The kid needs a nanny, which is why I call a service and tell them to send me some applicants.
I’m too busy to spend my time on things like this, and I almost tell my man Rory to just pick one. That is…until I stick my head out of my office door and see her.
She’s young and looks out of place sitting next to all of these seasoned caregivers, but damn is she stunning. Too beautiful to be real. She stands and walks toward me and my imagination runs wild with all of the things I’d like to do with her, preferably ending with her writhing under me and screaming, “Daddy.”
Hired on the spot. Of f*cking course.
I don’t understand the intense reaction I have to this little girl, but something about her has me obsessed. More than that, the feral side of me rises to the surface… The need to devour her and bind her to me by filling her with my seed.
There’s chaos all around me, and all I can think about is her.
Once she’s mine, I need to end this war as fast as I can so she’ll be safe. There’s nothing I won’t do to protect her.
Even if it means squaring off to the death with my enemies.

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Knock! Knock! Knock!

Rory raps on my office door before poking his head inside, “Sorry, boss. The nannies are here for their interviews.”

“Tell them to have a seat. I’ll be out in a minute.” I rub my forehead and rake my fingers through my hair. Shit’s too hot for me to be spending my time listening to a bunch of Mary Poppins look-a-likes all afternoon, but I made a commitment to James as he died in my arms.

I promised to take care of his kid for him. I’m a single guy with no wife but a housekeeper who hates children, and I’ve got heat coming from all sides since I decided to avenge James’ death. Like it or not, I have to hire a nanny today. Dammit, I need to get this over with.

I peer out the door at the cluster of hens sitting in the foyer and sigh. I give each of the women a once-over, already starting to eliminate the candidates one by one in my head… until I see girl number four.

The moment my eyes land on her, I straighten to my full height and feel my pulse go wild. Dirty thoughts slam into my head, making me clench my fists and grit my teeth. Jesus Christ, where did she come from? And what is happening to me?

She’s twirling her hair and bouncing her knee lightly, not talking to anybody.

I step out of the door, and they all turn their attention to me. I ignore every single one of them save the beauty in the yellow dress. It’s like everyone else has faded into the background, and it might as well have been just the two of us.

Is it rude? Maybe. Do I care? Fuck no.

Right now, hunger roars through my chest and all I can think of is closing the distance between us and finding out if she tastes as sweet as she looks.

“You.” I point at her. “Follow me.”

She looks at the scowling women on either side of her, stands, and walks toward me, the click-clack of her heels piercing the silence. I remain in the doorway, forcing her to squeeze by my large frame, my hand clutching the doorknob as I summon all my willpower to stop myself from claiming her mouth. Fires light all along my nerve endings as her skin brushes mine.

I take in a big whiff of her flowery perfume as she passes by and feel all of my blood rush to my groin. She stands in the center of the room, eyes taking in every detail of my minimally decorated office, and I take another moment to look her over before telling her to sit.

I would’ve preferred to have her on my lap or my mouth, but alas, the chair wins.

She’s young—maybe twenty-one—and innocent as they come. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a long braid, and I consider how nice it would be to wrap that braid around my fist as I bend her over my desk and take her from behind.

“Have a seat, Miss…?”

“Jessie. Well, Jessica McMurray, Sir, but you can call me Jessie.”

She bats her big, blue eyes at me, and I lick my lips. Does she know what she does to a man when she bats her eyes like that? Snapping my eyes shut, I take a deep breath. I’m gonna need an ice bath to shrink the swelling in my pants. Maybe two or three.